Bolton Rising Part 9 (AU RP 18+) - Petyr and Sandor

He lifts a gray-green gaze from a pile of documents as his office door slams open and his personal guard the Hound comes storming in like a rabid dog ready to tear his throat out. Sandor Clegane stopping short from barreling over his desk, dark eyes glaring with a burning fury and snarled lip threatening to split over sharp canines. "What is it? Can't you see I'm busy here. You should be outside keeping an eye on my sweetling." Petyr sighs, leaning back in his plush high back leather office chair and looks upward, locking eyes with the dangerous beast without a care. This dog belongs to him, whether Sandor likes it or not.

"You're the one putting her in danger Littlefinger! Letting that animal in here to look at her like meat waiting to be butchered." The Hound rumbles back with a dark growl, his closed fist slamming down on the desktop, making the whole room seem to quake. The tension radiating from his huge muscular body almost palpable.

"We've had this discussion before Clegane. I can't ban Ramsay Bolton from the club. He's a business partner." Holding up a hand, when his dog means to protest. "A silent one true, but still a partner all the same."

The Hound gaze darkens even more at the silencing hand gesture. "Then make Alayne quit singing. Bolton is lusting after her and I'm going to snap his damn neck!"

Baelish chuckles, pushing his work aside and rising up to pour himself a drink from the mini-bar. "You want to go try telling her that? Then be my guest. That Little Bird will peck your pretty brown eyes out at the mere suggestion."

"Baelish...I'm fucking serious here. Quit mocking me and listen to me for once." Sandor growls with aggravation. "That Bastard came in here with some new girl on his leash. I've never seen one so frightened in my life. Like some lost deer trapped in headlights, just waiting to be slammed into by a semi-truck and splattered all over the fucking road." Explains as his boss stands by the glass window, swirling a chilled bourbon drink and taking a casual sip, watching the nightlife down below. "His men said it was Arya, but that was not any Arya that I know of. Did he mean your working girl Arya? What in the seven hells have you done Petyr?" 

"You know better to question my affairs Hound." Littlefinger turns to give his employee a frown. "I did whatever I had to to keep Ramsay happy. He's a dangerous man when he's not pleased. I shouldn't have to explain that to you. You've seen his work firsthand have you not? When he demanded I give him Alayne, I had to promise him something else. So you see... I do keep my sweetling safe at all times." Drains his drink and sets the empty glass down. "But as far as I know, our Arya was never delivered to him. She must have gotten word of my intentions and fled. I've had men looking for her for days now."

The Hound stands for a moment in shock, taking in the news and not liking one fucking word of it. "You would give that Devil girls to carve up?!"

"They're only whores dog. No one is likely to miss them. Or they wouldn't be whores in the first place." Petyr chuckles softly. "Besides, what do you think I run here? Disneyland? You know what you signed up for when you came to work for me Clegane. Don't come preaching to me now. You're no saint yourself to pass judgement on me. You've done your share of killing. Like a coin I have two sides Hound. The public good boy image and the private naughty boy." Smirks with amusement, only eliciting a pissed off growl from his dog.

"So I'm to do nothing when Bolton comes here looking for trouble?" 

"Leave him be Clegane, but never, ever allow Alayne out of your sight when he's around. Do I make myself clear on that?" Grabs his jacket from the back of the chair, slipping into it and completing his expensive tailored suit.

"Crystal." The Hound snaps back, stepping out of the way with a snarled lip as Petyr passes by, heading for the door. "What about the little deer?"

"Find out who she is. If Ramsay becomes enamored with her as I had hoped with Arya, I may have a new bargaining chip to control that bastard with. "Come. Its time to fetch the Little Bird and head home."


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