Sandor POV (my first attempt be nice) - by Magpiesocks (guest Author)


He closed his eyes to stop the tears from falling,the soft hand cupping the ruined part of his face was burning him harder than the coals that made the scar so long ago.
The fury,lust and violence he felt when he touched he knife to her throat left him the moment he heard her strained thin little voice,a little voice for a little bird and yet this wisp of a woman had unmanned him with one touch,her hand felt like it was burning through to his soul.
  Sandor stood, disgusted with what he had planned to do to the trembling body that lay prostrate on the bed.
He ripped the ruined white cloak from his shoulders hating it and its rules and its glories, it seemed to shout at him without a voice “RUINED” “RUINED” everything about him was ruined,and he ruined everything
He thew the kings guard cloak from him as if it was on fire,”I AM NO SER!”
It represented everything he was not and could never be,but he would do one honorable thing,he would leave this woman,this delicate beautiful thing untouched.

She wanted naught from him,she feared him and was horrified by him ,so she should be ,everyone else was,why should she be any different ,no matter what he may wish,what were wishes? he’d never had one come true,he’d forgotten how to hope the day they pulled him from the fire.
“They should have left me there” he thought,let me burn away to nothing.
        Madness was raging around him as he walked away,screams and the clash of swords and the terrible sound of fire crackling,but all Sandor could hear was Sansa’s quaking voice as he took the song from her.
        Who was he now?,a dog without a master,nothing to protect,no where to go,he lived off the fear of the people around him the fear that kept them at a distance.
        Those people had all seen him flee,running from the flames as he had done all his life.
They would never fear a fleeing man.
He only knew how to be hard,cold and strong, he knew how to make people shake at the thought of him.
All of that was gone now,he felt empty,pointless and frightened.
As he walked from the castle he heard nothing,saw nothing,was nothing.
He could still feel her hand on his face.
“Why did she touch me?,did she think to wake some sympathy in me? so I wouldn’t kill her?,or was it the thought of me taking what I wanted from her that repulsed her so much?”
A woman such as her would rather be killed than touched by a monster,she dreams of shining beautiful knights drowning in there honour with their girlish faces and golden hair.
The thought pulled Joffrey’s face into his mind and he saw not Ser Meryn striking Sansa but Joffrey punching ,ripping her clothes and gazing upon her body.
Sandor felt the violence and hate returning to him,his face became hot and the numbness he had felt in that room began to fall away from him and he felt every burn and strike he had taken in the battle.
 He hurt, and he knew well that the only way to smother the hurt within and without was his hate,of everything.
“You want to beaten, I’ll beat you bitch,I’ll beat you black,I may not be pretty to look at but I can hit as hard as your shining knights”
Sandor turned and ran back towards the castle slicing into a faceless soldier on the way, he didn’t even see the man whose life he took,these people were nothing,this castle was nothing the seven kingdoms and its throne meant nothing to him.
“Piss on you all” he muttered stepping over the corpse.
He knew who he was again he was the Hound ,the ugly ferocious dog ,if all he had was hate then he would embrace it again,this girl was nothing to him he would find her and her fear, drink it in.
 It would restore him.
He took what he wanted ,that how he lived,he would not let one tiny woman reduce him to some whimpering fool with a conscience.

The castle was filling with smoke as he found his way back to the chamber,she’d probably have one of her precious knights with her by now,like a fairytale he would come to save her.
“Well lets see how you like seeing if your Sers are as pretty on the inside,I’ll spill his guts on the floor and fuck all your fairy tales away before I take your head off”
“I’ll keep it to make sure I never act like such a craven fool again”.
As he pushed open the heavy wooden door he was poised to take on whoever had come to aid the wench.
The bed was empty and so was the room as far as he could see,
“He left me……….he left me……..he left me……..all my fault…….oh gods please he left me”
A small voice ,THE small voice was coming from a filthy white mound on the floor,the cloak,HIS cloak was trembling,a tuft of silken red hair was showing from the bottom of the ragged cloak.
“Hes gone………gods help me……….I….I….gone”

Sandor felt like he’d been in hit in the guts by Baratheon's warhammer, he felt numb once again ,the numbness subsided and  he felt a massive rush of protectiveness for this whimpering bundle on the cold stone floor.
He crossed the room in three long strides and scooped up Sansa,still bundled in his filthy cloak and ran,ran to gods knows where,all he knew was he had to get her somewhere safe,she was thrashing and screaming in his arms,her head was still covered.

She could hate him,he didn’t care he had a purpose again.
He was going to see her safe,take her somewhere, she would obey him whether she wanted him dead or no.

As he ran the screaming suddenly stopped,the bundle became still,he thought she may have passed out,it didn’t matter he needed to put distance between her and the fighting.

He managed to loose himself the the dense woodland to the east of the castle walls,there was a stream where the trees had thinned out a little,Sandor glanced around to make sure it would be safe to rest for moment and make sure Sansa was well.
As he stopped he felt his burden trembling once more,he laid the cloak on the ground and began to pull it from her,she curled up in the dirt shielding her face behind her knees.

At least she was breathing,Sandor knelt and tried to gently pull her arms from around her knees,she began to shake uncontrollably and her weeping became louder.

“God’s child I mean you no harm” he rasped 
Sansa’s head snapped up the second he spoke,Sandor looked away unwilling just yet to see the hate in her eyes,he knew he deserved it but he still felt strangely vulnerable and he would not have her see it.
He was strong and he would protect her,bugger what she thought of him.

He still held her arms,but he felt the trembling stop as he turned and looked her full in the face he didn’t understand the look in her eyes,she was looking at him,really looking at him and not in fascination or horror she looked……relieved and something else he couldn’t quite fathom,this day had addled his wits,for a brief moment he thought she may even smile.
“you came back” Sansa choked as tears streamed down her cheeks.
As she reached for him Sandor froze,”Whats  happ….” His heart began to thump so hard he could hear it, her soft hands cradled his face “No you don’t have, to I won’t…..” as she touched her forehead to his the breath went from him,he didn’t know what to think or do ” I’ll keep you safe,you don’t have to do this,I’m sorry if I scared you…….”
Sansa closed her eyes “Shhhhhhh…”
” I should have gone with you,I shouldn’t have let you leave” she said

As Sandor looked up she opened her eyes and they stared at each other for some moments,as she lifted her lip’s to his the air left his lungs and it felt like the world fell away from them ,he felt her smile against his lips and he knew not whose tears he could taste.

As he buried his head against her neck and breathed in the sweet smell of her flaming hair Sandor Clegane felt a peace he never knew existed.


  1. Now that's how it should have happened! Keep going please. :)

    1. *sigh* i totally agree to Dee...

    2. That's exactly how I wished it had happened. perfect!


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