Petyr's Reflection ...

Sits at his desk in the open atrium style study, pulling out blank parchment sheets and a quill to write several raven messages, but instead finds his mind wandering and unfocused on the task. An unusual and rare occurrence for the Master of Coin. He sets the quill back in its ink well and leans back into his comfortable leather chair with a sigh, gazing up at the solar and watching the snowflakes drift down and paste themselves against the glass panes. All those delicate beautiful shapes doomed to the inevitable pull of an unseen force. He smiles then. Finding the snowflakes so similar to pieces on a chessboard. All being moved by the hand of a great mastermind, unknowing of the hidden force that guides their every move, leading them all to a cleverly designed and perhaps some would say fated end. 

Closing his eyes in relaxation, he thinks upon the beautiful winter rose in his possession. The lovely and enchanting Sansa Stark, his White Queen and the future key to securing the North. How pure and innocent she was when he first laid eyes upon her at King’s Landing. So much like her mother Catelyn Stark. At first, he only meant to keep her as his lost little pawn Alayne Stone. But a smart man always keeps his plans flexible, gauging the situations as they arise and making clever moves to boost his own position. And his little sweetling would be quite the boon to have. Titles and fortune were hardly ever wrapped up in such a beautiful package, but even more he enjoys her inquisitive mind. How easily he could teach and shape her to play the game like no other ever before. Her untapped potential intrigues and arouses him to no end, making him eager to finally claim her maidenhead for his own. He won’t lose his love a second time.

At first, the girl’s presence stirred long dormant feelings and emotions that as a boy almost cost him his life. He clenches his fist then, remembering the brutal and vicious slash upon his body from Brandon Stark, the red hot blood gushing forth to color the river water, Cat’s pleas of mercy ringing in his ears and the crush upon his own pride for falling to win her hand. How long have those memories haunted him and shaped the course of his life, seeking retribution, wanting to make them all pay. This realm of kings and queens, knights and princesses, where titles and status mean everything. Oh yes… He would make them all simper and bow before him. Pay tributes and gold upon him, desperate for his favor. Relaxes his clenched fist and smiles, a broad grin of mirth and amusement, knowing he will continue to make his calculated moves across the board and lure each and every one of those lords and ladies to either their rise or doom. And he will teach and guide his pupil and love to do the same. For Sansa Stark will become the most fearsome Queen on the board.

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