Bolton Rising - (AU, RP, 18+) Flashback Part 1: Melly & Ramsay

*This is the AU persona of our Melly character, taken from our fanfic The Mountain

Two Years Earlier ...

She ran through the forest, dodging trees as branches scratched and clawed at her bare skin. Her bare feet were cut to ribbons she knew, and yet she did not stop. She could hear the dogs behind her and she knew they were getting closer. 

She had nothing: no shoes, no clothes, no money, nowhere to run to, and yet she refused to stop. Even hesitation was death. Worse than death. He would see that she died a thousand times for this. 

~  ~  ~  ~

That night had been bad. She’d disobeyed, made him angry and he’d punished her even her worse than he usually did. He’d brought out his bull whip, and her back, the back of her legs and her backside were covered with deep welts and every step was agony. She’d lasted longer than any of the others so far. She knew how to take a beating, but that night had been especially bad. She’d screamed and screamed, begging him, but to no avail. When he’d finished, he fucked her brutally, in every way he could, choking her until she passed out, reviving her, choking her again. It went on and on until finally his anger subsided and he left her. 

When the Guard came in a few moments later, he brought her some food on a tray. She waited for him to put it down and then rose from the bed, naked, bruised and bloodied, but still beautiful. 

I’m lonely,” she said. “Keep me company for a while.” She stepped closer and let a hand drop between her thighs. 

Clearing his throat and stepping back a half step, the Guard’s eyes dropped to her full breasts and then lower, watching her hand moving slowly. This Guard was the newest and the youngest, which she hoped would make him the least loyal to her Master and the most impulsive of the group. Watching him hesitate, she placed her other hand on his crotch and began to massage the bulge she found, feeling it harden through his trousers. She looked up at him and smiled a little.

Fuck… you shouldn’t do that. He’ll kill us both…” The Guard groaned and cupped a breast in his hand, running a thumb over her nipple, watching it harden under his touch. 

Fuck me…” she whispered, unbuckling his belt as he ran his other hand down her side, over the curve of her hip, reaching around to squeeze her ass with a big hand. She knew she had him now. His cock sprang free and he lifted her onto it, grunting and moving toward the bed.

Ahhh… no…” she cried urgently. “Not in his bed! The couch… Let me ride you…” He hesitated and then strode to the couch, still seated deeply inside her, and she could feel him move with every step. Sinking onto the couch, he pulled her forward, covering a nipple with his mouth as she began to move on his hardened cock. She held his head close to her chest as she rode him, surprisingly aroused, intense heat building between her thighs. His hands were on her back and on her ass, increasing the pain of her wounds, turning to pleasure as her pleasure intensified. 

His hands more urgent now, his mouth sucking harder on her aching nipple, he grunted against her chest, “I’m gonna cum…” At his words, she felt her own climax rushing through her as his cock jerked inside of her, filling her with his seed. She watched him cum, and as his eyes went glassy and his mouth fell open, the moment had arrived. She reached out and grasped a wine bottle from the side table and brought it down over his head with all of her strength. The bottle shattered and his gaze turned from lust-glazed to stunned. He was still alive. 

As quickly as she could, she picked up a huge shard of glass and shoved it into his neck as deeply as she could. She could feel the sharp edge of the shard sinking into the palm of her hand, but she kept pushing. Blood surged from his neck, splashing her face, chest and arms. His hand went to her throat, but his strength was already leaving him. She watched as the life left his eyes, his cock still buried deep within her. 

Without taking the time to stop for clothing or rethink her plan, she climbed off of the dead Guard and ran from the room.


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