Bolton Rising - Ramsay and Jeyne Part 13 (AU RP 18+)

 ♦ This AU RP/FanFic may contain content that could be disturbing to some readers. Click here for more information. ♦
 Ramsay: leans against the barn post as one of his men escorts you out of the estate, smirking as you struggle to find footing with your high heels on in the darkness. His pale eyes narrow as he sees the cold breeze hardening your nipples against your sheer black bra, complimenting your black lace crotchless panties with black garter belts and stockings. Your long dark hair is loose and flowing around your shoulders. He greets you with a devilish grin as his man closes the stable doors behind him, standing guard till he's dismissed. Hello my sweet Arya. I'm so glad you dressed exactly as I instructed you in my note. This pleases me... He walks around you like a predator examining a piece of meat about to be devoured, fingertips barely grazing over your exposed flesh 
Arya: hello...m...master... she can feel goosebumps forming on her exposed skin, and her nipples. rock hard, tingle in the cool night air. she stands before you, wobbling in heels much too high, yet you still stand taller than her. even if you did not, she knows she would feel small beside you i'm glad that you're pleased with me...i tried to be very careful when i dressed for you. she waits as you inspect her, you fingers brushing her skin, your breath hot on her neck...she has a strong desire to step closer to you, to move into your arms. she knows better, and waits for your instruction 
 Ramsay: We're going to have a bit of fun tonight here. You... me... and him. smirks as he snaps a pair of handcuffs around your small delicate wrists Damon come here and string her up for me. "Sure thing boss." He steps back and watches his man thread heavy rope through your cuffs and then toss it up over the rafters, yanking on the lead to pull your arms upwards, hoisting your entire slender body slowly off the ground till your heels are barely touching That's good. Just one thing is annoying me. comes around to the front of you, flipping his switch blade and slicing your bra clean off with a slash up the middle of the flimsy fabric, letting your full tits swing loose 
 Arya: she shrinks away from the big man as he moves in to string her up. He grins and continues, undaunted. as he tightens the rope, she can feel the muscles in her arms grow tight. the cuffs dig painfully into her wrists as she dangles before you. humiliated, she wants the guard to leave, when you cut away her bra, her cheeks burn like wildfire master...this man...he stays with us? she looks at you in alarm, her eyes wide, silently pleading with you to send the guard away 
 Ramsay: grabs you by the chin and smirks Are you questioning me pet? glares with a dark look clouding his cold pale eyes Remember what I've told you. Your body belongs to me now. If I want someone to fuck you. They will. At my command, exactly how I say. shoves your face away, then whispers something in Damon's ear as the man nods, licking his lips at you, before taking a seat on a barrel to watch the show Use your belt Damon. I want her ass whipped for her insolence. 
Arya: no, please... he can't! i only want you! panicked, she struggles against her bonds, knowing the futility of her efforts, yet trying hard to pull her hands from her cuffs please...master! don't let him! she screams shrilly as the big man swings and the belt bites into her soft backside 
 Ramsay: Your wants are irrelevant Arya. You're my bitch to play with as I see fit. sighs, motioning with his hand for Damon to strike you harder, enjoying the sight of your cream colored skin blooming into a deep cherry red with every lash mark that falls upon your ass and thighs. The sounds of leather striking flesh and your screams echoing loudly in the empty barn, giving him a wonderful concert to listen too. He closes his eyes and just listens to you singing for him 
Arya: she screams and screams until her throat is sore and she can no longer get her breath. her skin burns and she can feel the welts rising on her skin. she hates this man, Damon. she feels sick and tears of pain, anger and humiliation pour down her cheeks. her arms ache and she can't feel her fingers. above all she is furious with herself for making you so angry 
Ramsay: Enough. Lower her down. rises to stand beside you as Damon lowers your trembling body, staring down as you're left kneeling upon the hay floor, reaching to cup your tear stained cheek, lifting your eyes to meet his Now my pet. I do hope you're very sorry for disobeying me. smirks, caressing your quivering lips with his thumb softly, back and forth in a hypnotic gesture Don't you want to make Master happy? 
 Arya: tries to choke back a sob as she kneels before you in a heap. looking up at you, makeup running down her cheeks, she nods y..yes..., master....i'm...
i always want you to be happy with me....i.... she tries to find the right words. words that will explain how she wants no one else to touch a little smile from you is like the most wonderful gift... how she is terrified that if you get too angry then you'll kill her.... but she says none of this. she knows that her feelings are irrelevant and that only you matter i... 
 Ramsay: Shhh...I know you do. smiles, caressing your soft cheek, as like a pet starved for affection, you nuzzle into his hand But Damon did such a wonderful job. We must reward him don't you think? slides his hand around to cup the back of your head, holding you still as Damon steps up, unzipping his jeans and presenting his thick erection Open up now Arya... 
Arya: she leans into you and rubs her face against your palm, needing contact with you. moans, but not in pleasure. sobbing, she opens her mouth as Damon steps up to her, brandishing his cock, which is thick and veiny, shorter than yours, but still impressive. she parts her lips and he pushes his glistening head into her mouth eagerly. she gags immediately, wanting to vomit. this is wrong! the guard laughs harshly and shoves in further as she fights her urge to scream. she turns her eyes up to you, pleading still, but you only nod and she tires to suck, knowing that she must please you 
 Ramsay: That's my good girl now... whispers with a smile, unzipping his own dark jeans and taking hold of his hard cock, which he slides down your hungry mouth after pulling you off Damon by the hair I told you she had a mouth to kill for. Mmm... groans softly as you suckle on him, throbbing against your tongue and watching as Damon kneels down to fondle your tits, pinching and pulling on your harden nipples, Your sharp gasp allows his boss shove his dick deep down your throat 
Arya: she gaps in surprise and unwanted pleasure as the guard deftly handles her full breasts, sending you a look of thanks and rocking forward to cover your cock with her hot mouth, sucking you in and nursing on you, so relieved to have her mouth on you again. working you with her tongue, the feel of you in her mouth is familiar and she loves the way you sound when you groan for her, she feels a surge of pride 
Ramsay: That's enough my greedy bitch. drags you off his cock, threads of saliva connecting you before breaking and dripping down onto your jutting tits. His hand grabs you by the hair and pulls you back up to your feet, dragging you to a nearby stack of hay and shoving you over it, ass up in the air. He kicks your legs out wide. She cries and protests, but this pussy is dripping wet. So responsive, little one... Chuckling, he slides his hand between your thighs, cupping your heat and slipping his middle finger into your hot cunt 
Arya: whimpers as the drool trails down her chin, feeling the loss of you strongly. she stumbles along with you and falls into the hay, draped over the bale. she can feel sharp pieces of straw poking into her soft flesh, but she quickly forgets as you dip into her dripping cunt. she cries out and wiggles her ass, trying to get more of you, desperate for her emptiness to be filled 
Ramsay: What do you want Arya? Say it... teases you with his finger, rubbing your clit and then delving back inside your wet little hole as Damon comes back around, fisting your hair and holding your face up to his pelvis, the head of his cock resting right on your lower lip 
 Arya: Master! she gasps, feeling Damon's cock bounce on her lips as she speaks fuck me....please...oh please.... she tries to push back at you, slippery wet and glistening, inviting you to take her and take her hard. she wants... needs to be used by you, like a sheath for your sword, she needs you to thrust into her to the hilt. she opens her mouth then, giving up control and accepting damon's thick cock, running her tongue around the bulbous head, wanting more of it 
Ramsay: smiles over your words, smearing a nectar coated hand over his cock before penetrating you with the engorged head, ramming into that owned pussy deep and hard with the first thrust. Staking his claim on you once again as his thick length stretches your tight sheath wide, enveloping his dick like a perfectly fitted glove Oh pet... I'm going to fuck you till I break you. groans, rocking your body forward and shoving your mouth down onto Damon's cock, the guard moaning at your sweet wet suction, his hand fisted tightly in your hair, pumping his pelvis in synch with your Master's thrusting 
Arya: she knows she's bad. only a dirty slut would love this and she does love it. all of it. she moans around the guards cock as you thrust in. the first thrust hitting her deep inside her womb, sending a rush of pleasure throughout her whole body. sucking hard, she clenches tightly around you, rocking between your two bodies, she is nothing more than a vessel for you, for your pleasure 
 Ramsay: "Fuck... this bitch... is so good." Damon moans as he pulls out and holds your head up high, cumming with thick strands of seed on your pretty innocent face as his boss keeps driving away, pounding your tight cunt... Leave us now. I want her all to myself. he orders with a sharp tone, shoving you back down by the shoulders, your face pressed into the rough straw as he embeds himself balls deep and holds position, cock pulsating inside your womb, grunting, while watching Damon quickly exit out the stable doors and closed them again Now my little cum slut you're all mine. Do you like that Arya? 
Arya: yes... i want to be all yours... master... panting, cum dripping down her cheeks and chin, she clenches around you again and again, holding you inside of her, wanting to keep you for her own master...i love this....i love you... whispers, licking her lips and closing her eyes. savoring you 
 Ramsay: blinks, pausing, surprised at your words of love, but pleased. You should trust me to know what's good for you my pet. Obey and I shall always reward you. whispers in your ear hotly while stroking your hair back off your face Misbehave and I will punish you severely... slides all the way out, the head of his cock hovering outside of your gapping pink hole before plunging back inside. Fucking your soaking wet cunt harder and deeper then ever before, ramming into your cervix as he groans over your submissive form. feeling his balls aching for release, he shoots his seed deep into you like a shotgun 
Arya: i want to be good... begins to answer, but stops as you thrust your entire length deep into her hungry opening and she cums with a force she'd never thought possible. wave after wave of pure ecstasy roll over her as you pound her little cunt so hard ram...say.... moaning long and loud for you, she goes limp beneath you, shuddering, so hard her teeth chatter 
Ramsay: pulls out and smacks your punished ass, smirking as his seed is dripping out of you Stay there pet. Don't move. tucks his spent cock away and lights a smoke, sucking a long drag before pulling out a small digital camera and starts taking snapshots of you Mmm my pretty bitch. You look completely ravished. 
 Arya: lies panting where you left her, turning her head a little to watch you do you like this, master? the way i look.... her voice is low, it's an effort to speak, she is so spent from your attentions i hope i pleased you...after all. 
Ramsay: Yes I do like it. grins with a devilish light in his pale eyes Sit up now Arya. Spread your legs and arch your back. I want those lovely tits up in the air for me. smokes another puff as he waits on you 
 Arya: yes, master... whatever you like... moving into a sit, supporting herself on shaky arms, she arches her back and smiles a little as she sees your mouth turn up at the corner. she likes your little half smile... it's hard not to stare at you sometimes. you're so handsome, as to be almost breathtaking 
 Ramsay: Good. That's exactly want I wanted. snaps his final picture and puts his camera away in his jean pocket Come girl. Time to wash you off. holds his hand out to you, walking you over to one of the stable stalls and leaving you up against the wall Take the rest of your clothing and heels off. 
 Arya: does as you ask as quickly as she can, stepping out of her heels and shakily removing her remaining clothing. when she's finished, she stands, waiting... wondering what you require of her 
Ramsay: grabs the hose by the wall and turns on the dials, testing the water with his hand till its warm and soothing, then starts to spray you with it in a showering mist There're some bottles over there for you. Bathe for me. stands there, hose in one hand and cigarette in the other, smoking casually as his pale eyes rake over your nude body 
 Arya: obediently, she chooses a bottle and begins to bathe. pouring some of the rose scented liquid into her hand, she runs her hands over her breasts and tummy, working it into a lather. as she watches your face, she notices the way your eyes follow her hands and she moves them slowly and sensually, trailing lightly over her nipples, pushing her breasts together a little. she lets a hand move down over the curve of a hip and drift between her slightly parted thighs 
Ramsay: smirks softly at your teasing, finishing off his smoke I think you want company. attaches the hose to a hook, letting it continue to rain down water on you, before peeling his clothing and boots off and joining you under the misting spray You're a naughty pet... Your eyes are always begging for a good fucking, even if your mouth says otherwise. presses you back against the wall, kissing your lips, his mouth crushing against yours, dominant and demanding, spearing his tongue inside you 
Arya: watching you shed your garments, she smiles shyly, admiring your sculpted physique as you make your way to her side. she melts into your kiss. the stable wall is rough against her soft back and sore bottom. she kisses you back with an urgency that surprised her, looping her arms around your neck, full breasts flattened against your chest, she moves her leg to slid your thigh in between, pressing her sex against you 
 Ramsay: kisses his way down your slender neck, biting and groaning softly against your skin as you rub up against him like a cat in heat. he makes his way downward to assault your hard pink nipples with his mouth and teeth. Plucking at one then the other, suckling on those sensitive nubs hard, flicking his tongue at them while his soapy hand delves between your thighs, caressing your cunt with soft lingering touches  Arya: ahhhhh she breathes into your ear, the shooting sensations of tingling warmth from your mouth on her nipples causes her eyes to close and her head to fall forward. she nuzzles into your wet hair, leaving little kisses behind as she cups your head close to her chest master.... may i touch you? her shaky whisper in your ear as her hand draws soapy trails down your back, she longs to hold you in her hand, but she waits for your permission. not sure she should even have asked, she knows she must try hard to be a good pet 
 Ramsay: traps you between outstretched arms as he leans against the wall behind you with his hands, pale eyes staring into your soft brown ones. his lips curl into a smirk, giving his handsome face a boyish look You want to stroke me girl? Come then... touch my cock Arya. 
 Arya: bites her lip as she meets your eyes, nodding slowly yes. i want to.... bringing her hand around between you, she trails her fingers along your length, feeling you jerk in response. still captured by your eyes, she wraps her fingers around your girth, feeling the pulse of you, holding you for a moment. putting on light pressure, she slides her soapy hand very slowly up and down. watching as your eyes go glassy and your mouth softens 
Ramsay: Do you like when that's fucking you my pet? groans as he throbs into your hand, thrusting his own fingers inside your hot sheath, scissoring them to open you wide Mmm... cup my balls with your other hand Arya. Pleasure me completely. 
Arya: her mouth falls open and she breathes in long and slow yes... i love it... she rocks her hips slowly on your hand, still pumping you slowly i love when you fuck me... her eyelids heavy, eyes glazed over with pleasure i want your cock inside me...always...master... 
Ramsay: Then put me there... smirks, sliding his fingers out and grabbing onto your leg, lifting your thigh up to wrap around his waist. His cock fully thickened and hard like steel in your small hand, weeping with pre-cum from the tiny slit on top 
Arya: yes... she whimpers and guides you to her opening, positioning your tip at her entrance, feeling her own heat as she guides you in ramsay.... whispers with a gasp as she feels you begin to slide in deeper, fitting her perfectly, filling her completely 
Ramsay: sinks his fingertips into the flesh of your thigh, gripping you firmly as he starts to thrust forwards and upwards with long strokes of his cock, driving deep and wrapping your tight sheath completely around his entire length ... hold onto me girl... pins your back against the wall, fucking you under the shower of water 
Arya: she wraps her arms around your neck and buries her face in your shoulder. her legs curling around you, she holds onto you as though she'll never let go. these are the moments she wants, she feels so safe in your arms with you buried deep inside of her. her little cries of pleasure escalate as you move and she nips at your shoulder as the heat builds in her womb. she loves you... 
 Ramsay: lifts you off the floor completely, cupping your ass in his hands and pinning you against the wall as he takes you brutally, fucking you like his woman, your sweet moans filling his ears and making the blood in his veins boil with passion You little fucking bitch... you're driving me mad for you. slams you against the wall, a hand wrapped around your neck, squeezing the air out of you and groaning loudly as you clench even more in reaction, milking the seed from his cock 
Arya: gasping for breath, her orgasm takes her and she's lost in you and the sensation only you can give to her. it's more than the sex, she realizes, but being owned, completely by you is intoxicating. her eyes open wide, she watches you face as your seed surges into her in hot bursts. she touches your face with her fingertips, impaled on your cock, shaking all over, amazed by how perfect she feels in this moment 
Ramsay: slips out of you, holding you up as he turns the water off, reaching for a pair of robes in the side cabinet, wrapping you up in the soft warm material before donning his own Time for my pretty pet to be in my bed. lifts you in his arms and heads back to the main compound 
Arya: snuggled up against your chest, she realizes how tired she is i would like that very much, master... murmuring softly, she listens to the beat of your heart as you enter the house and carry her to your bed. this is her place, and she can do nothing but accept that she loves you...


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