Bolton Rising - Ramsay and Jeyne Part 15 (AU RP 18+)

"That fucking bitch!" Ramsay mutters as he walks into Gregor Clegane's office. A high tech open air gym with the latest equipment on one side and a giant wall of surveillance monitors feeding video from all over the city on the other. No desk. No chair. Ramsay's top muscle and enforcer nicknamed The Mountain pumping huge weights on a bench press as obscenely heavy metal music plays over the speakers. The Bastard glares with deadly pale eyes at the sound system as it does little to drown out the giant man's deep throated grunts of exertion.

"Don't fucking stab that again Ramsay. I just replaced the last one you ruined." Gregor slams his weights down and sits up, his mass of muscles glistening with sweat and rippling as he flexes, toweling off some of the perspiration as he returns his boss's dark look.

"Like I fucking care. You're always listening to that shit when I need to talk to you." Ramsay stalks to the bar, slamming a glass down and pouring himself a strong drink, then slamming the bottle back into its holder. Lights a smoke, taking a long drag as he leans back against the bar.

"What the hell got you so vexed?" The Mountain raises a brow, reaching the bar himself in half the amount of steps and popping open a cold water bottle, sucking the liquid down in massive gulps, before continuing. "You were running late. I hate to be kept waiting Bastard."

"Whatever. My new girl didn't want me fucking her up ass in the car, so I didn't get to enjoy my ride over here." Replies with a casual tone, blowing out a puff of smoke.  "I told you to move closer to the damn city Clegane."

"Melly likes it out here. It makes her happy. So we're staying. End of conversation."

"How cute. Love birds." Ramsay laughs, ignoring the Mountain's darkening look. "When are you knocking her up and breeding me some more hired thugs?"

"Watch it Bastard. I can easily snap your neck, before you ever get that fucking girlie blade out and you know it."

"Well I don't really want to find out who's got the bigger dick tonight Clegane." Smirks, snuffing out his spent cigarette. "I know I got the bigger set of balls though."

The Mountain gives his boss a look then breaks out into a deep rumble of a laugh. "You're the only one who would dare to speak to me like this and still have that damn swagger of yours that you're going to stay alive."

"Now you're just making me blush." Ramsay replies, wandering over to the video feeds and looking into Petyr Baelish's club, seeing his pretty little bird singing up on stage again with her ugly faced dog near by. "Still keeping tabs on that brother of yours I see. Should I send him your regards next time I stop by?"

"Heh, only if you want to get your hand bitten Bastard." Gregor shrugs, tossing his soaked towel and slipping a shirt over his head. "I've been keeping tabs on the girl like you asked me too. You still want me to fetch her for you? Your new one doesn't seem to be working out."

"Hmm… no. Leave the little bird in her cage for now. She's not going anywhere." Replies, glancing over the other video screens with interest. "My girl just needs to be taught some more lessons. She has potential, like Melly, before she escaped me. Such a clever thing." Ramsay smirks as Gregor comes closer to stand by his boss.

"Don't fucking start in with that Bastard. You know I don't like to hear the details of what happened to my wife. You got a damn death wish tonight or what?" Gregor balls his hands into tight fists, before relaxing them again. "I'm heading out tomorrow night to go deal with that mess downtown and the shipping yard. You want me to give them a warning or just clean it all up?"

"I'll let you make the call on that Clegane. But I don't like their stupid attempt to con me out of money. Make them bleed one way or another." Ramsay grins up at the Mountain. "Oh… and bring me Reek if you find him. Our little prince has run off again."

"I wish you would let me kill that creature of yours. It smells worse then death and it soiled my damn car seat the last time I dragged it in."

"I always pay you for any damage he does. So quit bitching and bring him to me." Ramsay replies with a clipped angered tone, walking out as the Mountain follows him out. "Time for me to collect my bitch and head to the Dreadfort. Why don't you come along and bring Melly for once?"

"I don't need whips and chains to excite me Bastard. A pair of great tits and a nice ass is all I need." Gregor grunts just as they arrive in the main entryway and see Melly and Arya coming down the stairs.

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