News & Updates June

Our New Sister Blog
Just in case you missed the post, if you would rather follow us on WordPress, you can find our sister blog here. It's getting a nice reception. :) Thanks to all our followers both here on blogger and on the new WordPress blog!

The Mountain 
Part 19 is on it's way. Thanks so much for the nice comments and emails about Part 18! Much appreciated and as always, your patience is also highly appreciated!

New Bolton AU RP Page
More ASOIAF stuff going on here, we've added a Ramsay Bolton & Jeyne Poole/Arya Stark Bolton AU RP section here.  It's our first venture in AU and it's rough stuff, so read at your own risk!

New Guest Author
Welcome myheartbelongstosandor and her Aidan Gillen Fan Fiction! Check out her first five chapters on our Guest Author page here!

What Keeps Us From Writing
Apologies as usual for being slow to write for you! Renly the puppy is 5 months old now and is keeping us really, really busy! Lots of training and socialization going on around here. We're also excited to introduce Arya! Arya is a 2 month old cinnamon pearl pied cockatiel who  has never been handled. She's trying to grow in all her feathers, and will soon be yellow with reddish cheeks & lovely grey wings & a stripey tail. She's coming to stay so she can learn to be brave. She's promised to keep Melly company as she writes.  See her here on the left, her brother Jaime is on the right.

New Design and Graphic
We've gone with a new look & we'd love to hear your thoughts & feedback on the darker color scheme and the new snow castle graphic.

Our new graphic

Thanks so much for reading! ♥

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