Mountain - Part 7 - A Moment

Lord Gregor leaned back in his chair and frowned. Melicent did not know what to do or say. He did kill his second wife. He’d said so. But how…and why? What had happened between them? She dared not ask. She dared not speak at all. She felt the bravery she had shown earlier begin to drain slowly, replaced by a strange calm. All were silent, speechless until Nella spoke.

“And will my sister be safe with you…?” and then added bitingly “My Lord…” Nella’s face was dark with anger.
Melicent closed her eyes for a moment. This will not go well…

Gregor, still frowning, seemed to consider for a moment. “I do not know. I cannot guarantee her safety, no… but I will not hurt her purposefully.” he said thoughtfully.

“How kind of you to say so, Ser.” Nella retorted and laughed bitterly. “I feel so much better knowing she will possibly be safe with you.” she laughed bitterly

“Nella, stop this!” their father said sharply, rising to his feet. “Remember yourself, girl! We are guests here!”

“Guests? Prisoners, more like! What choice do we have but to be here, to obey this…Monster? We are at his mercy!”

“That’s enough!” Lord Tomard said angrily, but Nella went on…

“And you did kill your last wife then, my Lord?” she asked angrily. “I wonder how you did it?”

“Nella, I demand that you hold your tongue!” Tomard boomed.

“That is not your business, girl.” The Mountain growled loudly. “Hers maybe…” he nodded at
Melicent, “…but not yours.”

“It IS my business! She’s my sister!” Nella stood, furious.

“She’s my WIFE!” Gregor roared and with one hand, upended the huge trestle table and flipped it into the air. Pitchers, jugs, goblets, tankards flew into the air, shattering when they hit the rough stone floor.

“She isn’t! Not yet!” Nella shouted. Lady Sylva burst into tears.

“She…WILL…BE!” Lord Gregor roared, picking up his huge chair & breaking it into splinters, as though he were crumpling a bit of paper. Lord Tomard shouted at one of his Guard to take Nella and Lady Sylva to their chambers at once. Nella protested all the way out of the hall. Tomard apologized profusely to Lord Gregor who was pacing the hall like a caged beast.
Melicent watched it all as though she were in a dream, sitting calmly, being silent. She should be terrified, but she didn’t feel anything…not really. They’ve all forgotten me…she thought.

When her father left the hall to deal with Nella,
Melicent stood and walked quietly toward the Mountain. Lord Gregor had stopped in front of one of the huge hearths and was staring into the fire, his back toward her. As she stopped behind him, she could see that his huge fists were clenched and he was quivering with rage.

“My Lord…” she said quietly, then she waited. After what seemed like an eternity, he answered.

“What is it girl?” he grumbled. He did not turn.

She reached out tentatively and gently laid her hand very lightly on his back. He froze, and the muscles in his back seemed to ripple under her fingers. Just like a dog who isn’t used to being touched. But he did not pull away, he stood, frozen, staring straight ahead. She ran her hand lightly up his back and as she did, she felt him relax, ever so slightly. “My Lord…” she said again, “perhaps I could…” But he did not give her a chance to finish. In one movement, he turned, lifted her up, and kissed her roughly. Without thinking, she kissed him back.

In three long strides, he was leaning her back over the huge table closest to the hearth. She gasped as her back came into contact with the table, none too gently, but it was his breath that she breathed in. He hadn’t stopped kissing her, they were sharing the same air. His hands, which had been supporting her, moved slowly over her hips. He pulled back and looked down at her, then slid his right hand up her side and over her stomach. She shivered and he smiled.

“You do please me, my Little Doe” he said in a low growl, and her eyes widened. He had seen the fawn, then, she thought.
He moved his hand upwards, tracing the outline of her breast with his fingers. She caught her breath and he smiled darkly. “Mine...” He said and leaned forward. He touched her cheek rather gently, then slid his hand behind her head. Tangling his fingers in her hair, he pulled her up to meet him, kissing her deeply.

So many thoughts ran through her head. So many, and yet none at all. She moaned quietly into his mouth and he tightened his grip on her hair. She slipped her arms up over his chest and around his neck. She didn’t know how, it would be possible, as she was pressed tightly against him, but she wanted...no, needed, to be closer to him. She dug her fingernails into his shoulders and he growled, pulling her hips closer, pressing himself between her legs. He moved his mouth away from hers and kissed her neck. She wanted to ask him for something, but she didn’t know what she wanted. Instead she whimpered into his neck. He grunted and bit her neck gently. She cried out, thrust her hips forward and rubbed her pelvis against his, he responded by doing the same. She let go of his neck, moved her hands to his hips and held on tightly. He bit her harder and slammed himself against her, roaring into her neck. She wrapped her legs against him and he shuddered and collapsed onto her.

She hit the table harder this time, with all his weight on top of her. She couldn’t breathe for a moment, he was still and she dared not move. “Seven Hells, girl, I never even undid my trousers!” He whispered gruffly into her ear. He pushed up and shifted some of his weight off of her, looking down at her in some confusion. Thankfully, she could breathe again. “What kind of spell have you cast on me, you little minx?” He asked frowning.

She looked up at him, cheeks flushed, eyes wide, hair tangled, lips swollen from his kisses, “I…I’m sorry My Lord… I didn’t mean…” She’d begun to worry, but then he smiled. His version of a smile, anyway.

“Don’t apologize. I'm rarely so pleased. You’re taking to all this rather well, my little maiden.” He ran a finger along her jawline and chuckled. “Fully clothed, both of us. Too bad you didn’t… but I dare not lift your skirts, not yet. I’ll need to be careful that I don’t get carried away with you. At least not until after… Then I’ll have much to show you.” He nuzzled her neck and she sighed, she could not help it. Something gnawed at her, inside her tummy, a deep need that she didn't understand. He bit her gently and laughed. “No more girl, I must ride out again today, and you’ve made me need to change my clothes already.” He shifted onto his elbow and looked down at her, huge hand tracing the line of her hip. “I must go.”

“Go? Already?” She felt…what? Disappointed? She wasn’t sure what she felt, or what she should be feeling.

He sat up, but leaned over again to kiss her once more. The he stood and pulled her to her feet. She had to lean into him for support for a moment, until she got her bearings. “I’ll be leaving soon. I need to go out and make sure my men are settled. I left them rather abruptly when I learned your party had arrived. I will return in a few days.” He guided her toward the back of the hall and called for a servant to escort her back to her chambers.

“My Lord? When you return, will we be wed?” She asked him.

“Is that what you wish?” he asked, looking down at her gravely. He is not sure of me, she thought, just as I am not sure of him.

“Yes. It’s the only thing I want.” she said, gazing up at him seriously. It was true.

“Then you have my leave to make preparations. Ronel will help you, and your mother of course.” He nodded at the servant, who scurried forward. “I must take my leave of you, my Lady.” he let go of her arm and turned.

“This way, my Lady.” the serving girl said and started toward the doors.

Melicent hesitated, “Wait, please…” she said to the girl. “My Lord, a moment!” she called out after the Mountain. He stopped and turned back toward her, a puzzled look on his face.

She ran the distance between them and stopped in front of him. He looked at her and she looked up at him. Then she reached up and pulled at his tunic, pulling him toward her. He leaned in and she pulled him to meet her. Cupping his face with one hand, the other hand still bunched up in the front of his tunic, she kissed him. Surprised, he responded slowly, then lifted her off her feet and kissed her back. Slowly she pulled away from him and said, “Take care, my Lord…I would have you come back to me.” and she kissed him again, lightly. He let her slide gently to the floor and she turned to hurry after the serving girl, leaving him standing alone in the hall.

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