Alayne's Journal - Prologue

His business has taken him away for the day, so Alayne wanders the castle without fear of crossing paths with him. Its not that she is afraid. But perhaps she is. Afraid of what, though? She isn’t quite sure. She chooses a book in the library, looking forward to settling into the deep window seat to read. Instead she finds herself gazing out of the window at the Vale spread out below her, her mind wandering to places she’d rather it didn’t travel. She hops down and searches the shelves some more, not knowing what she is looking for, just hoping to distract herself from her thoughts. Climbing one of the second level ladders, a small plain volume catches her eye. It has no title, the cover is worn and faded cloth. Its held closed with two gold clasps, dark and worn with age, but she can still see floral designs etched into the metal. When she opens it she finds the pages are blank.
When she’s climbed down the ladder, she notices she is still holding the book. After she’s descended to the first level of the library, she sees that she carries it, still. She sits at the reading table, pushing some of Petyr’s books to the side, and opens the book. So old. How many years has it been forgotten at the top of the Eyrie library? The empty pages seem to want to be filled. She picks up a quill, dips it into a bottle of ink, and begins to write…

For more entries or information about Alayne & Petyr:                                   http://houndgirrl.blogspot.com/p/alaynes-journal.html

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