Inspritations for The Mountain Part 2 - Harrenhal & Clegane Keep

There have been several inspirations for Harrenhal floating around in my mind as I've been developing & working on The Mountain. One of which is this awesome floor plan pictured here, created by J.E. Fullerton. This was sent to me by a friend & I've tried to stay true to it as I write, so that its possible for a reader to follow Melicent & Gregor around the castle grounds. Clicking on the captions will bring you to more information & photos of the castles.

Harrenhal, as I picture it for this story, is not yet truly a ruin, though its been neglected & is falling into disrepair. Furnishings are shabby & threadbare, colors are muted, everything is in need of a good cleaning, and things are starting to crumble, ever so slightly. As far as the grounds, the Godswood is overgrown & the paths are littered with downed trees. The gardens are a bit out of control. The Old Sept is a crumbling ruin. It definitely needs a little love, just like its Lord.

I've somewhat used Bodiam Castle in East Sussex, England as a bit of inspiration (especially the interior), although its truly far to small to be they real life Harrenhal. I got to spend a great deal of time at Bodiam when I was in England and it was lovely. Its on flat land, which I like for Harrenhal, but its moated, which Harrenhal is not.

I also hope to get them to Clegane Keep in the future, and if we do get there, I've got a darker version of Hammond Castle in Gloucester, MA as my model. I know this castle *very* well, as I've spent more hours there than I can count. Its smallish - perfect for a Landed Knight. It seems like a bright place, but I can assure you that in the winter or on dark days, it fits well for my purposes, as I think this photo demonstrates. Some of the interior areas are dark enough to be downright creepy if you have a good imagination.


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