Ramsay, Jeyne – Part 3 (AU, RP, 18+)

♦ This AU RP/FanFic may contain content that could be disturbing to some readers. Click here for more information. ♦

Ramsayis sitting in a plush chair, swirling a glass of dark red wine in his hand, pale blue eyes admiring your bound submissive body… The intricate network of ropes having taken him some time to do. But he enjoyed and savored every minute of the experience. Moving and repositioning your limbs, sliding his hands over your smooth skin, caressing your soft hair, inhaling your scent. He loved the inmate pink space between your legs as he spread you wide, roping your ankles into the stretcher bar, kissing your spiked heels. Inserting a thick dildo into the pussy he can’t wait to fuck again, tasting his fingers to have a tease of your sweet honey. Finally, finishing off his work of art by slipping an O-ring into your mouth, his fingers gently prying your supple lips open then fastening the band firmly behind your head. Time for my lovely pet to wake up… smiles as your eyes slowly blink open, the effects of the drug he injected you with finally fading

Aryaonce again her head is swimming. she wakes up slowly, feeling as though she is fighting her way through a thick black haze, trying desperately to surface. she moans and finds that she cannot move her jaw, something is holding her mouth open wide…blinking harder, she tries to rise, tries to move her arms and legs. she panics to find that she is bound once again. as she struggles, the ropes rub against her skin. she can feel the strategically placed rope stimulating her already sensitive clit and the thick dildo inserted into her tight cunt, stretching her. she chokes on a sob and struggles harder, trying to free herself, but instead, the ropes tighten slightly as she moves, rubbing over her engorged clit, making her moan again, but this time it is a moan of pleasure. she hears a chuckle and looks up to see you sitting nearby, watching her…

Ramsay: You’ve been asleep a long time my naughty Arya. Feeling a little uncomfortable? smirks, drinking from his wine glass, his eyes constantly attracted to your hard stiffen nipples, jutting up into the air like pink mountain peaks. While your sweet moan makes his cock thick and throbbing with longing behind his dark robe I’ve been admiring you like this for the past hour. I should have fucked you, but I do like to deny myself the pleasure from time to time. Sometimes I have to gaze upon beauty, before I claim it as mine.

Aryalet me GO! she cries out, but all she do thru the o-ring gag is moan incoherently. she can feel her cheeks burning, the humiliation of being manipulated by you, knowing you watched her while she lay like this, unconscious makes her stomach squirm. her head is still fuzzy from the after effects of the drug and she sees you coming in and out of focus… so handsome… your eyes are so cold… angry, she thrashes and gasps at the surge of warmth that spreads thru her. she moves again more slowly, testing her bonds, and it’s like sweet torture, the dildo moving inside her, the ropes rubbing, she rolls to her stomach. as she wiggles, she realizes there is a rough rug under her, every move she makes causes her hardened pink nipples to rub against the rug, increasing the pleasure between her thighs

Ramsaysets his glass down with a soft clink on the side table and slips his hand down between the robe’s opening, grasping and stroking his hard cock, groaning softly Mmm… that’s it girl. I can see your pussy getting wet. You know how to arouse yourself now don’t you. chuckles softly, enjoying the sight of your bare ass as you roll over and squirm with desperation, your black thigh high stockings and garter belts calling his attention against your creamy white skin

Aryashe gives in and moves slowly, partly wanting this humiliation to end, partly because the pleasure is so great, whimpering, she moves her hips, clenching her pelvic muscles as the dildo hits her g-spot. you’re right, she’s dripping wet and it slides easily inside her. the rope rubs her clit and she arches her back, scraping her aching nipples on the rough fibers of the rug. needing more, she rolls to her side, unable to squeeze her thighs tight together, rocking her hips back and forth. as she moves, she watches you fisting your hard cock, mesmerized by your movement

Ramsaycatches your gaze with his own pale heated one and stops his motions Do you hunger for this my pet? Let me feed it to you… smiles with a slow grin, rising from his seat and walking towards you, his cock glistening with pre-cum at the tip as it bobs between his firm muscled thighs. He reaches down, grabbing you by the hair roughly and yanking you up onto your knees, spread wide, your excitement dripping from around the inserted toy and your mouth perfectly leveled with groin Taste me girl… whispers seductively, dark and dangerous, cupping your cheek and slipping his cock through the O-ring

Aryano no no! she doesn’t want this! doesn’t want you! and yet her body responds against her will, her tongue registers the salty taste of your juices and begins to caress your shaft, massaging your underside as she continues to move her hips, her eyes rolling up to look at you, slightly blurry, then suddenly clear. she sees you lick your lips as she begins to rock forward and back, pleasuring herself and you as well

Ramsay: That’s a good girl… smiles down at you, thrusting his throbbing cock further in, making you gag with a chuckle Never had a man fuck you like this I take. I glad. Because I didn’t want any experienced whore. starts mouth fucking you with deep choking strokes, your saliva bathing his shaft and dripping down your chin, his hand firmly fisted behind your head, pulling your hair taunt keeping your frighten gaze focused on his face I’m going to mold you into the perfect bitch for me.

Aryaher head is reeling, she loves this, she hates this, she’s choking, it feels so good, she wants to go home… what do you mean you’ll mold her? aren’t you going to kill her? how long will this go on? when will someone miss her? she gags on you, feels the drool running down her chin, dripping onto her jutting tits, your fist tightens in her hair and the pleasure in her cunt builds more and more, she feels her climax approaching, looking up at you, eyes wide, locked on your face, she cums like she’s never cum before, long and slow, wave after wave of intense heat flowing thru her, she sags in your grip, remaining upright only thanks to your grip on her hair

Ramsaysmirks in satisfaction, pulling you off his throbbing cock and tossing you down to the rug on your back, moving to stand over you, pumping himself off with a deep groan. His hot seed squirting out in long ropes to splash onto your full titsMmm fuck… that’s perfect my pretty pet. leaves you covered in his sticky white mess, walking to his chair and slipping his robe back on I’m going to enjoy every lesson I give you Arya. Very… very much. smiles with a menacing look in his eyes, before departing from the room

Aryalies helpless, tears rolling down her cheeks and falling onto the rug beneath her. she is flooded with relief that you’re pleased with her, and yet desperate to leave. she sobs through her gag, as your hot seed burns trails into her soft, white skin…

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