Bolton Rising Part 72 - Gregor, Melly and Arya Jeyne

Melly remained in the kitchen, keeping herself busy peeling potatoes and chopping vegetables, trying to let the mundane tasks of dinner preparation occupy her mind. She would get through this, just as she'd endured everything else that life had put in her path. As she worked, she could hear the deep rumble of Gregor's voice coming from the direction of his office. He must have been on a call, she thought, as Ramsay and Arya had retired to the guest suite upstairs. Once she'd gotten the dinner underway, she let the dogs in from the garden and fed them their meals. Isis, the tiny kitten, stuck her head into the dogs' bowls as they ate, but they just nosed her aside and continued eating.

Melly scooped up the kitten and brought her to where her own dish was waiting for her, praising the dogs for their patience with the naughty little creature. It amazed her how these animals, who would rip out a man's throat if provoked, could be so gentle with the little cat. In this way, she supposed, they were much like their master. Her Gregor, although gentle with her, was, she knew, a ruthless killer when the need arose. And working for Ramsay Bolton wasn't the only time Gregor showed his ruthless side. She'd heard Bolton's Bastard Boys talking when she was being kept as Ramsay's pet. They spoke of the Mountain with awe and treated him with a kind of respect, such as the kind they only showed to Ramsay, himself. Melly did not know what Gregor did, or had done, to earn this reverence from such a rogue bunch of killers, and she never asked him. If he wanted to tell her, she knew he would do so. If he preferred to keep that part of his life separate from her, she understood. He never asked her about her time in service to Ramsay, and she kept those memories locked away, deep inside. In this way they were alike. They chose to focus on what they had together, rather than letting in the outside world. And yet, this time, the world had come knocking at their door.

“The flock of mother hens called to check in on their leader. I suggested they order out from the club to keep themselves entertained and out of trouble,” Gregor spoke as he walked into the kitchen, wrapping his huge arms around Melly’s waist and giving his woman a comforting squeeze, molding the smaller figure into his massive frame. “Are you okay with them staying here? We can keep the girl and toss the bastard out any time. I think you gave Ramsay quite the surprise by standing your ground, and I couldn’t be prouder...” The Mountain smirked against the nape of her neck, kissing Melly’s fragrant skin as he pulled the girl’s top to the side, exposing a shoulder. “Or more turned on.”

Breathing deeply, Melly leaned back into her Gregor's protective strength, drawing from him the energy that she needed to find strength of her own. She was safe with him. Nothing could harm her when Gregor was nearby. He would kill for her, she knew. In fact it didn't seem all that long ago that he'd nearly killed Ramsay Bolton to save her.

"I'll be all right," she answered, sighing at the touch of the Mountain's lips on her delicate skin. "I know you won't let anyone hurt me." Taking his big hand in hers, she turned in his arms, looking up into his face and saw the heat in his dark eyes. "I'm glad that you approve of my assertiveness... perhaps I should continue a little further along that path..."

Taking Gregor's hand and tugging gently, Melly led the big man out into the hall and on through to the great room. He followed along, smiling darkly, understanding what she had in store for him. "Ramsay and Arya went upstairs to rest. We have time to kill." She cocked her head coyly and bit her lip as she smiled back at her man. "I think I can think of a way to pass the time," the girl continued, pushing the door with her foot to try to close it behind them as she reached around behind her to unzip the pale yellow dress. While Gregor watched, Melly slipped the straps down over her shoulders and let the dress fall to the floor. At his approving nod, she unclasped her lacy bra and let that fall away as well, before stepping out of her matching panties. "I'll show you what I want," she whispered and turned her back to him. Kneeling on the couch, leaning forward over one of the arms, she presented herself to him like a bitch in heat, parting her knees further still and pushing her ass back toward him. "Are you ready?"

The Mountain rumbled with a beastly groan as the sight of his woman’s exposed sex, the pink parted seam and wet folds, called to his most basic dark nature as a predator. “More than enough to make you scream,” Gregor answered while yanking his shirt off, his sculpted torso flexing as he moved onto his jeans next, unfastening the button. “I have exactly what you crave, girl. But should I give it to you now… or make you beg?” he toyed with a smirk, crossing the distance between them with two easy steps and gave Melly’s upturned ass a quick hard smack.

Clegane wrapped a hand in the girl’s long hair before her cry even died down in the room, leashing her in place as he dealt another punishing spank. Melly's arching and wiggling as he turned her backside a deep shade of red only inflamed the Mountain’s passion, and he jammed two thick fingers into her cunt. “I need some honey before I thrust my cock in here or I’ll split you apart,” Gregor warned, fucking the girl roughly with his hand as he added another finger, wanting Melly prepped to receive him completely.

"Ohh, yes, that's good..." she gasped, pushing back in rhythm with his thrusts, causing his fingers to penetrate her more deeply. Her skin burned where he'd spanked her. She could feel the sting, the red heat of her pale skin, and that aroused her further. The Mountain's fingers slid easily in and out of her wet heat, harder now, and Melly used her arms to brace herself on the arm of the couch so that she could rise higher to meet him. There was nothing else in her world, save her man, and her need.

Moaning softly, she begged, "Now, please..." Her body yearned for the true joining; she needed him to fill her up, to grab her by her hips and claim her fully. Gregor's size was so great that he always hurt her at first, however, she longed for that pain. The stretch of her sex around the thickness of his shaft served to remind her that she belonged to him, and she loved the way her body adjusted in order to accommodate his. "Gregor, fuck me now... make it hurt..." she begged. "Please!"

Clegane smeared his soaked hand over the bulbous head of his cock, gritting his teeth at the sensitivity, as pre-cum weeped from the tip. He pressed himself into Melly's wet core, taking hold of her hips. Rocketing forward, Gregor watched as his engorged length disappeared from sight. "Is this what you like, girl? Your pretty cunt is sucking me right in." The Mountain pulled back on Melly's rein of hair, forcing the girl onto her knees, and impaled her on his hard member.

They fucked hard and rough, an expression of primal need and base desires, while Gregor initially ignored the lingering shadow by the cracked open door. Smirking as his hand squeezed one of Melly's tits, he pinched her erect nipple painfully as he spoke against the nape of her neck. "We're being watched... and it's not the cat." He thrusted into her again with a satisfying grunt, shoving himself to the hilt and pushing his woman to the limit.
Her climax washed over her in wave after wave of pure ecstasy. Maybe it was Gregor's words, "We're being watched..." or maybe it was his final thrust or the roughness of his handling her, but she could feel herself being swept away by a current of such intense pleasure, that if he had not been holding her up, she would have collapsed from the force of it. She whimpered, unable to even cry out. Was it Ramsay who was watching? She wanted it to be. She wanted him to see the way she belonged to Gregor so completely. But no, it couldn't be Ramsay. He would have made himself known, she was sure of that.

Arya stood behind the partially open door, quietly watching, curious, but too timid to interrupt. Everything about Gregor Clegane was massive. Every muscle was so clearly defined, he looked as though he might have been carved from stone. He was rough with his woman, and clearly, she loved it. And yet, there was a gentleness too, as though he was holding something back. Somehow Arya sensed that he was concealing his true nature, unwilling to let the full force of his fury out upon this delicate creature.

As she turned her attention to Melly, she found herself doubly fascinated, for it was always Arya who was the female who was fucked and used and manhandled. When she had been taken to the Dreadfort Club there were other women present, but still, she was the object on display, and so it excited her to suddenly be the observer. Ramsay's pet stayed very still, barely breathing, so as not to attract attention. Did Gregor and Melly know she was there? If so, that did not stop them from taking their pleasure.

Was this how she looked when she was the one being taken? Long, dark hair tousled and tangled, pale skin flushed, all curves and softness, helpless in the arms of an unstoppable force... She wanted to touch the other girl's skin, to run her hands over the curve of her hip, to feel the softness of a full breast and the hardness of a pretty pink nipple. At that very moment, Melly reached her climax, bucking and arching, then going limp, whimpering in the arms of her man. Suddenly the heat that had been building between Arya's legs was almost too much to bear and she staggered backward into the hall, raising a hand to cover her mouth so as not to cry out loud with desire. Arya paused, watching the door, terrified that she would be caught, but no one emerged. Very quietly, she made her way to the stairs and began to ascend. Heart pounding in her chest, she returned to the guest suite, and to her resting Master.


Bolton Rising Part 71 - Gregor, Melly, Ramsay & Arya

"I still don't understand why you want to stay here for the weekend," Gregor grumbled while typing away on his computer, searching through a blacklist of secure military grade dog breeders. He needed a batch of suitable puppies to replace the dogs that had been killed at Ramsay Bolton's compound.

"I'm tired of being fussed over," Ramsay replied with an annoyed glare. "The Bastard Boys are acting like a bunch of mother hens, and even with my pet's delicious mouth around my cock for comfort, being stuck in bed all day has lost its appeal. I want new scenery and time away with Arya. Besides, what do you care? You got plenty of room in this place to host some company."

"I wouldn't have minded if you had at least given me a call first and asked, Bastard. I doubt Melly finds your presence comforting, even if you did bring the girl along for socializing. But you need to quit leering at my wife before I gouge your eyes out with my thumbs." The Mountain peered away from the monitor to see that Ramsay wasn't paying attention to him. Instead, the Bastard of Bolton had his predatory gaze focused on the black tuft of fur running between his boots and under the desk, before reappearing upon Gregor's lap with a tiny meow.

"What the hell is that?" Ramsay locked eyes with the furry beast as it pounced towards him across the tabletop, knocking papers over in a playful challenge, then scrambling back to the safety of the Mountain.

"It's a cat. I'm sure you've heard of them," Clegane answered, picking up the fearless daredevil with his large hand. "Woman, come in here and fetch Isis before our guest flays her for disobedience."

Ramsay only watched, observing the silly antics of the feline with his supposedly bad ass enforcer. "What's next? Children?" He scoffed in disbelief, while lighting up a cigarette, craving the missed nicotine, yet the pleasure of such indulgence only turned into painful coughing. "Fuck the gods..." Bolton leaned back in his seat, cradling healing ribs as a line of sweat broke out upon his forehead.

"Now those things will kill you," Gregor mocked in return. "I'm sure Qyburn didn't even give you clearance for smokes. Hand them over, Bastard."

Ramsay flipped his friend off in reply, before snuffing out the cigarette and giving up his secret stash. He rose from the chair with difficulty and walked across the room with the aid of a cane, glaring out the window. "I can't continue to look weak in front of my men, these females, and now you too. I want to be myself again."

"You're not weak. You're just injured, Bastard. There's a difference," Clegane responded with a more concerned tone, before giving a soft sigh of defeat, knowing he'll probably regret this later. "Stay as long as you like, I'll get your ass back into shape."

While Gregor and Ramsay talked in the study, Melly had taken Arya out to sit on the patio. As the two girls chatted and enjoyed the afternoon sun, they could hear the low tones of the men through the open window. Sipping from a tall glass of iced tea, Melly thought about how normal this scene must appear, and yet, as she made conversation with Arya, her hands were trembling and she couldn't quite catch her breath. What was Ramsay Bolton doing here? Why had he come and what did he want with them? There was no denying that the Bolton Bastard still terrified her. Now here he was, and according to Arya, he would be staying.

"Would you like anything else? Some more iced tea?" she asked the younger girl, nervously pouring more before Arya had a chance to answer, smiling as the brown eyed girl accepted the glass and took another sip. Melly liked Arya. In fact, she could see a bit of herself in Ramsay's new pet. Quiet, feminine, eager to please, the two brunettes were similar in more than just looks. They could have been sisters. Perhaps she's the closest I'll ever have to a sister now, she thought. Their experiences with Ramsay Bolton gave them a closeness that most sisters would never have.

"This is such beautiful spot, and so peaceful," Arya said, looking out across the expanse of green fields behind the house. "How wonderful to be able to sit outside like this." She tilted her head back and watched the clouds drift slowly across the sky. "I can't remember the last time I was able to relax and feel the sun on my face. It hasn't been safe to be out in the open for us. Not since..."

"I know," Melly answered, not wanting her to have to relive the events she had suffered through as of late. Gregor had filled her in on the destruction of Ramsay's complex and all that had followed. "You won't have to worry here." She didn't mention how she'd used to feel safe here too. How she'd felt so well protected until Sandor Clegane had come into her world and shattered her sense of safety. And now Ramsay was here...

All of a sudden, Melly heard Gregor calling from the study, yelling for her to come get her kitten. "No, no, sit and relax," she told Arya when the younger girl made to rise and follow her. "I won't be long."

Hurrying into the house, the cool air felt soft on her sun-warmed skin. She made her way quickly to the study, hearing the men's voices getting louder as she approached. "Here I am," she called out before entering, so as not to interrupt. Years of training had stayed with her and she knew better than to surprise the Bolton Bastard. Stepping slowly into the room, she stopped just inside the doorway, wary of coming any closer to her former Master.

Gregor held up the playful kitten to his lover, watching her closely as Melly fidgeted by the door. "I've agreed to let Ramsay and his girl stay with us for awhile as long as it's all right with you. Though I'd rather keep Arya and toss the Bastard out. I'm sure Isis would agree." The Mountain smirked as the cat gave a tiny meow in agreement while Ramsay glared.

"Of course they should stay with us," Melly answered, still not looking directly at Ramsay Bolton, although she could feel him looking her over without restraint. "You're both welcome here, any time," she said softly as she crossed the room to retrieve the kitten from her husband.

The Bastard of Bolton raked his pale eyes over his former pet, daring the girl to join in on the teasing. "I've trained your wife better than to insult guests," Ramsay replied proudly, easily stripping her of clothing in his mind, remembering Melly's naked body and the way she responded to his touch. "Of course, I'm sure some correction is needed after such a long absence. Where's your dungeon?"

Clegane rose from his desk, towering over Ramsay with a dark frown. "We have no need for such things here, Bastard. You'll have to entertain yourself with the movie room, the pool, or the gym. That's if you can keep up with me."

Melly felt a surge of triumph as she caught a look of surprise flash across Ramsay's face. No dungeon here. No need for punishments. Her life was so different now. She was safe. However, the triumph was strangely tinged with a feeling of guilt, as though it was still possible for her to disappoint her Master. He was right in that he had trained her well. There was still a connection between them, that, try as she might, she could not deny. When the car had pulled up to the house and Ramsay had emerged, Melly's first reaction was fear, but that was quickly mixed with concern as she saw the weakened state of the Bastard. Gregor had told her that Ramsay had been badly hurt, but she hadn't truly believed that anything could hurt such a creature. To see him in pain and unwell should have pleased her, but instead, her heart hurt for him.

"Arya and I are going to get dinner started in a few minutes. I'll need to do a grocery run soon but we have plenty of steak and potatoes. We can have a salad and some roasted vegetables. Is there anything else you'd like?" Melly asked. "I'll bring you both some iced tea before we get started." Feeding Gregor was a job in itself, as he had to eat so much and so often because of his size, but now, seeing Ramsay looking so unlike himself, she had the sudden urge to feed him too and nurse him back to full health, even if she didn't want to get too close to him.

"Hmm... You've turned her into the perfect little housewife. How amusing." Ramsay smirked softly at Gregor, ignoring the giant's intimidating wrath. "Very well, I'll play along." The Bastard of Bolton strolled past Melly, feeling more tired than he outwardly portrayed. "Have my pet bring the drink upstairs. I need to make a call, then I shall retire till dinner."

When Arya came into the kitchen, she found Melly pouring tall glasses of iced tea for Ramsay and Gregor. Melly's back was turned. She was dressed in a pale yellow sundress. The tiny black kitten ran around her bare feet and a late afternoon sunbeam illuminated her chestnut hair. Arya was struck suddenly that they were two versions of the same person. In a different world, she might have lived like this. A home to take care of, dinner to prepare. How she envied Melly and the safety of her life with Gregor. And yet, although it was unpredictable and fraught with danger, she would not give up her life with Ramsay. Not for anything in the world. For the present, however, it would be fun to make believe that she was a part of this world. "How can I help?" she asked, as Melly dropped lemon wedges into the glasses. 
"Oh, Arya." Melly turned, smiling, and held out a glass to her. "Ramsay's gone to rest for a bit. He'd like you to bring this up to him. I'll take care of dinner. You look after him, make sure he has everything he needs." 
"Of course." She accepted the glass and turned to go, then stopped for a moment. "Melly... thank you. I know this must have been a bit of a shock, our sudden arrival. I'm so grateful to you and Gregor for welcoming us."
Melly's smile wavered, but only for a second. She was well trained, indeed. "Really, it's no trouble at all. It's good for Gregor and for Ramsay. And it'll be awfully nice to have you here to talk to! I'm glad you're here with me. Now go on, before your... before Ramsay gets impatient. You're in the guest suite, top of the stairs, turn left, last door on the right." 
Arya made her way through the house and up the wide staircase. While not quite as big as Ramsay's homes, the Clegane house was certainly spacious. When they'd arrived, she'd noticed that the iron gate at the front of the property seemed to be very new, and that the front door had been recently replaced. Now, as she reached the top of the stairs and looked down the hall to her right, she saw that the door to the master suite was also brand new. Her curiosity piqued, she wondered if it would be too forward to ask Melly about this later on. 

Following the hallway to the left, she entered the guest suite, stepping into a bright, comfortable sitting room. Crossing to the door opposite and knocking softly, she pushed it open and found Ramsay reclined on the king sized bed. "There you are, Master," she said softly, placing the glass on the bedside table. "I brought you some iced tea. What else can I do for you? Let me close the curtains so you can rest a little." 

The corner room was quite large and lushly furnished with shades of blue and gold. French doors opened onto a small balcony over a hot tub and an Olympic-sized pool, and three windows offered views of the gardens and fields around the house. Arya went to each window and door to draw the heavy curtains. In the distance, she could see the high stone wall that circled the property, keeping its inhabitants safe from the world outside. 

“You seem very pleased to be here, pet,” Ramsay commented as he watched the girl sigh and marvel at the vistas offered by each view to the outside. “We’ll have plenty of time to go exploring around. I’ve already called and told the Bastard Boys we’ll be staying here for a while. After such a long departure, I crave my pet’s attentions all to myself.” He smirked while motioning for the girl to come onto the bed, his pale eyes darkening with lust as Arya began to strip off her clothing. "Besides, they can always order out from the Dreadfort Club for amusement.” Ramsay held the girl by the chin as she crawled closer on all fours, sliding his thumb provocatively over her soft plump lips before slipping it between them and letting Arya suckle. “It's time for my medicine, pet, then I can have a peaceful nap with you in my arms."

Arya sucked on Ramsay's thumb for a moment longer, then lowered her head and began to gently kiss and nibble at his stiff cock through his jeans. She could feel her Master's hands tangling in her hair as she unbuttoned his fly, liberating his cock, kissing harder and licking hungrily. The pet smiled as her Master groaned and shifted his hips, pushing himself harder against her lips. Pulling back, her soft brown eyes filled with desire, Arya moved to straddle the Bolton Bastard. Clad only in her bra and panties, she moved her hips, feeling his erect cock pushing between her folds, only a strip of delicate black silk preventing him from sliding into her wet heat. Arya took Ramsay's hand in hers and guided it to her breast, sighing as he slid his thumb under the fabric, stimulating her already hardened nipple. "Let me take care of you," she whispered. "I know exactly what you need, and there's nothing that makes me happier than being alone with you." 

"Don't think for a moment because we're here, you can do as you please, girl," Ramsay replied, rolling them over and pinning Arya underneath him with a stern glare. "The Mountain may give his woman free reign, but you are still attached to my leash." He smirked, rising to his knees as his hard cock glistened with pre-cum from the tip. "Open your mouth and do as I say." The Master tore away his pet's covering, leering down at Arya's tits while his cock slipped between her delicate lips, grasping a handful of soft hair to yank her head forward. "You'll never return to your old life. You belong to me."

Her moment of bravery had passed and Arya willingly complied with her Master's order. Reflexively, she yielded to him as his hips moved forward, pushing his cock deeper into her willing mouth. There was no resistance from her, only the desire to obey as she reached up to cup and massage his balls with one hand, pleased when Ramsay grunted with pleasure in response. He pushed deeper still, causing her to gag a little, the angle making it difficult for her to take him in as deeply as his hips were urging her to. She tightened her lips around his thick shaft in compensation, increasing her suction and using her tongue to glide over and around his bulbous head.

The Bastard of Bolton fucked Arya's mouth, thrusting till his pulsating cock slipped down her throat easily, groaning with pleasure from the slippery wet heat. The way his pet moaned and drooled all over his shaft in response made Ramsay's balls ache for release. He came as Arya manipulated his sac, cradling and squeezing, milking the hot white seed from her Master. Ramsay stared down with his pale eyes, watching his pet lick the cream from her lips, her hand stroking his sensitized cock, kissing the last weeping drops from the slit. "My own sweet kitten." Bolton grinned, stroking Arya's hair and down her face. "I will have to buy you a collar and tail, then show you off to the Mountain."
"Thank you, Master! I would like that very much!" The girl smiled up at him in response, overcome with happiness at such high praise from her keeper. She licked until she was sure she had cleaned up every last drop, kissing, nuzzling, lovingly stroking with a gentle, expert touch. She was so proud to belong to this man, so incredibly in love with everything about him. He was her world and her only concern was that she please him. Ramsay came to settle beside her, gathering her into his arms as he lay back on the bed. Arya curled under his arm, wrapping her leg around his and rested her cheek against his chest. She loved hearing the sound of his heart beating steadily, feeling the warmth and vitality of him as he held her close. Ramsay's breathing slowed and evened as he drifted into sleep, but Arya stayed awake, just content to be in his arms, grateful to be back with the man she loved once more.