Petyr and Alayne, Coming Together (twitter, RP)

Petyr : *waits till Alayne is away and then has the servants fill her closet with an array of  beautiful lingerie*

Alayne *returns from walking and goes to her wardrobe to change for dinner. discovers your gifts, dresses and runs to find you* petyr! you shouldn't have... you've given me so many beautiful gifts already! thank you!!! *runs to you, hugs you tightly*

Petyr: *chuckles softly, wrapping his arms around you* A surprise can't stay hidden for long around you I see. *takes a sweet kiss*

*laughs* i was only changing for dinner! how could i miss all those pretty things? *sighs into your kiss*

Just because we're secluded up here in the Eyrie, doesn't mean my lady can't have the finest garments in the realm. *grins* 

they're all so pretty, i love them! *kisses you again* it feels lovely to wear new clothes! 

*offers you his arm, escorting you to the dinner hall* If there's ever anything you desire sweetling, you need only ask me. 

you've given me so much already, petyr. more than i could ever need or deserve ...

Petyr: *stops and turns to face you, holding you by the chin to meet his gaze* Sansa... you're a princess of the North. You deserve anything you wish and I mean to make it so. To both our benefits. *smiles wide*

*smiles back at you* its just... you do so much and i wish i could do more for you... to return your kindness... 

*slips an arm around your slender waist and pulls you closer to him, hand splayed possessively over your rear* I'm sure we can find something for you to do my sweetling. *replies, giving your firm backside a nice squeeze before pulling away*

oh, i hope so, i just want so much to repay you for all you've given me... *feels a bit disappointed when you pull away*

Come, we have a fine meal awaiting us tonight. *pulls out your chair and waits for you to sit, before taking his own seat* 

*takes her seat* i hope you approve of the menu...cook has prepared sweet pumpkin soup, quails poached in butter, crown roast of venison stuffed with apples, raisins and apricots, snails with garlic, butter and parsley & pears poached in wine... *smiles* and lemoncakes...

It all looks delicious and smells so wonderful! *lets the servants pour us glasses of arbor gold wine, then dismisses them*

i'm glad you approve, everything looks beautiful! *lifts her glass to you, gazing intently at you across the table* 

to a night of new beginnings my dear. *toasts you, taking a drink of wine and letting the flavor swish over his tongue* Mmm... 

to new beginnings... *raises her glass to you, then takes a sip, looking over the rim of the glass at you thoughtfully*

*smiles at your wanton look* Do you plan to devour your meal Sansa... or me? *chuckles while slicing into his tender meat* 

*her eyes widen in surprise, as she is startled out of her reverie* i...i'm rather hungry.. *not really answering you* 

I myself can't wait for desert. *grins, gazing at you with a saucy look* I have a fondness for sweet morsels. 

y..yes...i too, look forward to dessert... *looks down at her plate, not sure if her cheeks are flushed from the wine or you* 

*rises, grabbing the plate of lemoncakes and bowl of fresh creme and sits closer to you* shall we feed each other dear Sansa? 

erm... petyr... *hesitates, not sure if that's a good idea, then smiles shyly at you* if you would like that... 

*dips his index finger into the fresh white creme and dabs the center of your pink lips* Oh indeed I would my sweetling... 

*licks her lips with the tip of her tongue, expression serious, not taking her eyes from yours*

Good? *smiles at you, putting a spoonful of creme onto a piece of lemoncake and holding it up to your lips* 

 *nods, biting her lower lip and casting her eyes away from you* yes, lovely... lemoncakes are my favourite ... 

*watches you with delight as you take a bite, then leans in to lick the crumbs off your lips with his tongue* So delicious... 

*reaches out & slowly raises a bite of lemoncake to your lips, still gazing at you quietly, as if lost in thought* 

*grabs you by the wrist, eating the cake then licking the creme off your fingertips, slowly and sensually* Sansa... come to my chambers tonight and spend the night with me. Be my lady in all ways... *poses the question and waits for your reply*

*pauses and looks at you for a long moment* promise me that you love me, that its not the image of my mother that you want...

*kisses your hand* Your mother may have moved my heart once, but its you that has mended that wound and stimulated more than my passions. My mind longs to fill you with a knowledge that I have never desired to share with anyone.

in time, i have grown to trust you, though trust no longer comes easily to me... *lifts a hand & gently touches your cheek ...and i have also grown to love you... *leans in & brushes her lips against yours* ... yes ... i will ...

Come sweetling... I have such pleasures to show you. *whispers against your lips, rising up and holding his hand out to you* *closes his fingers around your hand with a triumphant smile, taking you away to his bedchambers* #shesmine #checkmate

*closes her eyes & breathes you in as you whisper to her, rises a little unsteadily & takes your hand* #kingtakespawn 

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  1. OMG, I can't even! I cry tears of joy! Finally!! I LOVE them together!