Ramsay and Jeyne Part 8 (AU RP 18+)

♦ This AU RP/FanFic may contain content that could be disturbing to some readers. Click here for more information. ♦

Arya: she gasps as you twist her arm hard, pulling her out of the moment and back to reality ramsay? please...i'm sorry... she stumbles after you, everything a blur as she struggles to keep up with you. she nearly falls into the bathroom, her arm hitting the sink painfully as she tries to stop her descent. she half turns, cowering before you, your rage filling the room like a palpable force 
Ramsay: sees you frozen with fear and flips out a shining sharp switchblade. he comes for you, grabbing you by the hair and shoving you face first against the cold tile wall, pinning you there with brutal strength, whispering in your ear with a low deadly tone I told you to dance for me pet, not every dick in the club... you filthy slut! slides the dangerous blade up the slit in your dress, the coldness pressed against your skin before the razor edge starts slicing the fabric from your body with precision 
Arya: i wasn't...it was for you... all for you...please! shaking so hard her teeth chatter, the tile wall cold against her skin. tears are rolling down her cheeks and she can feel the blade moving along her skin ra...master...i couldn't see anyone but you, please you're the only man i danced for, tonight...or ever... 
Ramsay: Prove it. Bitch... glares into your eyes as he turns you around to face him, cutting the straps of your dress off with easy flicks of his wrist, smirking as the entire gown slips from your body to pool around your sexy heels On your knees. 
Arya: she drops quickly to her knees, clad only in garters, stockings and heels. part of her mind is panicked... my dress, how will i get home? as you unzip your trousers, it dawns on her that she may not live long enough for you to take her home. terrified, she reaches out, taking your already erect cock gently in her hand and freeing you. waiting, for permission to proceed, she turns her tear stained face up toward you. the fury in your eyes makes her blood run cold 
 Ramsay: smiles down at you with a predator's gaze, cupping your lovely face with a hand and stroking your soft wet cheek with his thumb Make the most use of that tongue of yours girl or I will cut it out and feed it to you. Make me forget what I saw tonight. 
Arya: kisses the head of your cock softly, gently, caressing the smooth skin with her lips. licking her lips with the tip of her tongue, she can taste you and she feels a ball of heat deep inside of her begin to grow. closing her eyes, she works the head of your cock with her lips, taking it into her mouth, sucking on you, making love to you very gently. she slides her tongue underneath and begins to massage at the base of your head, still sucking. as she worships you with her mouth. she wraps her fingers around your length and begins to massage up and down your underside with her thumbs. the ball of heat inside of her growing, she whimpers a little, opening her eyes and looking up into yours 
 Ramsay: You enjoy sucking on my cock... you're doing well pet... take me deeper now. groans softly, caressing his fingers through your pretty hair and fisting a handful to hold onto you. Pushing his throbbing hardness further into your hot wet mouth, keeping his pale eyes locked with yours. A silent connection of ownership between Master and pet. Demanding a need without expressing any words. 
Arya: looking up at you, feeling your need, she would not have been able to deny you anything in that moment. fear was replaced by a connection, a release, which she didn't understand. she moved her head smoothly forward, sliding her lips down your shaft, taking you as deep as she was able, her lips distended as she moves closer to your base, your thickness stretching her mouth around you. she pulls back, sucking as she does so, until only your head is between her lips. never breaking eye contact now, she repeats this for you, watching the muscles in your face slacken, feeling your fist tighten in her hair with every repetition. cupping your balls in her left hand, she massages as she works her mouth up and down your length 
 Ramsay: Mmm... you fucking little bitch. groans deeply, his cock pulsing against your lips and tongue, swelling to an even heavier thickness, before he pulls away from your suckling embrace. Strands of saliva drip off his cock and coat your chin. The sight pleases him. Up my pet and bend over the sink. yanks you hard by the hair and pushes you forward, smirking as you stumble and coming up behind you to kick your legs uncomfortably wide, his hand slipping under to cup your heat, his finger teasing the part between your lips. Do you want to be mounted and fucked? Beg me to shove my dick in this dirty hole of yours. 
Arya: yes, yes, yes...please fuck me...master... she begs you, all her inhibitions are gone and she only knows she needs you to fill her and make her whole. she thrusts her naked ass at you further still, like a bitch in heat presenting herself to her mate, glistening and ready, desperate for you please, i need you....fuck me, i want you so badly...please, master.... 
 Ramsay: smacks your offered ass with a sharp blow, pausing to admire the red hand print he's left behind, then grabs you by the hips, thrusting his cock into your cunt with force, seating himself deep inside that clenching tightness Look at you... look! slides a hand up your bare back, pulling your head up by the hair so you can see yourself in the mirror as he fucks you like a dog, your mouth open wide, panting for breath, your exposed tits, hanging like juicy hard nippled udders, swaying to and fro with his violent motions 
 Arya: ahhh...yes.... she looks and sees a girl she doesn't know, this wild creature, ruby lipstick smudged, mascara streaked down her tear stained cheeks, base and shameless, loving this, she can't get enough of you... yes.... she pants as you ram into her wet cunt over and over again fuck me....please.... she doesn't know who she is any more. she no longer cares. all she knows is in this moment you are her whole world  Ramsay: pulls out and turns you back around to face him, his skilled hands sliding back to your firm ass and hoisting you up onto the sink, his pelvis slipping between your spread thighs and ramming his cock back inside you. Long penetrating upward strokes, flesh slapping flesh, staring into your eyes the whole time he's claiming you. My pet... you're mine. No one will ever make you cum with just a look like I can. I'm going to have you aching for me day and night for the rest of your days. crushes his lips against yours, biting and making you bleed, smearing the salty fluid with his passionate assault. his tongue spreads the metallic taste over yours as he groans and finds release, pumping his hips balls deep, his hot load filling you up. 
 Arya: only you... she whispers, knowing that that moment it is true, even if she should escape from you, no one would ever own her like this because she will always belong to you. she could never achieve this intensity of feeling without you. she is truly yours for as long as she lives. only you... ever.... her climax begins as you claim her lips with yours, the pain of your teeth sinking into her delicate flesh heightening her pleasure, she cums so hard and so deep, her vision blurs and there is only the sensation of her orgasm, the feel of you deep inside of her, the touch of your skin pressing against hers. she is lost in you 
 Ramsay: sucks on your bottom lip as he pulls away, smiling as his seed drips from your pounded cunt, your whole being completely ravished as you lean there, draped over the edge of the sink, looking at him like a lost little doe. he is your only comfort Come Arya. Its time to go home. tucks and fixes his own appearance first, then opens a small closet off to the side, fetching you a long dark trench coat and slipping it over your shoulders as he helps you down. he supports you, holding his pet up as her knees buckle and threaten to collapse under her I will always fuck you that well girl, so best be prepared. smirks with a teasing look, wrapping an arm around your waist, feeling you quivering against him as he opens the door and walks you slowly out through the crowd again, heading outside where his men stand guard around the car.  Arya: she lets you help her into the car, waiting as you slide in after her, sighing as you pull her close, wrapping a strong arm around her. she lays her head on your chest and closes her eyes, the metallic taste of blood still on her lips. as you'd walked her through the club, the big man, C'legane had watched, following with his dark eyes, scowling. for a moment, he'd met her eyes and she saw his glare soften into... something else... then he was gone and the cool evening air washed over her as you'd guided her outside. she was relieved. relieved to be alive, but more so she was relieved that you still wanted her. she was confused, knowing she should want to leave you, yet somehow needing your approval, wanting you to want her more than you'd ever wanted another. you owned her body, this she knew...but she feared it wouldn't be long before you owned her soul

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