Sansa POV (my second BE NICE!!) - by Magpiesocks (guest author)



Sansa sat trembling beneath The Hound’s cloak,she could smell smoke and blood,she looked at her hand it was spotted with gore and dirt where she had stroked Sandor Clegane’s cheek.
    She still didn't know why she did it,it felt right and when she touched him the dread she had felt for so long now seemed to seep away.
The Hound’s tears were still wet on her finger’s ,she really thought that when she opened her eyes he’d still be there,but he was gone.
It frightened her to realize that she wanted him there.
The one person she wanted and needed was one of the most frightening people she had ever met,she should be wishing for her father, her brothers, one of the many knights she had kept in her heart but they had all let her down.

The only person who made her feel anything was The Hound,he made her feel safe ,that she might just be worth something and that she wasn’t there just to be beaten, humiliated or used as a pawn in their stupid game’s.
    Why did she not go with him?He said he could take her away and that's all she wanted now just to be away and safe and loved.
    Sansa was cold and frightened “Who is going to use me next?,what part am I to play now?” she thought.
How sweet it would be to just be her,not have to act a part or live up to a title,titles were nothing she knew that now,goodness and honour did not come with a title in fact it almost guaranteed there would be none.
    “Beware all Ser’s and princes” she whispered, Sansa never thought honesty could be the most important thing to her,but it was,and that beauty was more than gold hair and shining armour,but it was…
    She began to shake,”I sent him….away….Oh God’s……..” a sob erupted from her and a pain like she had never felt before struck her with such force that she knew in her heart she would die here on this stone floor rather than carry on for one more day at this farce of a life without him.
    “He left me…….he left me……..” This was her fault again,she had sent away her one true knight,her one chance for happy ending like in the song’s.
“All my fault……..Oh God’s please ..he left me” The pain in Sansa’s chest gnawed at her mercilessly as she twisted Sandor’s cloak in her hand’s but the pain would not cease.
    Through the haze of grief she heard heavy footsteps coming towards the chamber “Oh Mother help me no more no more” she thought.
    Whoever this new torturer was they crossed the room in a few easy steps and grabbed her cloak and all and hauled her against them.
    A keening wail burst from her unbidden Sansa had never felt such sorrow,how could this get worse,she had not had time to grieve for even one of her losses before the next was thrust upon her,a sudden fury filled her “Why me ,why me all the time,DAMN THE GOD’S” she thought but it came out as the most violent unladylike scream that had ever passed her lips.
    The scream felt good and she continued to kick and scream and punch,but she may as well have been fighting a brick wall,her captor was immovable.
The pointlessness of her struggles enveloped her and she made the decision to give up and accept that in this world she would be powerless,no one was going to save her.
Nothing mattered anymore.
    Sansa went limp and silent,she tried to send her thoughts somewhere beautiful ,but she no longer knew what beautiful was.
They had started to slow down and try as she might to be brave the trembling began again in earnest.
She was placed gently on the ground,someone was pulling away her cloak “No” she thought “It’s all I have left of him” as she struggled to hold on they pulled it away from her effortlessly.
Sansa held on tightly to herself as sob’s racked her body screwing up her eyes as if she could make it all go away,she felt him pulling at her and could not stop the violent shaking as pure terror washed over her.
    “God’s child I mean you no harm” came a voice she thought she would never hear again. She looked up and tried to blink the tears from her eyes,all she could see was a huge dark shape in front of her,her stomach began churning as her heart began to hope, she had not dreamed the voice he was here with her,a calm came over her.
    A new trembling began within her as The Hound turned to look at her,as he met her eye’s she saw none of the rage that was there before he looked concerned and worried and if she could believe it ,him Sandor Clegane looked frightened.
    She drank in every bit of his face,his deep brown eyes, his mouth,even the scar that used to fill her with dread ,he was here .
Sansa had never felt so much relief or joy “You came back” she said ,she could feel the warm tears running down her face,she wanted to pull him to her to cover herself with him to wrap him around her and disappear.
She took his face in her hands,Sandor froze,she could see the throb of his heart in his thick neck.
     He stared at her muttering,saying he was sorry for scaring her,Sansa rested her head against his “Shhhh..” she told him ” I should have gone with you,I should never have let you leave”
She looked into his eye’s and her heart soared,he wanted her ,he would stay with her,she would never loose him again.
    As she looked at his lip’s she had never wanted anything so much as she wanted to be part of him right now,Sansa touched her mouth to his she thought she would break to pieces,the feeling’s within her were too much to be contained.
    Sansa smiled as she tasted their mingled tears running down her chin,she felt bereft as he took his mouth from her’s ,until he pulled her to him and she grazed his face with her lip’s.
Sandor let out a huge sigh and Sansa felt like she was home.

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