Ramsay, Jeyne – Part 2 (AU, RP, 18+)

♦ This AU RP/FanFic may contain content that could be disturbing to some readers. Click here for more information. ♦
Ramsay:  laughs as you struggle in the tight bonds, dragging you across the floor by the hair, then easily picking you up and tossing your body onto a bed, his knife slicing through your dress Squirm and fight all you want my dear Arya. You’re never escaping me. stares down at your exposed tits, pink nipples hardening from the cold air, reaching out to pinch hard, twisting them painfully to get you to submit

 Jeyne:  shakes her head from side to side, pleading around her gag, I’M NOT ARYA, if only she could reason with you, make you understand! the cold air on her bare skin causes her to break out in goosebumps, her nipples to harden and she feels her cheeks burning, her muffled cries disappearing into her gag
 Ramsay:  Don’t worry. I’ll take that gag off when its time for you to suck my cock my lost lil doe. slides his trench coat off, tossing it aside then pulling his dark shirt off, revealing a toned muscular frame, sleek with masculine lines cutting out his shape Tonight… you and I will get to know each other without words. Just your body and mine will have the conversation.
Jeyne: choking on her sobs, her vision going in and out of focus as tears flood her eyes, she watches you, fear flooding through her body. your handsomeness, your sleek, muscled body does not go unnoticed by her, nor does your strength. even unbound, she knows she’d be no match for you. frantically, she tries to squirm away from you on the bed, though she knows there is nowhere to go, no possible escape from you
 Ramsay:  laughs and grabs you by an ankle, yanking you right back to him, his hand ripping your panties off pretty cunt… he whispers, before flipping you over, face down on the bed and starts to smack your bare ass with hard slaps of the hand, quickly turning your white flesh cherry red. The spanking of flesh echoing loudly in the room with your muffled cries

  Jeyne:  no, no, no, no! this isn’t happening! thoughts float through her head weaving in and out amidst the surges of fear and pain. your voice is so smooth, so cold…are you going to kill me? naked now, fully exposed to you, she bucks and thrashes as your hand comes into contact with her soft flesh again and again
 Ramsay:  stops for a moment to unbuckle his leather belt, lifting your face up by the hair and fastening the strap around your neck like a leash, a tight fit making it hard for you to breathe now my pretty pet… I’m going to take this gag off and if I hear even a single word pass those lips of yours, I’m going to make you suffer. Do you understand me? glares into your tear filled eyes

  Jeyne:  she nods, wide eyed, staring back into your pale eyes, breathing shallowly. her heart is pounding so hard she wonders if it can be seen through her chest.  your eyes tell her that you won’t hesitate to do as you threaten. slowly, she nods again

 Ramsay:  snaps off the gag, watching as you open and close your mouth to get feeling back into your cheeks, then he lets go of your hair, turning you onto your back and letting your head hang off the side of the bed open that mouth girl and if you even dare bite me, I’ll will knock all your teeth out with a hammer. unzips his black leather pants, stroking a hard thick cock and smearing the wet tip across your lips

  Jeyne :  her jaw tingles, then becomes painful as she opens and closes her mouth. her head spins as you flip her over roughly, she knows she must have been hit and knocked out, her temple throbs with pain. she feels nauseous and does not fight, opening her mouth to you, tasting you on her lips oh please no…

Ramsay:  uses the leash belt around your neck to hold your head in place, slipping his throbbing cock between your parting lips, groaning softly as your wet tongue glides under his cock That’s nice Arya… starts to thrust his pelvis against your face, driving his cock down your throat, holding it there to choke you with it before pulling away, then repeating the process over and over
  Jeyne:  lies with her head hanging off of the side of the bed, your cock sliding into her mouth, thick and throbbing. you push in deeper, too deep and she’s gagging, choking… you’re too big for her. she’s never done this before, not like this. never so deep, never relinquished control completely before. she sobs around you tears flowing freely. tears, falling back into my hair. funny things you notice… she thinks, before you thrust in making her gag again. she wants to ask you to stop, explain who she is, that she shouldn’t be here. she won’t bite down, she’s too afraid…

 Ramsay:  mouth fucks you hard and deep, wrapping his hand tighter around the belt strap, watching the leather tighten around your slender neck, your eyes rolling back making him groan with pleasure fuck… that’s so good… feels his balls clench up, pulling out from your gasping mouth and cumming all over your jutting tits, his hot seed splashing your face

  Jeyne:  wonders how long it will take for her to suffocate as you cut off her air supply with your belt, she feels herself becoming dizzy, her vision blurring yet again… i don’t want to die like this…please… she thinks as you pump your hips, gagging as you hit the back of her throat again and again, she is fading, the room begins to go black when you suddenly withdraw and let up on your grip, she gasps for air as you cum in hot pearly streams, burning like acid on her face and chest
 Ramsay:  takes the belt from around your neck and unties the rest of the bonds, picking up your limp body in his arms without a word and carrying you off to be bathe and cleaned, then dressing you in clothing he finds desirable to his tastes

 Jeyne:  passes in and out of consciousness, allows herself to be cleaned up, only partly registering what’s going on. when she is dressed you carry her back to the bed and tie her hands. you speak to her but she doesn’t understand. she nods as her eyes close, sinking gratefully into blackness…


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