Ramsay and Jeyne Part 7 (AU RP 18+)

 ♦ This AU RP/FanFic may contain content that could be disturbing to some readers. Click here for more information. ♦Arya: she woke suddenly when she heard the key turning in the lock. her heart skipped a beat as she sat up in the big bed and looked toward the door. however, when it opened, she was disappointed to see that it was the big guard. he was carrying several large boxes. the master wants his pet to get dressed and make herself beautiful he smirked, looking her up and down, his gaze lingering just a little too long for her comfort as he dropped the boxes in a heap on the bed. get dressed in these things. i'll be back for you in an hour he leered at her a moment more before turning and leaving. she heard the door lock behind him. kneeling on the bed, she opened the largest box. inside she found a long red gown in a low cut halter style with diamond shaped cut-outs at the sides of the waist. the bodice and low cut back were trimmed with clear crystals studded with red. another, small box held strappy open toed heels decorated with the same crystals. the smallest box contained a diamond cuff bracelet and matching teardrop earrings. under the jewellery was a handwritten note: garters and stockings, no panties please. it read. the note was not signed. hurrying, she rushed to the closet to find the proper lingerie, no panties, and no bra, just black stockings and garters. she dressed carefully, but hurriedly. she sat at the dressing table and curled the ends of her hair, pushing it back on one side like Veronica Lake...the dress called for glamour, she knew. She applied a little bit of makeup, a touch of red lipstick, and dabbed on her fragrance. strapping on the shoes, she moved to look at herself in the full length mirror and she gasped. it wasn't her own reflection she saw there, but some other, more glamorous woman. the dress was too revealing, showed her curves, her cleavage, she felt naked and exposed... and beautiful. just then the key turned in the lock and the door opened
  Ramsay: sits in his private booth at the club own by his silent partner, Petyr Baelish. his pale eyes lingering over the pretty redhead singing up on the stage, undressing her with his gaze, smirking as the tall, angry bodyguard in the shadows casts him a dark look I'm just looking dog! laughs over the loud music, before ordering another refill of his vodka tonic, catching sight of you as you finally arrive, escorted by one of his men My my... whispers, licking his lips, pleased with himself at your  transformation from a beauty into such a stunning piece of art 
 Arya: stands nervously in the entryway, scanning the room as the big guard grips her arm a little too tightly. she doesn't see you at first, but she feels your eyes on her and knows you're there. suddenly her gaze finds yours and a shiver runs down her spine, your cold eyes scanning her up and down, then returning to her face, meeting her eyes. you smile at her, and your look is filled with danger. she feels a tingling between her thighs. just then the guard notices you too, and begins to move her in your direction. she can't take her eyes off yours as she crosses the room to you
 Ramsay: rises from the booth to greet you Mmm... you look delicious enough to eat right on this table my dear Arya. Perhaps I will later. smirks, before turning to his man. go tell that fucking dog if he doesn't quit snarling at me, I'll undo all that pretty surgery he's had done. glares over at the guard by the stage "Yes Sir. Don't worry. I'll deal with the Hound. Enjoy your evening." 
 Arya: glances in the direction of the big man who you indicated and notices his impressive bearing. wonders who he is and why he's glaring at you h..hello mas...she looks around and remembers the public setting ramsay... she whispers and leans in to accept your offered kiss, then slides into the booth before you, responding to your gesture is that what i should say? i don't want to do anything wrong... she realizes her hands are shaking as she places her tiny black clutch on the table 
 Ramsay: Yes my sweet girl. Ramsay is correct when we're in public. You're becoming such a good pet. chuckles and sits down next to you, placing a hand over yours and pulling it under the table to rest in his lap Would you like a drink? 
 Arya: oh..thank you...yes, if you think i should have one...looks at you nervously, her stomach fluttering as you take her hand this is a lovely place...i...don't know where we are.... 
Ramsay: This is the Mockingbird Club. Its owned by Petyr Baelish, a close business partner of mine. smiles at some inner joke with his explanation, ordering you a gin martini with 2 olives, iced cold That singing bird up on stage is his sweet pet Alayne. He likes to think he's better than me. But he keeps her locked in his own sort of cage all the same, just like I do my toys. laughs, pointing back towards the guard And that's his mutt of a bodyguard. Sandor Clegane. He watches over that pretty thing when Petyr is away. Just like my men do you. So see Arya, your situation is not so odd. smiles again, sliding an arm around your slim waist and pulling you closer to him 
 Arya: is...is that man...Clegane...angry with you? he looks terribly angry... she moves closer to you willingly, suddenly feeling panicked to be out like this... so many people...she wants to be back in the bedroom behind the locked door. she thinks of trying to run, but your man stands sentinal by the exit and the big angry man is near the stage door, the only other way out. she can feel herself shaking. she's grateful for the drink you ordered for her, but her hand shakes so much that it sloshes over the rim as she tries to lift it oh, i'm sorry! tears prickle in her eyes and she dabs at the tablecloth with a napkin 
 Ramsay: He's always got that ugly sneer on his face when I'm around. He knows what my tastes are with women. And who can't help but look up at such a tasty treat when its presented on stage, begging to be consumed. frowns slightly at your nervousness Leave it. Come. I want to dance with you. rises and pulls you from the booth with him, leading you with a firm hand to the small of your bare back to the dance floor as the pretty redheaded singer begins to sing a slow sultry song  
 Arya: follows you closely, moving into your arms as you open them to her, feeling your arm around her waist makes her more secure, she presses into you and moves her hand to your shoulder as you take her other hand in yours i'm sorry to be so clumsy...i'm not used to places like this.... she looks up at you, wide brown eyes taking in your handsome face, beginning to move with you to the music. she feels so clumsy, you move so effortlessly, the way you seem to do evertyhing 
 Ramsay: Relax and follow my lead pet. Just like everywhere else, it's all just a game of falsehoods here. he slides his hand down possessively over the curve of your ass, pulling your hips into his, letting you feel his desire Its only when we strip away everything. Skin to skin. When you look into their eyes and reap their soul. Do you truly know someone. smirks, gazing down into your brown doe like eyes with his penetrating look... pale, hard and cold set in deceivingly handsome face  Arya: she moves with you more easily now, as she can only stare into your eyes, looking up at you, she wonders if you're hypnotizing her, as her hand moves from your shoulder to touch your cheek so lightly you might not have realised had you been looking away. she should not want to be near you, and yet she wants to kiss you. fighting the urge, but unable to break your spell, she cups your cheek in her small hand do you know me? she whispers, hoping you do, because in this moment, she truly believes that even she doesn't know who she is any more 
Ramsay: I do. You're mine... My girl. My pet. No one will ever touch you again but me. pulls your hand away, uncomfortable with such tender affections but kisses your fingertips, watching you transforming as your mind submits and you give yet more of yourself to him  Mmm... I think I can still taste you on these. smirks, letting your hand slip from his grasp Dance for me Arya... leaves you all alone, sitting back down and watching with a drink in his hand 
Arya: wait... she panics as you walk away from her...she doesn't know what to do... please don't leave me! she stands looking at you and sees you give her a little nod. she knows she needs to do what you ask of her so she tries to move her frozen limbs, tries to sway the way you showed her, she tries to hear the music and closes her eyes for a moment. feeling your gaze, losing herself, she dances for you and you alone. she doesn't know if it's right or wrong, but you're smiling at her and all she can see is you. so she moves slowly, sensually, and she smiles a little bit for you 
 Ramsay: drinks. his pale eyes look over the rim of his glass at you, soaking up every detail and movement of your curves, the way your hips sway, the tightness of the dress over your firm ass and the bounce of your full breasts as you lose yourself to the music. you're not noticing all the other male attention you're drawing. Suddenly he's by your side again, grabbing you by the arm and yanking you off the floor. Dragging you through the crowd of onlookers without a care and hauling you to the back rooms of the club, passing room after room of people drinking, dancing and fucking in private suites. He tosses you inside one of the private bathrooms and slams the door shut, locking it. His anger radiating from him tension filled frame without even a word passing his hard pressed lips

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