Ramsay, Jeyne – Part 4 (AU, RP, 18+)

♦ This AU RP/FanFic may contain content that could be disturbing to some readers. Click here for more information. ♦

Ramsay: the door opens and he steps inside, finding you were he ordered the servants to leave you. On his bed with nothing on but a pair of panties, wrists bound together over your head, blinded folded and gagged good evening my dear… he whispers close to your ear, removing your blindfold, then your gag

Arya: licks her lips, blinking as her eyes adjust to the dim light. she looks around, noticing the difference in her surroundings…not a dungeon or a basement, but a bed room. your room? she stares at you, afraid to speak, not knowing what to do, looking to you for direction, shaking all over

Ramsay: trails his finger down your cheek and over your lips you’re quivering my dear… smirks, moving his hand down to cup your breast, squeezing the globe and pinching your harden nipple between his thumb and index finger

Arya: sucking in her breath, she watches your every move, watches you watching her, follows your hand, watches your face as you pinch her nipple and she gasps. you terrify and fascinate her. she is as afraid as she’s ever been in her life, and yet she can’t take her eyes off of you. she whispers …yes…

Ramsay: grins at the look in your eyes, taking his hand away and reaching behind his black trench coat, pulling a sharp knife from the back of his belt you will listen and do everything exactly as I command my pretty pet… or I will hurt you. Do you understand?
Arya: nods slowly, wide eyed, biting her lip and feeling her quivering intensify, she believes you will hurt her…she thinks you’ll kill her, she knows better than to disobey

Ramsay: reaches up and slices the rope free to only one of your hands, before walking to the end of the bed, facing you and sheathing his knife into it concealed holder. His pale eyes raking over the entire length of your nude form, his look alone already branding his ownership into your skin touch yourself Arya…

Arya: furrows her brow, biting her lip and breathing deeply, she slowly moves her hand to her stomach and runs her fingers lightly over her pale skin, swallowing as she slides her hand over her full breast, feeling her nipples already hard under her palm like this…? she whispers

Ramsay: Exactly… keep going my pet. smirks, crossing his arms and just watching you on display, performing for him and him only caresses lower, spread your legs and go inside your panties… your cunt must be aching for attention.

Arya: she slides her hand down over her tummy, not wanting to let you know that she can feel herself growing wet as you watch her. she slips her hand into her panties, opening her thighs. her cheeks burning, she slides a finger between her soft pink folds, dipping into her wetness, letting her finger glide over her clit. she watches you still. you lick your lips, she knows you’re remembering the taste of her honey and she moans softly

Ramsay: Do you want my mouth on you pet? My tongue fucking you? He sheds his trench coat, letting the heavy material glide off his arms and fall to the floor, before climbing onto the bed like a sleek black panther, his pale eyes full of hunger and dangerous intent. Like a wild beast. His hands caressing up your bare legs, over your spread thighs, fingers hooking themselves into your panties and peeling the sheer fabric slowly off, unwrapping his meal

Arya: shivers from head to toe at your words, her skin breaking out in goosebumps at your touch, hypnotized by your movements. she can’t help but squirm as you move your mouth closer to her wet heat, feeling your breath between her thighs, whimpering softly

Ramsay: I asked you a question pet. I expect an answer. hovers over your wet cunt, his fingers spreading your pink lips wide and catching your clit, pitching your sensitive nub hard in punishment

Arya: ahhh…yes! cries out loud, the pain so intense that tears spill from her eyes and roll back into her hair i’m sorry… yes…. please…. her heart pounds in her chest and her breathing grows ragged
Ramsay: Mmm… that’s how a good girl answers her Master’s questions. purrs a soft teasing breathe over your engorged clit, before flicking his tongue out to torment your bundle of nerve endings, his finger penetrating into your tight little hole, wiggling inside you before another joins, finger fucking you as he tongues and eats your pussy with a ravenous hunger

Arya: she nearly screams as your tongue finally touches her clit, her hips rocketing off of the bed, moving toward you, pressing her tortured cunt against your tongue, needing your fingers deeper, her hip movement beyond her control, she rolls her pelvis with every one of your thrusts yes… she moans yes…yes…..

Ramsay: takes one of your legs and slides it back over his shoulder with a growl, shoving his face deeper into your cunt as his tongue replaces his embedded fingers, his honey smeared hand shoving your opposite thigh down to the bed, pinning you wide open as he continue his oral assault on your needy cunt

Arya: mmm…. no longer able to control her moans, she reaches down with her free hand and cradles you head close. you’ve made her forget where she is, forget her fear, for the moment, she only knows the pleasure of your mouth. unconsciously, she strokes your hair, pinned hard to the bed, but her hips buck as her orgasm rolls through her, wave after wave of heat, her sweet nectar flooding your tongue

Ramsay: drinks you down, savoring the explosion of your unique favor over his tongue before pulling away and kneeling between your parted thighs, gazing down at your flushed supple body and your dreamy far-away look. His hand moving to his zipper, sliding the metal peg down and letting his hard thicken cock spring out, the tip glistening with desire my pretty pet has left me in quite the state… smirks, grabbing your legs and hooking them over his forearms as his hands grasp you firmly by the hips and he thrusts into you, penetrating you deep and hard with the first stroke

Arya: ohhh…. she breathes as your cock slides easily into her slick sheath, still contracting with the aftershocks of her climax. she watches you with lust glazed eyes and sees your face change, softening just for a moment as your eyes meet. she blinks and the predator returns, your icy cold stare penetrating so deep that she wonders if you know her thoughts. your grip on her hips tightens as you begin to move. she gasps at the fullness as she feels herself stretched around you, her hand clutches at the sheets as you begin to increase your pace

Ramsay: watches your full tits as every one of his powerful thrusts make them jiggle and sway, your stiffen nipples crying out to him for attention as they stick straight up into the air when you arch your back, his pelvis embedded balls deep between your thighs do you feel me throbbing inside you pet? your pussy hungers for my shaft to fill that empty void. moans, leaning down to capture a pink nip between his lips, suckling on you

Arya: she pants under you, head rolling back, biting her lip, heat building once again in her womb y…yes…ahhh…. she’s getting lost in the pleasure you give her, finding it difficult to do anything but moan and whimper i do….mmmm…..yes…. she’ll cum again, and soon, the thought is wonderful and terrible….she shouldn’t have this reaction to you…and yet she has no ability to stop it

Ramsay: bites down on the nipple in his mouth as he cums from your tight squeezing, leaving the nub painfully sore and tender. His cock pulsating inside your clamped sheath, white milky seed flooding inside you as he groans from release. He stares deep into your eyes as he slowly slips from from your vaginal grip, smirking as you gasp when his soften dick glides away over your inner thigh Tonight you sleep with me here. But behave yourself my Arya. Try anything and I’ll make you scream with my blade.

Arya: curls onto her side and watches you, breathing heavily, heart pounding yes…i’ll be good… i promise…. she says softly, gathering her courage she aks tentatively may i know your name…or what to call you? she has decided she must pretend to be arya as you want her to. upsetting you would be a terrible mistake

Ramsay: spoons up behind you, caressing your soft hair and whispering in your ear When we are alone my pretty pet you will address me as Master. But outside these walls, I’m known has the Bastard of Bolton. Perhaps you’ve heard of me? chuckles softly But my given name his Ramsay Bolton.

Arya: a little chill runs down her spine as you whisper in her ear ramsay… she says softly into the dark, trying your name to see how it feels thank you… master… she says quietly, closing her eyes. this bed is comfortable and for some reason she feels safer in your arms than she did alone in the dungeon room. silly, she thinks, as it is you who are the danger here… exhausted, she begins to drift into sleep, feeling you pressed against her back, owning her


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