The Mountain - List of Characters


House Karstark of Karhold
Sigil - White sunburst on a black field
Words - "The Sun of Winter"
Lord Tomard Karstark
Lady Sylva Redwyne Karstark
Ser Robert Karstark, younger brother to Lord Tomard Karstark
Hugh Karstark - 16, eldest son to Lord Tomard Karstark
Melicent Karstark - 15 - eldest daughter to Lord Tomard Karstark
Nella Karstark- 13 - second daughter to Lord Tomard Karstark

(Godric Karstark) - deceased at 8 - second son to Lord Tomard Karstark
Jeyne Karstark - 7 - third daughter to Lord Tomard Karstark
Sarra Karstark - 14 - eldest daughter to Ser Robert Karstark
Emma Karstark - 13 - second daughter to Ser Robert Karstark
Lyra Karstark - 15 (left at the twins) - third daughter to Ser Robert Karstark
Grenna Karstark - 14 (left at the twins) - fourth daughter to Ser Robert Karstark
Edrick Swyft - Master at Arms
Luthor - Member of Karstark guard
Lewys - Member of Karstark guard
Allard - Member of Karstark guard
Beric - Member of Karstark guard
Alaric - Maester at Karhold
Rohanne - Septa at Karhold
Gage - Cook at Karhold


House Clegane at Harrenhal
Lord Gregor Clegane
Sigil - Three black dogs on a field the yellow of autumn grass
Words -
Wat - Commander of Guard at Harrenhal
Ronel - Steward of Harrenhal
Joss Stilwood - Lord Gregor Clegane's Squire
Raff (Rafford) - House Clegane Armsman
Dunsen - House Clegane Armsman
The Tickler - House Clegane Armsman
Chiswyck - House Clegane Armsman
Polliver - House Clegane Armsman
Arry/Weasel - Young Serving Girl at Harrenhal
Arlys - Cook at Harrenhal
Ben Blackthumb - Blacksmith at Harrenhal
Cregan - Guard at Harrenhal
Reglas - Guard at Harrenhal


  1. Wondering how you come up with your story ideas. You're really imaginative and your characters are so vivid. I'm in love with your Mountain story! I can't wait to see what happens with Melly and Gregor! I also loved Scars, it really stayed with me! Hurry with the next chapter!

  2. Oh! You're lovely thank you! ♥ I am hurrying with the next chapter, I promise! Real life can be frustratingly intrusive at times, and especially so lately. My story ideas just appear in my extremely cluttered brain, but I get inspirations from lots of places. Sounds like a good topic for a blog post, actually. ;) Keep an eye out!

  3. What happened to Rickard, Arnolf, Harrion, Cregan, Arthor, Torrhen, Eddard, and Alys Karstark?

    1. We are aware of all of the real Karstarks. This is a fan fiction. These Karstarks are original characters.

  4. For those wondering what happened to the "real" Karstarks, I think we can assume that they're gone and these are the people who have taken their places. We know it's not canon, and yet the author has brilliantly created an alternate scenario with alternate players who are fully fleshed out and captivating. (More than I can say for what the writers are doing with the GOT TV show.) I'm in awe of this story, it's like a parallel Westeros, it makes me think of the flash sideways parts of Lost. It's not quite canon, but it's so close. The attention to detail is astonishing. Thank you again for this!