Ramsay and Jeyne Part 5 (AU RP 18+)

 ♦ This AU RP/FanFic may contain content that could be disturbing to some readers. Click here for more information. ♦

Ramsaysits and watches as one of his men brings you to him, crawling on all fours like a bitch, naked with a tight collar around your pretty neck and a long chain leash pulling you along That's good enough. Leave her and go. I don't want to be disturbed for anything else for the rest of the night. sets his drink down as the man nods and exits without a word, locking and shutting the door behind him Hello my dear...

Arya: crawls into the room shivering with tears brimming in her eyes. stripped naked by the big guard, he'd laughed as he fastened the leash onto her collar. “your master wants his pet” he'd said, pushing her to all fours and dragging her along behind him. now she raises her eyes to look at you, completely humiliated, not sure if you want her to answer you ...h...hello... master... she whispers in a shaky voice, trying to fight back the tears

Ramsay: Why so frightened my pet? Has someone harmed you on your nice little walk over here? smirks as he paces around you, inspecting your body Tell me who and I'll have him gutted right before your eyes.

Arya: h...harmed me? she thinks carefully, her humiliation would not seem like harm to you, she knows. she cast her eyes down no one has harmed me...the guard...he frightens me... she waits as you circle her like a panther inspecting his next meal, graceful, predatory...dangerous

Ramsaylaughs you should fear him. He wouldn't be a very good guard otherwise, but he knows not to touch MY things. grabs you by the chin and forces your head up, catching your eyes in his hard piercing stare Especially my toys... grins, caressing your trembling bottom lip with his thumb, slowly... sensually... before pushing his finger into your mouth Suck girl...

Arya: she doesn't hesitate, but begins to suck on the tip of your thumb, looking up into your eyes as she does so and knowing you can see her fear there. she slides her lips forward, pulling more of your thumb into her mouth, knowing instinctively what you're expecting, she rubs your thumb with her tongue, watching your face as sucks in a slow sensual rhythm

Ramsay: Mmm... my Arya... closes his pale eyes, savoring the sinful sensation of your lips and tongue Tonight you're going to cum while sucking on my cock. But first, I want to watch you play with that pretty pink cunt. grins as he looks back down at you, pulling his hand away and grabbing onto the leash Turn around pet, head down to the floor and ass in the air. Show me how wet you get.

Arya:  she turns on her hands & knees. pressing her cheek to the floor, shifting a little, lifting her ass higher, spreading her thighs wider to present herself to you. she can feel her cheeks burning because she is already wet, she could feel herself becoming aroused as she sucked on your thumb. the thought of this was excruciating, she was shocked at her reactions to you. she knew it was wrong to become aroused this way

Ramsay: You're already dripping? Interesting... whispers with a heated note to his voice, noting the trail of excitement beginning to trickle onto your thighs, never having a girl as responsive as you You may begin Arya. He orders as he steps away to reclaim his seat, swirling his dark wine and drinking quietly as he watches you perform for his pleasure

Arya: she can feel her hand shaking as she moves it slowly between her legs. sliding a finger between her parted lips, she feels her wetness as it glides easily over her sensitive pink nub. she sucks in her breath as she begins to circle her clit, her blush intensifies as she thinks of you watching her. adding a second finger, slides her fingers upwards, dipping into her entrance, her fingers coated in her nectar, she returns to her clit, rubbing and teasing. she lets out a small moan as the pleasure begins to build

Ramsay: Louder my pet... I want to hear you. sets his drink down, steepling his fingers and watching you closely. his pale eyes raking your nude body, radiating his lust Fuck yourself girl or shall I come over there and motivate you with a lashing with your own leash?

Arya:  mmm... she lets out a loud moan as she slides her fingers over her clit and up, thrusting them into her wet heat up to her knuckles. she holds still for a moment before withdrawing, dragging her fingers up over her clit and then thrusting back inside, this time as deep as she can go. whimpering she pulls out and begins to fuck herself harder, her hand moving faster, breathing harder, moans echoing throughout the room

Ramsay: Perfect my pet... praises you with tenderness, enjoying the sight of you quivering so close to release, your fingers soaked in your own juices But that's enough now. Stop and come to me. I have a treat for you. smirks with amusement, relaxing back into his seat, legs spread wide, inviting you close to him

Arya: no!  she doesn't want to stop, but she's afraid to anger you.  in a haze she withdraws her fingers slowly, shakily she turns and crawls to you on hands and knees, quivering arms and legs barely able to support her. she stops in front of you, looking up at you to ask for permission to rise to her knees

Ramsayreaches for the leash, fisting it around his hand and yanks you hard up to kneel before him You hesitated when I told you to stop pet. glares with a dark look Learn this my Arya. That cunt belongs to me. And you won't ever be allowed to cum unless I will it. Do you understand me?

Arya: i...yes...master...her shaking with pleasure turns to shaking with fear at the look in your pale eyes i'm sorry...i was....w..won't do it again....i understand...

Ramsay: I hope not my dear. You won't like me very much when I'm truly angry. smirks, his hate filled look vanishing with the next blink of his pale eyes Come now... I want that lovely mouth of yours on my cock. Don't you hunger for it too? teases, pulling your face closer to his pelvis Unzip me with your teeth. Put your hands behind your back pet.

Arya: afraid as much of your ability to be so calm one moment and so angry the next, as she is of your words, she nods her head, answering you yes...i do... master... linking her fingers behind her back, she leans forward, moving her head between your legs, pushing her face in close to find your zipper. she is once again embarrassed, but this time she does not hesitate to follow your command, lifting the zipper pull with her lips, she takes it between her teeth and works it down a little at a time. she can tell your cock is hard and straining to escape it's confines. this terrifies and excites her and she tries hard to clear her mind of such thoughts

Ramsaysighs softly as his thick erection springs out. the tall column of engorged flesh is throbbing in the air, veins filled with hot vital blood and the wide head sensitive to any touch, pre-cum already weeping from the tiny slit on top See my pet... I enjoyed your show very, very much. grins as his fisted hand opens to grab you by the back of the head, a chunk of your soft hair wrapped tightly around his fingers. He pushes your mouth down over the head of his cock, smearing your closed lips with his salty tip Open... let me inside.

Arya: she opens for you, savoring your taste as she slides her lips around your thickness. Needing no urging, now, the flavor of your seed on her tongue flips a switch inside her and she suddenly wants more. she begins to suck, sliding her tongue over your head, feeling the silkiness of your skin and the way your hand tightens in her hair. she keeps her eyes open wide, turned up to meet yours... you never told her she could look away and she is fascinated by your face, the way it relaxes a little, the way your eyes soften ever so slightly as you watch her work. she works you in deeper, sliding her lips down your shaft, your girth stretching her mouth wide around you as her tongue moves up and down your length
Ramsay: Fuck... groans with a deep rumble from his chest My bitch is so eager to please tonight. feels himself throbbing with pleasure and swelling even more against your wet tongue, your cool salvia bathing his hot cock and wetting his aching balls Deeper girl... choke on me. Let me all the way down that pretty, hungry throat of yours.

Arya: mmm.... she moans around you, unable to control her throbbing clit, the aching need she has for you to fill her, her hunger for your seed deep in her throat, she no longer knows herself. rearing forward she pushes you deep into her throat, your cock filling her mouth, hitting her deeply. she gags and pulls back, then pushes forward again. choking herself on you, she finds herself able to keep you deep longer with each push. her eyes water and her desire for you causes sweet nectar to run down her thighs

Ramsay: My pretty... pretty pet... whispers, his chest rising and falling as his own pleasure mounts, shoving your head down and pinning it hard, suffocating you on this thick cock for a moment before letting you gasp for breath Touch yourself now...orders before pushing your head back down, his hand forceful and in command, controlling your ability to breathe for air

Arya: she gasps and sucks in deep breaths as you release your pressure, jamming her fingers into her hot cunt and fucking herself hard, barely slowing when you push her down again. tightening her lips around your cock, feeling faint as her fingers thrust in and out, she moans around you again, louder this time, her climax building fast. pleasure increasing as you deprive her of air, she cums with a rush, soaking her fingers, whimpering as you forcefully push her head down hard again. she slowly rubs her clit as her climax rolls on and on

Ramsaygroans loudly as he holds you in place and shoots his heavy load down your throat, the hot seed squirting out in thick ropes as his body trembles with the pleasure of such a hard release. slowly pulling your mouth away, catching your glazed over eyes with his own pale ones, a hint of a smile upon his sinfully handsome face You're such a good girl for me Arya. I don't imagine myself ever letting you go.

Arya: she swallows greedily, taking all of the gift you offer her, as you pull her back she licks her lips. gazing into your eyes, for a moment she smiles softly at you, proud of herself, pleased that she pleases you so greatly, secure in her position. suddenly she remembers that she is your prisoner, that she wants to go home, she is not supposed to want you! her smile wavers and she says softly thank you, i want you to be happy....master.

Ramsay: Hmm... only time will tell how loyal of a bitch you truly will be Arya. Just know I get bored of my toys easily if they don't amuse me. tucks himself back into his pants and stands up, shoving you out of his way with his boot I think it’s time for your bath pet. Let's get that dirty mouth and cunt clean. Yes? yanks on your leash, wanting you to crawl in front of him on all fours like a dog towards the bathroom

Arya: yes, master... she answers, her stomach fluttering as she imagines what he does with the girls he tires of... knocked off her knees as you rise, she struggles to right herself and crawl ahead of you, feeling your stare on her as she moves ahead. she is shaky and unsteady still, but the rug is soft beneath her hands and knees, at least she looks back over her shoulder at you for approval as she crawls, trying to give you a small smile, wanting very much to be good for you*

Ramsaylicks his lips at the sight of you, those pussy lips vibrant pink and glistening, your inner thighs wet with trails of nectar from orgasming and your sweet ass swaying back and forth as you crawl, unknowingly begging for a good hard mounting Before this night is through girl I think I'm going to fuck that ass and make you scream for me. smirks when you look back at him, striking your bare backside with the end of the leash, leaving a hot red welt right across both ass cheeks Move faster.

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