Petyr & Alayne - Yours... (RP, mature, 18+)

Alayne: Yes, she'd said...yes...yes... the whispered word echoes in her head again and again... he asked me, and I've said yes... do I love him? she thought as he took her by the wrist and gently led her to his chambers... Yes, I believe I do... do I want this? Gods, yes... when he's looking at me in that way he has, when he touches me... yes, I want him. they entered his chambers, she crossed the threshold, he closed the door behind them...locked it. she stood in the middle of the floor for a moment shaking a little Petyr... perhaps I could have some more wine... she said in barely more than a whisper and crossed to the balcony, opening the doors and stepping out into the cold

Petyr: Just a little then. I wouldn't want anyone to accuse me of taking advantage of you. teases as he pours two glasses of dark red wine and then follows you outside, handing you a glass There's nothing be so nervous about my sweetling. reaches out to cup your cold cheek, warming it with his hand and gazing into your eyes with sincere look I would never hurt you Sansa. You have become very precious to me.

Alayne: accepts the glass from you and turns in to face you, your hand is warm, but she still shivers a little. looking into your eyes, she can see nothing but love, real or fabricated she does not know, but it doesn't matter...she loves you I know you would not hurt me, Petyr... she takes a small sip of wine, then a much larger one, draining her glass I know that I'm safe with you. she turns, reaching out and holding her glass out over the edge of the balcony, letting it hang suspended for a moment, before letting it go, watching it fall until it disappears into the darkness, knowing it will be a long time before it hits the ground... like me, she thinks, forever falling... turning back to you, she looks up into your eyes 

Petyr: watches you with a raised brow, curious as to what you're thinking as you let the wine glass drop from your delicate hand Let's go back inside my dearest. The thin air up here makes the cold more chill and bitter, quite intolerable really, even for a girl of the North. slides an arm around your slender waist and leads you back into the warmth of his bedchambers, shutting the balcony doors to the howling winds See? Much better I think... whispers in your ear as he wraps his arms around you from behind, laying soft, gentle kisses down the smooth column of your neck as his nimble fingers work to unlace the bodice of your dress
Alayne: she closes her eyes and leans back against you, breathing deeply and letting her head fall slightly forward, placing her hands lightly on your wrists as your fingers gently pull apart the deep green velvet ribbon... her bodice falls open, goosebumps quickly forming on creamy white skin as the air touches her bare flesh... she allows you to slide her gown down over her shoulders, yards and yards of deep green and silver silk sliding down her arms and falling, pooling around her feet...she steps out of the silk and turns to you I'm wearing your gift to me, my love... she whispers, standing in front of you in delicate smallclothes of sheer ivory lace, tied with cream silk ribbons I'd hoped that would please you.

Petyr: Ah, my winter rose, that is stunning. smiles wide, stepping back to admire your innocent beauty covered in white lace and ribbon. Like a wonderful long desired gift waiting to be unwrapped and devoured Yes, it does please me. Very much Sansa. pulls you back into his firm arms, savoring the scent of your hair as he leans in to kiss you, caressing your soft lips with his tongue and slipping between them as you response to his request

Alayne: she moves easily into your embrace, letting loose her hair as she does so, letting it spill around her shoulders and over your arms. as your lips cover hers, she inhales, taking your breath into her lungs, filling herself with you... she opens her lips to you and licks your tongue lightly, gently, letting your tongue meld with hers, pulling apart your lapels, sliding her hands under your beautifully tailored silk shirt to run her hands over your chest

Petyr: deepens the kiss as he feels your gentle hands upon his bare chest, cupping the back of your head, cradling you with care as his mouth pulls away and trails nipping, teasing kisses down your throat, leaving marks upon your creamy flesh You taste lovely Sansa... whispers against your collarbone, his smooth hands pushing the lace strings off your shoulders and letting the sheer top slide down over firm perky breasts, revealing pink nipples which he begins to bathe with a warm tongue. Cupping and kneading your full breasts, suckling on you, his mouth turns those rose buds into hard sensitive pebbles

Alayne: leaning back in your arms, she arches her back, pushing her chest toward you... your mouth sucking, your breath, warm against sensitive pink flesh. she sucks in her breath, one arm around your neck, her other hand buried in your hair, holding your head tightly to her breast Petyr ... she whispers, pressing her pelvis against you, asking you...

Petyr: releases a puckered wet nipple from his grinning mouth and peers up at you with a lusty gaze. sliding a hand down between your thighs and pressing up against your tantalizing small clothes, he feels the wet heat of your building excitement Soon my sweetling... trust me... he replies as he stands up fully and swings you up into his arms with ease, revealing a hidden strength as he carries you towards the elegant but masculine bed, its frame carved from the darkest richest shade of oak. Laying you down onto the abundant pile of fine threaded sheets and warm furs, hands reaching out to hook fingers into your pretty undergarments, and slowly siding them down off your slender legs
Alayne: she bites her lower lip hard at the touch of your hand pressing between her thighs. straightening up to look into your eyes, she gasps as you lift her into your arms, grasping your open shirt tightly in her fist as you carry her to your bed. as you gently lower her, she sinks into the furs, looking up at you. she watches you as you lean over her, pulling away the last scrap of lace that kept you from owning her completely. she gazes at you... silent, watching you... how handsome you are, your hair disheveled, shirt hanging open to reveal a finely muscled chest...perfect, if not slashed by a brutal scar...

Petyr: Even I have my scars sweetling... speaks softly, pulling his tailored shirt the rest of the way off and tossing it onto a nearby chair. His gaze hot and predatory as he runs his eyes over your exposed nakedness, toeing his shoes off while unbuttoning his trousers and letting the material pool to the floor. The Master of Coin, looming over you, bare and unashamed, his cock firm and thick, jutting out between toned, sculpted thighs.

Alayne: shyly, she lets her gaze run over you. your scar, a long gash beginning just under your ribs and ending near your pelvic bone. your manhood, standing long and thick...impressive, yet intimidating. your lean, muscled body looming over her, ready... smiling at her, hungry... waiting to take her for your own. she smiles a little, soft and sweet Yes... she says, again, wondering if you would stop if she asked you to. she doesn't ask... she invites you in once more Yes... Petyr...

Petyr: I'm going to make you feel wonderful. I remember you enjoyed my King's Kiss before... he grins as he climbs onto the bed and kneels between your spread thighs. he runs knowing hands over the silky smooth skin of your legs, spreading you apart wider as he dips his head down and flicks a lick with his tongue over your wet virginal lips, savoring that honey glaze the glistens over those pink folds. He parts through the seam with the tip of his tongue giving a soft groan of delight, sliding upwards and toying little circles around the small hidden bud of pleasure

Alayne: all thoughts leave her mind as your tongue slides over and around that sensitive spot, she only knows the sensation of tingling warmth that spreads through her body, the soft roughness of your beard as you nuzzle between her thighs, your warm breath on that most secret place... exquisite torture... she buries her hands in your hair, holding you to her, lifting her hips off the bed to meet your mouth. the warmth you create grows and spreads as she writhes under your skilled ministrations

Petyr: spreads and holds your wet folds open with his fingertips, his tongue diving into your hot sheath, thrusting in and out as your squirm. chuckling against your sweet cunt Oh Sansa... he lifts his face for a moment to to peer up at your flushed face, replacing that missing fullness with two fingers, working them deep and spreading you wider with each flick of the wrist Play with your tits sweetling...

Alayne: she whimpers as you work your tongue into her, pulling your hair and letting her head roll back into the furs. she opens her eyes and lifts her head to look at you when you pause, doing as you ask, too lost in her own pleasure to be embarrassed. moving her hands to her breasts, cupping them, she moves her thumbs back and forth over her hardened nipples, gasping as you slide your fingers inside of her. Petyr... her climax builds as she calls out for you, her body fills with heat, her hips rise high off of the bed, pushing herself against you as her world goes white hot

Petyr: Mmmm... that's a good girl... groans as you clench down around his embedded fingers, feeling your hot gush of nectar coat them. He slips his hand out and has a taste of you off his wet fingers, savoring the flavor exploding over his tongue before moving himself between your spread thighs. The slick head of his cock penetrates your tight opening with a gentle nudge, then stops for a moment, he reaches to hold your hands with his, fingers entwining with yours. Relax my sweetling... just breathe... he whispers, seeing the discomfort on your face and leaning over to take your lips in a heated embrace, kissing and stealing your shocked cry as he pushes firmly against you, breaking your virginal seal and spilling the blood of your maidenhead to stain the sheets

Alayne: her eyes open wide and lock with yours, holding her breath as she feels you begin to push into her. for a moment she's afraid, but your eyes are gentle and she breathes again. searing pain grips her and she squeezes your hands tightly, crying out as your mouth covers hers. hot tears spill from the corners of her eyes as she returns your kiss... as the pain subsides she feels the blood on her thighs, her mind returns and she realizes you're deep inside her. her eyes open as you pull back from the kiss and she looks into your eyes... determined to remember everything...
Petyr: he cups your beautiful face with his hands and wipes the tears away from your soft cheeks with his thumbs We're together now... just you and I... Sansa Stark. whispers to you with tenderness, pulling out softly and thrusting back inside once again, groaning at the tight clenching heat of your body, his manhood throbbing inside your velvety sheath

Alayne: whispers Just you...and I... and smiles, lifting a hand to touch your cheek with her fingers, grateful for your tenderness... her eyes close for a moment now, and she concentrates on the sensation of your movement... the stretch as you open her, resistance of her body as she opens to accommodate your thickness... tender, but no longer painful, the feeling of fullness as you hold inside her, the rushing pleasure as you pull out of her and slide back in... I belong...to you, now... she whispers

Petyr: Yes... nuzzles his handsome face against your jutting breasts, kissing the soft flesh and teasing your hard nipples with his lips, starting to move his hips with more firmness. I will make you my White Queen... The Lord of Vale groans deeply with a hard thrust, rearing up and tossing your spread thighs over his forearms, grasping you by the hips tightly. His thick cock ramming into you, the sounds of flesh smacking against flesh echoing in the large room, your sensual cries filling his ears and increasing the ache in his balls. Ah fuck... come with me, sweetling... shoves himself to the hilt, your cunt lips kissing the wide base of his cock as he arches his back and fills you with hot seed, lashing hot jets coating your pulsating inner walls

Alayne: she looks down at you, watching... your mouth on her breast, the intensity in your eyes... so handsome. she gasps as you begin to increase your pace, crying out loud as you rear up over her, thrusting hard and deep, your fingers digging into her hips, bruising her pale flesh. a long moan escapes her lips as she feels the pressure begin to build deep inside her womb, intensifying with your every thrust. her lips parted, her head rolls back, she grabs at the furs on the bed, twisting them tightly in her fists... her hips rock to meet yours now, she feels her body begin to clench and contract around you as she finds her release, her eyes open wide and she sees your face contort in ecstasy as wave after wave of pleasure pulses through her
Petyr: kisses your lush lips softly, staying locked deep inside you as the pleasure of release rolls over you, enjoying the continual spasms of your sheath around his spent cock You were beautiful my dear... eases out and rolls over to the side, pulling you into his arms Are you alright? In the morning, I will leave you some medicated moon tea to dull the ache. caresses your head, running his fingers through your silky red locks in contentment

Alayne: closes her eyes and loses herself in the warmth of your kiss, the feeling of you buried so deep inside of her, the aftershocks of her release... when you pull out of her, she feels empty for a moment, as though she's not whole. when you wrap her in your arms and she feels safe again, complete...yours... I'm alright now, truly... she smiles and nuzzles into your chest, sighing contentedly I do love you... she whispers as you stroke her hair

Petyr: I shall love you like no other my sweetling. replies back, covering both our nakedness with the warm furs as the fireplace crackles softly, the flames casting a soothing mellow glow Sleep well my dearest Sansa. For tomorrow we start to play the game together.
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