Ramsay and Jeyne Part 6 (AU RP 18+)

 ♦ This AU RP/FanFic may contain content that could be disturbing to some readers. Click here for more information. ♦
Arya: she cries out at the sting of the leash and does as you say, moving faster, trying not to anger you. she worries constantly, that she will misread you, that she will anger you … you're so unpredictable... she reaches the bathroom door and crawls through, feeling the cold hard tile against her warm skin

Ramsaysteps around you, his boots clicking on the floor and turns on the taps of the old fashioned but beautiful antique clawed tub. he pours some scented oils in before he unclips your leash and collar, then moves to stand by the wall, arms crossed over his chest. the leash hangs from his hand, ready to deal out another whipping at any sign of disobedience. His entire posture and attitude casting an authoritative mood over the room. Get in and bathe. I'll be watching every detail. I make sure my pets are always properly groomed.

Arya: she climbs into the tub willingly, sinking into the hot water, sighing as she settles in. smiling a little without realizing she's doing so, leaning back to dip her hair under water, her breasts jutting forward as she arches her back, then slides back upwards. She picks up the lavender scented soap and begins to carefully bathe, her arms, looking over at you to try to gauge your expression

Ramsayhis is expression blank, but those pale eyes wander over your tits, the gaze almost clinical, noting the way the nipples harden and peak up from the waterline. He moves forward to the foot of the tub, shutting the water off and peering down at you Now lean back and hook your legs over the sides of the tub. I want to see that cunt spread wide open as you wash it for me.

Arya: yes, master... she answers, noting your serious expression, she slides down a little bit, raising her legs and letting them dangle over the rim of the tub. She picks up the slippery soap again and dipping her hand under the water, begins to run the bar over her still sensitive sex. sliding it between her still swollen lips she gasps as it touches her pretty pink nub, sending a shock through her pelvis, still sensitive and a little sore from the hard fingering she'd given herself only moments before

Ramsaysmirks slowly, watching you enjoy yourself once again, always stoking his voyeuristic appetite more then you mean too. Following his orders, but going beyond what even he asks for. He can tell you’re the perfect sub for his own dominant nature Clean inside that sweet little hole pet. he drops the leash and collar to the floor, and starts to undress himself. unbuttoning his shirt, he tosses it away to reveal his defined chest

Arya: breathes deeply, pushing the corner of the bar of soap inside of her as far as she can moving it back and forth bringing her other hand to pull her pussy open wider, letting the soap slip from her grip and using her fingers to rub herself clean, pushing her fingers into her opening, washing, and unintentionally stimulating herself further, turning her head to the side to watch you as you undress, unable to help recognizing your beauty once again

Ramsaykicks his boots off and slips out of his pants, then steps into the tub, his half-hard cock disappearing under the soapy water as he sits down, beckoning you over with the crooking of his index finger Come here pet and bathe your Master.

Arya: coming to kneel between your legs, she looks at you as she fishes for the soap and begins to slide it over your chest, following the bar with her hand, working up a lather. feeling your sculpted chest under her fingers, rubbing you gently, carefully, she fights the urge to lean forward and follow her hand with her lips, she must not want this...

Ramsay: Do you enjoy a good bath pet? It’s one of my secret indulgences. teases darkly, cupping one of your offered breasts and squeezing the soft flesh in his hand, trapping the hard pink nipple between his forefinger and thumb, tweaking it hard to make your gasp Wash me lower girl. You dirtied up my cock with your eager hungry mouth earlier.

Arya: ahhh... she gasps and nods, moving her hand lower, bringing the soap down along your flat stomach, lathering your pelvis, rubbing your cock with the soap, then with her hand as the soap floats away, her other hand moving to her cunt as she begins to rub her throbbing clit in rhythm with you

Ramsaysees what you're doing and grabs you by the hair Naughty girl... yanks your head painfully backwards, slapping you hard across the face Did I tell you to touch yourself, greedy slut?! He shoves you, flipping you around, pinning you against the tub's side and starts to smack your ass with punishing blows of his hand, splashing the water over the edge with the violent sudden beating

Arya: no...no...I didn't mean to! her heart skips in fear and she cries out as your hand hits her cheek so hard, the breath is knocked out of her as you throw her against the side of the tub and she shrieks when you slap her wet skin again and again please....I’m sorry...please... master! she begs you

Ramsay: You have no idea what it truly means to be sorry bitch. leaves your ass burning in flames from his attack, grabbing the bottle of bathing oil and pouring it down the crack of your ass, before he spreads your reddened cheeks wide and thrusts his fingers inside that puckered entrance, spreading the tight opening with rough strokes I bet an insolent girl like you has never had a man fuck her ass before. But you'll learn now my pet. Everything of you belongs to me.

Arya: no...NO! she tries to pull away from you but she is unable to find purchase on the slippery porcelain surface of the tub. bucking and kicking under you, she tries desperately to wriggle free, you're so angry, you'll surely kill her but she can't let this happen...

Ramsaylaughs at your struggling, yanking you back by the hips and thrusting his hard cock like a spear into your ass, the oil slicking that thick steel rod as he penetrates, groaning at the virgin tightness he finds Oh yes... you never had this before... I can tell. pulls you completely away from the edge so you fall back onto all fours and shoves your face under the water, holding you down as he fucks you roughly, before tugging your head back up by the hair Keep struggling girl and I will drown you in this tub while I cum deep inside you

Arya: she screams at your penetration, the pain of your entry searing through her body, sobbing now, she stiffens as you hold deep inside her no, no! she cries out as you slam her onto all fours and it dawns on her what you're about to do. not ready, she swallows water, choking and sputtering when you pull her up for air, gasping please... knowing she is truly pleading for her life, gulping huge lungfuls of air, waiting for you to push her under again

Ramsay: please what my pet? holds your head hovering over the water, his cock rammed balls deep inside your tight ass, that thickness throbbing with desire inside you, connecting you together with a living dangerous beast. Your life nothing to him but a slave to be taken and fucked at his will. answer me! growls against your ear, thrusting deeper

Arya: please...I’m sorry...I’ll be good... she heaves a huge choking sob as the situation truly comes clear to her and she goes limp in your grip, understanding there is no possible way to survive this, unless she complies to your will in every way please, I want to stay with you....I’ll do whatever you say....please....

Ramsaypushes you off of him with a dark look, his hard cock slipping from your punished ass, leaving that pink hole gapping open and moving to sit back down again Come here now and straddle me. leans back, arms stretched out over the tub's edge in a relaxed masculine posture, issuing his orders like a King You will take my cock with your own hands and take me again. Ride me like you mean it girl. And it better be damn good if you want to stay alive after tonight. If you don’t, I’ll find myself a new pet.

Arya: moves to straddle you as quick as she can, the water in the tub sloshing as she hurries to do as you command I...I want to...I mean it, master...I do... reaching down, she wraps her fingers around your thick shaft, positioning you at her opening and lowering herself slowly onto you, running her hands up your chest and grasping you by the shoulders as she begins to roll her hips, staring into your terrifying eyes, she groans as she feels herself stretching to accommodate your girth

RamsayHe reaches for the faucet handles and turns the hot tap on, refilling and heating up the tub as he groans softly from your movements, enjoying the clenching of your ass around his embedded cock. He reaches down with both hands to grasp and squeeze your punished ass cheeks, showing you exactly the pace he enjoys best. Lifting you all the way up till the tip of his dick is hovering out of your precious hole and then slowly slipping you back down, letting you feel every inch of his engorged length claim you Mmm... that's how to please me pet.

Arya: tears or fear and pain roll down her cheeks as she moves along with your rhythm, she tightens her grip on your shoulders I want to... please you....tell me what you want and I’ll do anything...I want to be with you... she stares into your eyes, leaning forward, fighting the urge to kiss your lower lip

Ramsay: Forever and ever my pretty slut? Just like those Hallmark cards promise, my little Princess in the tower? He teases darkly, before he silences you with his lips, crushing his mouth against yours, kissing and twirling his tongue with a fierce passion inside your mouth, taking your breath inside his own lungs. His arms coming around to hold you into a tight embrace, his masculine frame shuddering against you as he finally finds release, the hot seed pumping forth to fill you up.

Arya: she kisses you back deeply fiercely, sharing your breath, threading her arms around your neck, little whimpering noises coming from deep in her throat, she feels your cock pumping your seed into her, marking her as yours...she is yours now. she doesn't want to die, she knows there is no escape, so she must truly be yours in all ways. she kisses you more urgently still, she needs you to know that she's sorry, that she will be good and sweet and never disobey you. she kisses you as though her life depends on it. because it does…

Ramsaypulls away from your needy kiss with a smirk, trailing his tongue over your bottom lip and down your chin, kissing your slender neck with hard nipping bites before finally leaving your skin unmolested Now you're acting like a true pet Arya... You'll come to crave my attentions. My touch. Perhaps even my love. smiles softly, before lifting you off him and getting out of the tub, wrapping a towel around his waist I have to go out and attend to some business. Finish up in here and then return to the bedroom. You'll find a walk-in closet filled with clothing, shoes and jewelry of my choosing for you. You will want for nothing Arya. He leans down to steal another kiss Be good while I'm away pet. leaving you in the tub, he dresses himself in the Master bedroom, before the door opens and shuts, locking you in

Arya: she sits in the tub, listening to you as you get ready and leave her behind. she cries softly as she finishes bathing, washing her hair and wrapping her hair in a towel, slipping into a soft white robe she finds folded on a side table. her thoughts are on you and her situation, she knows now she must come to accept this. there is no other way to stay alive. she enters the master bedroom and opens the doors to the walk- in closet. gasping, she looks around her at the endless rows of dresses, gowns, shoes and even more casual clothes. she pulls open drawers to find the most beautiful lingerie in every colour and style she could imagine. she thinks that it is night, although she isn't sure, so she chooses a soft pink silk negligee and matching robe. sitting down at the dressing table she finds a bottle of perfume in the scent she loves, cosmetics in colours that suit her, nail polish in a rainbow of colours. the book shelves in the room contain books on all manner of subjects. There are magazines in a variety of topics, a video game console with a wide array of games which have never been opened. She finds a brand new iPod, filled with every genre of music imaginable. There is a new laptop, with an internet connection that asks her for a passcode. Another cabinet is full of blu-ray movies, still in their packaging.

not knowing what to do, she sits back down at the dressing table and brushes out her long dark hair and applies perfume to her neck and wrists. Then she rises and moves to the big bed, climbing on top of the duvet and curling into a fetal position, thinking and waiting


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