Forged in the Shadows - Part 2 (Role Play 18+)

Bane: Bane rises from the cot on his own for the first time in over a month. Feeling stronger... the pain only a dull ache now. A numbness running through his entire body, reminding him he's still alive. Standing before the bathroom mirror he lays dark eyes on his new face, his hand touching the mask over his mouth and nose, delivering the heavy dose of drugs to keep him sane and free from unbearable suffering. "I'm a monster." He whispers to no one, but himself. Thinking of Talia and how she's come to him all these days and nights, laying by his side, sharing her warmth and never once recoiling from him. 
 Talia: She knocks on your door, opening it and entering when she doesn't hear you answer. Dropping the fresh towels she carries onto a chair, she rushes to the open bathroom door, frightened of what she might find. "Bane! You...you're up! Are you alright, is there something you need?" She rushes to you, standing behind you, tense, waiting..."What's wrong..." she asks again when you don't respond. "Can...can you speak?" She holds her breath, waiting... 
Bane: "Yes." Bane replies, his voice not his own anymore, but a synthesized, robotic sound foreign to his own ears. He keeps staring into the mirror with an intense gaze, challenging this stranger's reflection before his hand clenches into a tight fist and smashes the glass to a million pieces in an explosion of furious rage. Pounding away with both hands, cutting his flesh, blood painting the wall as the mirror's frame crumbles and the concrete behind is pulverized under Bane's brutal assault. 
Talia: "Oh no, no!" She knows she hasn't nearly the strength to stop you, so she wraps her arms around your waist, resting her head on your back and holding you. She whispers to you, soothing words, words of love, of strength. She tries to send you her own energy, trying to absorb your anger and give you her love, her calm, her hope... "Bane, my love, I won't let you go through this alone. You never abandoned me. I'll always be here for you now. Shhhh... I'll help you, I promise you... 
Bane: He hears you through the turmoil of his mind and stops, grasping the sides of the sink with bloody hands, sucking down huge gulps of air through the mask as his body trembles with dangerous energy. Bane's bare, scarred back ripples and flexes, muscles straining as he struggles to gain control, slamming his head against the wall and just leaning there for a moment. "Talia... go before you get hurt." He pleads softly, before turning around and cupping your beautiful face, peering down at you from his towering height. 
Talia: "No." She smiles sadly, looking up at you with tear filled eyes, covering your massive hand with her small one. "You'll never hurt me. All the times you could have, but you never did. And I'll never leave you." She kisses her fingertips, then places a hand on your hard, muscled abdomen, sliding her fingers up your chest and onto your shoulder. Moving slowly, she trails her fingers up over your neck and gently touches your mask. "This means nothing to me. Nothing more than that it saves you pain. I'm not repulsed by it, nor by you. I swear this to you." 
 Bane: "I'm not worthy of your love little bird. I belong in the darkness of the pit and you belong up in the light, flying into the blue of the sky, never to be caged again." Bane replies, trying to ignore the feelings your touch stirs inside him, that dark predatory need to stake his claim on you. "If you don't leave now... I'm never letting you go again. Not even your soul will escape me in death." He grabs you by the wrist and yanks your slender feminine frame against his rock hard masculinity, his desire for you evident against your body. "Do you understand what I'm saying Talia?" 
 Talia: She shivers at your words, not in fear, but with desire, with longing for you. This is her fate, to be bound to you. She can feel every inch of you pressing against her, and she wants you. Wants to be yours, in every way. She knows that in giving herself to you there is no going back. You would kill her before you let her go. "Yes. I would rather die than live without you another moment." A single tear rolls down her cheek. "For all my life you've been my whole world. I already belong to you. I give myself to you freely and without fear. 
 Bane: A growl rumbles from his chest, wrapping massive arms around you and lifting you off your feet as though you're light as a feather. His dark eyes holding your soft ones captive as he carries you back towards the room, glaring around at the infirmary and his lonely cot. "Not here. Show me the way to your room." Bane voice echos in the empty space, before he opens the door and steps outside into the hallway. The League of Shadows hideaway is quiet at this time of night, but sentries still roam the passageways. Two men down the hall turn their heads to look at the sight that has emerged, moving into defensive positions with swords drawn. 
Talia: Lifting her head from your chest, she calls out the the sentries. "It's alright, all is well. Stand down." The lower their weapons, slowly, eying the man in the mask warily. Talia smiles at them, to ease their minds, yet their expressions do not change. She directs you to her chambers, up a level from the infirmary and facing out over the mountain-scape. "Our rooms are here." she indicates a door to your right. "You'll stay with me now...always" 
 Bane: "Our room now. Not two." Bane replies, booting the door open and kicking it closed, before turning the lock on it and cutting off any escape you may think to make. He gives the living area a quick glance over, finding it pleasant enough before he carries you into the bedroom and pushes aside the sheer Moroccan style curtains to a large four-poster bed, finally letting you go from his embrace to rest upon the soft mattress and array of colorful embroidered pillows. "Your father has gifted you with beautiful things Talia. I'm glad of that. You deserve any treasure you want desire. I shall give them to you from now on." 
Talia: "You needn't give me anything, my love. You've given me everything. I want only to be yours." She sits on her knees before you and unbinds her hair, letting it spill in soft waves around her shoulders. "I will give you gifts as well. So many years that I was able to give you nothing... but I've been saving something for you." She lets her woven jacket fall from her shoulders, revealing a form fitting tank with thin straps underneath. The thin silk clings to her curves and leaves little to the imagination. 
Bane: Bane's breathing grows heavy, the inhaling and exhaling of air sounding loud to his own ears in the quiet stillness of the room, his eyes roaming over you, hot and branding, watching you arch your back and display your breasts even more, your nipples hard pebbles against the silk. His hand reaches out to touch your soft hair, letting tendrils slip through his thick fingers like water, before pulling away again. "Take that off." He commands, eyes narrowing into a piercing glare, dark with desire and deepening with growing lust. 
Talia: She bites her lip and nods, first slipping out of her fitted black pants, then pulling the silk top over her head. Her own breathing grows shallow as she presents herself to you, clad in only her delicate lace panties. She watches your hungry eyes travel over her now full breasts, her softly curving hips. she's come into womanhood since her escape, and no man has ever laid eyes on her in such a way. She is shaking, afraid of your size, yet impatient to become fully yours. Her heart is pounding in her chest. "I've waited...for you..." She whispers, breathlessly. 
Bane: "I'm glad of that... or I would seek out any man who touched you and break his neck. Even if you loved him. Your heart belongs to me." Bane pulls at the ties of his pants, letting the fabric fall lower over the V of his pelvis, the cut lines of his body leading the eye straight to his groin, where a hard arousal waits to be freed. "Talia..." He whispers, moving towards you, laying you back against the bed and rising over you with his huge frame, a large hand palming your full breast, rolling the pink nipple between his fingers. 
Talia: Her eyes roam over your body, so perfectly masculine, so beautiful. She can see the outline of your erection and she is frightened, and yet she is ready. As you lay her beneath you, the touch of your hands on her skin burns like exquisite fire. She runs her hands over your arms, feeling the your muscles like coiled steel beneath your skin. Your skin is marred with scars, and her heart breaks again for you. A tear escapes the corner of her eye. "I was so afraid..." She says in barely a whisper. "I've longed for this...for you... but I was so afraid that they'd killed you...." She touches your mask so tenderly that you can almost feel her touch on your skin. "And yet somehow I knew that if you left this world....I would have died too...." 
Bane: His fierce eyes soften for a moment and he wipes your tear away with a thumb, stroking your soft cheek. "Shhh..." Bane voice rasps with emotions as well, never dreaming he would ever see your lovely innocent face again. That he would have you like this. You were his little bird then, he'd set you free to fly and yet you'd returned. Now you will be his woman. And he vows with his soul to protect you more fearsomely then ever. "You came back for me... and I shall live for you and no other." 
Talia: "I love you..." she whispers, arching her back, lifting her chest to you again.She isn't quite sure what to do, she has only a vague idea. She'd seen things...heard things in the night... but you'd always protected her from those things. She gently takes your hand and moves it back to her breast, wanting more of that, wanting so much....not knowing how to ask... "You must lead me, my love...I'm not sure..." She blushes and bites her lip, embarrassed to know so little. 
 Bane: "If only I didn't have this mask. I could love you like a man should, but I'm a beast now... wanting its mate." Bane voice goes low with a heated tone, his hand skimming over your breasts, cupping and squeezing them softly at first, harder when you arch your body up and cry out. Then running that huge palm over the flat valley of your stomach and dipping between your thighs, pressing into your panties, touching the heat of your core with a growl of possessiveness. 
 Talia: "There never was a better man..." She gasps and rocks her hips, her eyes widen in surprise at the sensation of your hand against her sex. "Bane...." she breathes, arching her back again, moaning with need for you. "I only ever want you....you are no beast to me..."

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