Bolton Rising - Ramsay and Jeyne Part 14 (AU RP 18+)

Ramsay: enters the bedroom and finds you asleep in his bed, smiling as he approaches and gently pulls the satin sheets off you, enjoying the sight of your naked body covered in his and Damon's marks from last night Arya... my sweet pet... time to wake up. 
arya: she wakes slowly, coming out of a deep, deep sleep and opens her eyes to find you looking down at her oh...i didn't hear you come in, master... whispers as she sits up in bed, her arms aching, her buttocks stinging, remembering last evening in the barn 
Ramsay: cups your cheek as he leans down to kiss you, slow and lingering, his wicked tongue slowly parting your lips open and slipping inside to dance with your own tongue, before pulling away with a curl of the lips on his handsome face I need you to accompany me tonight and I brought you something to wear. sets a fancy designer bag on the bed, followed by an expensive fur coat, then he takes a seat to watch you dress  arya: returning your kiss, she feels her body awaken completely. she feels a flash of disappointment when you pull away, followed by curiosity at your words of course, whatever you desire, master... kneeling naked on the bed, she opens the bag, removing beautiful violet lingerie set. the boned corset was decorated with intricate filigree patterns, like icing on a cake. the garters connected to stockings topped with delicate lace designs, and a matching garter completed the ensemble. rubbing her cheek against the cool silky fur, she looks up at you how beautiful! what gown would you prefer me to wear, master?  Ramsay: No gown my dear. That's all you will be wearing tonight. laughs softly, fetching a cigarette and lighting it Hurry up now. I don't have all night and I hate to be late. gives you a chastising look with his pale eyes 
 arya: no...gown... stares at you in confusion for a moment but...realizing that she should not question, she continues of course, i'll be only a few moments quickly, she goes to the dressing table and makes herself ready for you, returning to dress, enjoying the feel of silk and fur against her skin. sliding her feet into matching heels, she is ready 
Ramsay: stands and walks over to you, giving you a glance over and nodding his approval, sliding his hand down between your displayed tits then caressing your bare stomach with his fingertips, before closing your fur coat completely Don't show yourself off just yet my pretty pet. Come... the car is waiting. guides you along with his hand on the small of your back, walking your through the confusion of corridors before heading outside to the stretch black limo as another one of his men holds the door open. A cold wind blowing softly with a dark starry sky overhead, the hour late into the night. arya: as always she is confused as you lead her through the estate. she's nervous, not sure where you're taking her, why she shouldn't wear a gown, what kind of place would this be? your hand on her back soothes her though, and she knows you won't let anyone hurt her. anyone but you... 
Ramsay: sits opposite you in the limo, offering you a glass of bubbling champagne then pouring himself a stronger drink of bourbon as the car rolls out with two men up front and another car following from behind First we're going to meet a business associate of mine that I need to speak with, then I'm taking you to a very special place my pet. A club I enjoy often and I know you will come to love too. smiles as he leans back with an arm spread across the back of his seat 
 arya: yes, i'm sure i will, if you do... answering you carefully, she accepts the champagne flute from you and takes a sip, wiggling her nose a little as the bubbles tickle her this is lovely! and it is. she's never tasted anything but cheap imitation champagne before 
Ramsay: My girl deserves to be spoiled with fine things. smiles softly, just gazing at you intensely with his pale eyes, his finger hitting the button to raise the privacy shield between the front and back of the limo. Your Master is eager for a little entertainment, knowing the drive will be some time Arya... my pet... perform for me. 
arya: surprised, she looks up at you, eyes wide over the rim of her champagne you mean... oh, i see.... placing her glass down in the holder, she slowly unfastens the fur coat, revealing the silk lingerie underneath will you direct me, master? or should i ... do as i like? afraid to proceed, lest she anger you by making a mistake, unknowingly, she can feel her hands shaking 
Ramsay: Play with your tits first. replies, swirling his drink and then taking a sip I knew that color would be amazing against your creamy skin my pet. smiles, the expression softening his coldness and a deep desire starts to smolder in his gaze, covering every inch of your exposed flesh 
arya: nodding, she moves her hands to cup her breasts, rubbing her already hard nipples through the thin silk bra, breathing in deeply, her eyes closing briefly. pushing her full breasts together, her cleavage becoming even more impressive as she does so. suddenly she squeezes hard, digging her fingers into soft flesh hard enough to leave marks, thinking that you would like that. then she pulls the bra cups down to expose her pretty nipples to you, hard little nubs pointing toward you. she cups her breasts in her hands and drags her thumbs lightly over her nipples, making herself gasp do i please you, master? Ramsay: Yes... I like that Arya. replies with a husky voice, setting his empty glass down and adjusting a hardening cock to a more comfortable position in his pants Now lift one of your legs onto the seat my pet. Spread yourself wide and show me those pretty panties getting wet for me. 
arya: complying quickly, she raises her leg, running a hand down the inside of her thigh, fingers traveling to find the tiny scrap of material covering her, she thinks, your pussy... every part of her belongs to you now. she knows she's becoming wet, but is surprised to feel the wetness already seeping through her panties. she lets her fingers gently slide up and down over the wet silk. she wants to slip a finger under the fabric, but she knows that you like her to go slowly for you so she begins to rub her clit, looking at you as she moves her hand 
Ramsay: That's my good girl. You enjoy pleasing me don't you pet? I can see it in your eyes Arya. You're so eager to make that cunt cum for me and me alone. smirks, squeezing himself with a soft groan Mmm... I'm hard as steel for you girl. Perhaps I should fuck you before we get there. Would you like that? 
arya: mmm... oh yes, i want to please you so badly! and... i would always like that... master... rubbing harder, pushing the silk in between her soft folds, she bites her lip as she watches your hand on your cock there is nothing i want more than your cock inside me.... surprising herself with her words, her cheeks flush and her eyes widen a little bit 
Ramsay: Turn around and bend over that seat girl. Now. he growls at you suddenly, flipping the fur coat over your back to expose your lace covered ass and yanks your soaked panties down around your thighs, his hand gripping the back of your head by the hair, shoving you face down sideways and pinning you in place as he works his zipper down with his free hand. Starts smearing the tip of his cock up and down your pink folds, spreading your glistening nectar but never penetrating you You like to tease your Master... such a naughty pet. 
arya: clumsily she turns, frightened by your fierce urgency. pinned under you she waits as you expose her, the air cool on her hot cunt. whimpering, she wiggles her rear as your cock runs up and down her slit, teasing her, her clit screaming to be touched. she aches for you to thrust in hard and deep i don't mean to.... she answers honestly i...i'm so sorry to displease you.... 
Ramsay: Displeased? laughs as he smacks your bare ass hard with stinging slap, then rubs it in, caressing and squeezing your hot flesh hard, parting your cheek wide so he can gaze at your pink puckered hole I love it my pet. dips his fingers into your wet cunt then smears your honey into your asshole, delving inside that tight hole with one finger then another, loosening you up. All the while his cock grazing against your pussy, the hard length sliding back and forth through your folds, but never entering you

arya: please....oh please.... moaning in desperation she knows what you're going to do and she stiffens, fear flooding through her, remembering the last time you entered her this way. she doesn't dare to truly protest though, knowing it won't go well for her 
 Ramsay: You need to relax my pet. Your cunt isn't the only thing I enjoy fucking so you better learn to accept me here too. withdraws his fingers and starts penetrating your ass with the head of his engorged cock, his hands grasping you around the waist, pulling you back slowly to take him in as your cunt still drips with excitement down your inner thighs, soaking your stockings 
arya: trying hard to relax, whimpering as your cock stretches her wide for you. closing her eyes, squeezing them tightly shut so as not to cry. if she ruins her makeup before you arrive at your destination, you'll be angry, she's sure. the pain is intense and she bites her lip hard to try to focus on something else 
Ramsay: Arya... feels you still being difficult and glares, wanting to beat you senseless, his tone of voice clear that he's getting angry. But instead of striking out he grabs one of your hands and shoves it underneath and between your thighs, whispering his command in your ear with a deadly coldness Stroke... 
 arya: i...i'm sorry... hears the anger in your voice and begins to stoke her clit with two fingers i'm t..trying to please ...r..really i am... fingers gliding easily over her sex, she begins to feel the heat building between her legs once again, whimpering again, but at the pleasure starting to mount 
Ramsay: Are you? I don't think you're trying hard enough girl. bangs on the privacy window and its lowers, the two men up front not daring to look back to see what's going on, having heard most of it already Tell Luton and Ben how much you love my cock in your ass then! yanks your head up by the hair, shoving your face through the opening as he fucks you harder, that throbbing length thrusting without mercy, his pelvis pounding against your raised ass arya: she shrieks, sobbing now, tears pouring from her eyes, mascara streaked down her cheeks and lipstick smeared. she screams in pain as you yank her hair so hard and again as you begin to thrust into her harder i do, i do, i do! crying out in terror i love it, master.... i love it so much! her hands scrabbling over the slippery leather seats, neck twisted painfully, unable to see for the tears i'm sorry...i'm sorry...i'm sorry... 
 Ramsay: "Boss we're here." Ben coughs as the car comes to a stop, trying to get Ramsay's attention over your pitiful cries, hoping the boss doesn't strangle you and he leave him stuck dumping your body tonight... Both of you get the fuck out and leave us. I'm not done yet and the Mountain can fucking wait on me! glares with fury as his men exit the car and shut the doors, leaving you all alone with a your furious Master I'm going to make you feel truly sorry later my pet. Mark my words. keeps your face shoved into the seat, groaning as he slams through your tight clenching and yanking you back to take his entire length deep in your ass as he spills his hot seed
 arya: lies limply under you, sobbing, panting, choking on her tears. murmuring off and on that she's sorry, knowing it will do no good. her punishment will be terrible, she can tell you are beyond furious with her 
 Ramsay: Fix your clothes. You're coming inside with me. he spits as he tucks himself away and exists the car, not waiting on you as he walks up the stairs and bangs on the door to another grand estate in the middle of nowhere, speaking to a woman who answers. She's petite, beautiful, with dark hair, curvy, with a full bust and sensual hips highlighted by the fitted dress she wears Get her cleaned up for me Melly. I've got business to discuss with your man and very little patience right now. he turns to give you a dark look Go with Melly and get yourself cleaned up. Be presentable again before I return or you won't live past this night pet. 
 arya: she chokes back another sob and listens as the woman nods, knowingly and directs you. "He's in his office. He's waiting for you" the woman looks you over for a second and then adds, "Make sure he pours you a drink." watching you walk away, the woman turns to her and smiles a little sadly. "It's hard at first. You'll get used to it, love." The sympathy is too much and she covers her mouth to keep from sobbing loudly. the woman looks terribly sad, then she takes her arm and leads her up a sweeping staircase


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