Forged in the Shadows - Part 3 (Role Play 18+)

Talia: A shiver passes through her entire body as you part her thighs and look upon her for the first time. She watches your eyes grow darker, your pupils expand as you gaze upon what is now yours. "Yes, my love..." she whispers, letting her thighs fall wider apart as you begin to stroke her so gently. "Ohh... Bane..." she breathes, overwhelmed by the sensation of your fingers caressing the tiny pearl between her folds, she rocks her hips while you open her so carefully, this is the most wonderful feeling she's ever known. Her fingers twist in the blanket beneath her, her eyes half closing, but still watching you. 
 Bane: Bane inserts another finger inside, while his free hand travels up your sensual body again, touching your skin and exploring the valley between your breasts, kneading a globe while he starts thrusting his hand against you. Rocking his two thick fingers back and forth, feeling you growing slicker and hotter with each passing minute, driving your need up to a fever pitch as you squirm and cry under his ministrations. "Don't fight it, my Little Bird. Just let go and fly." 
 Talia: "Bane!" She cries out, gripping your forearm.... "Please!" Frenzied, not knowing what she's asking you for, yes pleading with you all the same... thrusting her hips now, moaning as the pressure within her grows and grows. Unable to stand it, she thinks she
 might die, and yet she never wants it to end, the feeling it so exquisite. Her head falls back into the pillows and her eyes blur as she tries to focus on you. Suddenly it all becomes too much and the pressure releases. "Bane...." Her whole body tingles with an undefinable sensation, first hot, then cool, first falling, then floating...wave after wave of intense pleasure courses through her as her hips buck and she calls out for you... 
 Bane: "Come to me girl..." He growls hotly in reply, pulling his soaked fingers out and pulling you up to sit in front of him as he remains kneeling on the bed, yanking at the string ties further on his pants and letting the material slide down over his hips and backside, pooling around his thighs. Bane's thick manhood juts out fully erect and weeping excitement from the engorged head, a pearly drop waiting to be tasted. "Touch me Talia... and know me." His synthesized voice resonates loudly in the privacy of this shared intimate space. 
 Talia: "Oh...my love..." she sits quivering before you, staring wide eyed, almost reverently at you. She reaches out slowly, brushes your shaft with her fingertips, sees your cock twitch in response and a small smile begins to play around the corners of her lips. She wraps her fingers around your thickness, holding you lightly in her hand, feeling your girth, your hardness, marveling in your beauty. "Like this?" she asks you, but before you can respond, she dips her head and kisses the glistening head of your cock, lightly at first, then letting her lips linger, leaving several soft little kisses before looking up at you, licking her lips, tasting you. 
 Bane: "Yes..." He cups the back of you head, fingers grasping the soft locks of your hair and bringing your mouth back to him. "Part your lips and suck on me Talia." Bane's dark eyes peer down at you, his bare chest rising and falling with each breath, his mask making the simple, usually quiet gesture more audible. His bicep flexes and ripples with controlled strength as he supports you, groaning at the mere sight of you before him, his cock throbbing with pleasure in your hands.  Talia: Nodding, smiling at you, she then bends her neck again, sliding her lips around your engorged head and beginning to suckle on you. Gently, she caresses you with her fingers as she slides her lips just past your head, then pulling back, letting you go and looking back up to you for your approval. "Does this make you feel...the way you made me feel?" she asks you as her fingers travel lower, she is braver now and she cups your balls in her small hand, feeling them, the way they move inside your scrotum as she manipulates them with delicate fingers, encouraged by your deep groaning and the way your eyes soften as she watches you. 
 Bane: "You are giving me pleasure..." Bane groans, sucking in a deep breath at your exploratory touch, before he pulls you upwards, wishing he could cover your mouth with his own, taste you on his lips. But only his eyes can look at you now. Face to face. "Talia. I'm yours." He holds you in his strong protective arms as he rolls over onto his back, sitting you upon his waist, his hands running up and down your arms. That hard steel shaft presses against your bare ass. "You will take me inside you. You must have control or I could hurt you." Bane slips a hand under you and grasps his cock, holding that thick member steady. 
 Talia: She runs a hand over your muscled chest, feeling your scars under her fingers. "You must never worry that you'll hurt me, Bane. Your sacrifices have been so great... No pain is too great a sacrifice if it means I'll belong to you truly..." She leans forward and kisses your mask softly, as though she were kissing your lips. Then she rises up on her knees, ready, she positions her moist sex against your throbbing head and gently begins to lower herself onto you. Looking into your eyes she sees the love you have for her there, sees your effort to hold back, and loves you even more for it. She lowers herself onto you slowly, would have moved faster for you if she could have, but her tightness, your size, cause her to have to move slowly. She can feel the resistance, feel herself stretching to accommodate you, there is pain, but she will bear it for you. "Bane..." she gasps...suddenly she can go no further...it's as though there is a wall preventing you from entering her further... "Bane, I can't... you need to.... 
 Bane: He doesn't hesitate and rolls over, pinning you under him as he thrusts in for the first time, breaking your seal and wishing he could kiss you to taste your final innocent cry. Bane grasping your feminine body and yanking you under him as he surges back and thrusts in again, feeling your tight heat surrendering to his invasion. Your protector's manhood so thick and hard, spreads you wider with each pass, the fullness of his shaft being enveloped fully by the silky softness of your wet pink embrace. 
Talia: She cries out in surprise, eyes open wide, overflowing with tears...the pain is intense. Talia had thought it would be bad, but it's more painful than she'd expected. Your size, is too much for her and she clings to you, digging her nails into your back, waiting for the searing sensation to pass... And it does. As suddenly as it began, the pain recedes. A pressure begins to build as you move within her, a deep, throbbing, pressure that makes her gasp. The stretching sensation becomes warm embrace, the friction a wet heat... Her hips begin to move with you, almost of their own accord, her hands caressing your back. Always she looks into your eyes. 
 Bane: "Do you feel me now Talia?" He growls with domination, the pupils of his eyes darkening even more with lust as he drives into you. His entire body pressed over yours, muscles rippling as he glides over you like a beast lost in pleasure. His hand cups your face, tilting your profile up and sliding his thumb over your lips and into your mouth. Your sweet moans drown out his audible, rhythmic breathing through his mask. 
 Talia: "Yes... my love...yes..." She moans, her mouth slightly open, her eyes lost in yours. You own her. This is just what she wanted, needed... to be completely consumed by you. "Bane... you feel so... I love you..." She is lost in you, your huge cock sliding easily in and out of her, no pain now, only fierce heat, her passion grows and grows as the fire rises from deep within her. 
 Bane: Bane leans down, breathing against your neck, smelling the scent of your body's arousal, panting with his own need. His balls clench up and ache with a sweet pressure, ramming into you harder until his manhood is buried fully inside your body and he cums. He groans loudly, a deep rumble of male satisfaction as his seed pumps forth and fills you. His heart beats furiously in his chest, a sheen of sweat glistens over his naked body. 
 Talia: Turning her head, she presses her lips to your forehead, the heat within her building to a fever pitch as you ram into her so deeply. Talia cries out in sheer bliss as her release floods through her, her body contracting around you, milking your cock of your sweet seed. She is fully and completely yours. The tears that flow now are tears of joy, she's never know such happiness before. She belongs to you.

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