Alayne's Journal - Entry 2

My sweetling I found your diary unlocked and took a peek. I love your thoughts and decided to leave a few of my own. Hope you don't mind, but if you do, then come find me and scold me most harshly. *smiles with amusement in his grey-green eyes* ~Petyr
*She enters the library, stands in front of you blushing deeply* Petyr! Of course I’ll scold you! Those are my private thoughts, the things I’ve written in my journal were not meant for your eyes! If you had done this weeks ago, I’m sure I would have died of embarrassment. Now, however, my feelings for you are no secret. My love for you, an open book, so deep, its knows no bounds. My heart, my soul, no longer my own, they are yours to keep. Yours to do with what you will. I can only pray that you will handle them carefully. Myself, I am yours from head to toe, to use in any way you desire. You know how I desire you, to be with you, to be in your arms, always. *smiles and cups your cheek with my hand, leaning in to kiss your lips, very gently* ~Alayne
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