Bolton Rising - Ramsay and Jeyne Part 17 (AU RP 18+)

♦ This AU RP/FanFic may contain content that could be disturbing to some readers. Click here for more information. ♦

Ramsay: The drive over to the Dreadfort was eerily quiet. Ramsay reclined and smoked, his pale eyes gazing over Arya's body from time to time, but never saying a single word. His cold look was more then enough to express his unhappiness. The limo drove past several security gates, making it's way up a long winding driveway, stopping in front of an ominous and huge ancient castle. It was something straight out of Bram Stoker's novel with creepy evil looking statues, those dead eyes staring down at anyone who came to visit. The flayed men of the Dreadfort. The sigil of the family that owned these lands. "Come along now, pet." Ramsay stepped out of the car and flicked his spent cigarette, holding his hand out to you.

Arya: Arya sat very still across from you in the car, barely daring to move. Your eyes, so pale and so cold, chilled her to the bone. Danger radiated from you like a palpable force. Upon arrival at the Dreadfort, the feeling of menace increased, never had she seen any place that looked so sinister. As the car drew to a halt, she could feel her shaking increase.  Ramsay: "You're quivering." Ramsay grins as he wraps his warm fingers around your cold hand. "That's good. You should be." He smirks, before leading you up the stairs to the front door. The guards on duty nod in greeting and opening the double doors, bathing you in a flood of candle light and shadows, the tortured sounds of pain, sin and sex echoing from deep inside the castle. "You won't be needing your coat anymore my pet." He pulls the security of the wrapping of fur off your shoulders and hands it to the clerk, who wisely keeps his eyes lowered and only hands your Master a key with skull emblem.   Arya: W..what is this place? She asks in a whisper, forgetting your anger as she returns to the place in her mind where you are her safety. Stepping closer to you, she looks up at you, eyes filled with fear. "Master?" You won't let anyone hurt her, she's sure... but the things that melly told her... if they're true... still you are the devil she knows, and that is her only comfort.
 Ramsay: "This? Well, this place is my special playground, pet. I come here to enjoy the sights... and of course play with my toys." He explains as he leads you into the bowels of the castle, looking more and more like a dungeon with every step forward. "And this is the Master key." Ramsay stops at one of several doors, sliding the key into the old lock and opening the door, revealing a pair of women upon a bed, naked and bound to each other in opposite directions, locked in a '69,' to lick and suck cunt, as a gathering of men wander around, drinking and smoking, others masturbating and spilling seed to the erotic sight.  
 Arya: She gasps and holds onto your arm, shocked. She's never seen such debauchery before. Trying to avert her eyes, she's unable to tear her gaze away from the two women on the bed. Wondering what it would be like, how it would feel to have all those men watching you, pleasuring themselves, she feels a tingling between her thighs at the thought. Her cheeks burning, she turns back to you. Is this place yours? 
 Ramsay: "Yes... it was a gift from my father... to keep my tastes in private." He laughs, pulling you away and wandering further. "Gods forbid I ruin our good name." He stops at the sounded of muffled whimpers and pleads, smiling at the girls hanging from the rafters like pieces of meat behind their cage enclosure. Mouths gagged, their tits exposed, naked expect for skimpy black panties, they squirm and struggle hoping to win your Master's favor. "You see them my pretty pet? How their eyes beg and plead for my mercy?" He places a hand to the small of your back and brings you right up to the cage. "To be picked is to live. Come morning they will be hunted like prey by the Dreadfort's dogs. Punishment for disobeying me or giving my guests a poor show."  
Arya: "But they... they'll be killed?" Arya stares up at you in horror, turning back to the caged girls, seeing the fear in their eyes. She's heard the dogs, knows you let them out to hunt, never guessing they were hunting girls... girls like her... "But what have they done? Why do you punish them so?"  Ramsay: "They angered me Arya. That's all you need to worry about. Come." Making a turn and walking with you trailing behind him. Together you pass several kneeling girls bound to posts on the floor, their mouths open wide to service any guest, cocks thrusting down their throats, gagging and choking them as they struggle for breath. 

Arya: She bit her lip and gripped your arm more tightly. Tonight she had angered you. She knew she must be more careful, if she wanted to avoid a similar fate. Clenching her teeth together to keep them from chattering, she watched as though hypnotized as the bound girls took cock after cock deep in their throats, men pushing eagerly between their lips, hips pumping hard and fast. One girl began to gag badly and two of the large guards stepped in to drag her away screaming, quickly replacing her with another girl. Arya felt tears welling in her eyes, understanding dawning on her about what would happen to the screaming girl.
 Ramsay: Ramsay escorts you to what once was the grand ballroom, now a giant display of erotic lust as various platforms are scattered through the massive space. Club music pumping loudly, servant girls dance and serve drinks through out the crowd. These are the lucky ones, not getting whipped, beaten or fucked like the others. The sounds of tortured cries mix in with moans and groans of pleasure and screams of orgasms, natural or forcefully induced. Your Master leads you passed a pretty blonde, buxom female getting gang-banged on a raised platform, cocks embedded deep in her drooling mouth, cunt and ass as other men stand around, waiting their turn for a free hole. The performance is front and center as Ramsay sits down in his private booth, hauling you to sit in his lap, face forward. "Watch pet, and learn." 
Arya: She sits quietly on your lap, watching the spectacle on the platform. She can feel your erection pressing into her as she squirms a little. The tingling in her pussy grows as she observes the men stabbing their cocks into the blonde girl from all angles. A short dark haired man pumping his cock with his fist near the front of the stage shoots pearly streams of his seed onto the floor as two other men jerk each other off as they wait for their turn with the girl. She can feel herself growing wet as she watches, squirming again, absently stroking your hand on her thigh, licking her lips, sighing.  Ramsay: Moves his hand and slips it between your thighs, stroking you through your sheer panties, feeling your growing moisture as he leans forward to whisper in your ear. "You see that girl my pet... You're just like her. A vessel to be filled for the pleasure of men. That's what you were made for. You females want to fight that destiny, but deep down inside this cunt of yours that's what you crave. You always have... and without you feel empty. Lonely. Lost." He kisses the nape of your neck, his other hand cupping your tit, squeezing the soft globe of flesh, pinching your nipple, hard.
 Arya: Arya nods and rubs against your fingers, knowing that you're right, thanking god that you've found her so that she could do the thing she was made to do. For you. "Yes... I feel empty without you... I want to belong to you, always... To be filled by you... Oh gods, please!" She leans back into you, biting her lip, grinding her ass against your hard cock. "Master, please... I don't want to be like those other girls... I want to be good for you and make you happy..." She turns her head, touching her lips to your jawline and breathes you in. "Let me make you happy, please..."
 Ramsay: He shoves his fingers around your soaked panties and thrusts them into your hot little cunt just as the girl up on stage screams through another orgasm. "Mmm... and how does my pretty little pet plan to do that?" Wrapping his free hand in your hair, he yanks your head back and bites down on the juncture of your neck and shoulder, tasting the salt of your flesh with his tongue.
 Arya: She gasps feeling your teeth sink into her flesh, a surge of moisture covering your fingers. "With all of my body and my soul, my Master..." She whispers as your fingers move inside of her needy cunt. "In any way you could ever desire..." She rubs against you harder now, moaning, wanting you inside of her. "Fuck me... let me taste you.... fuck my ass... never stop... I love you..."
 Ramsay: Ramsay leaves his teeth marks in your flesh with a growl at your words as he pulls away, standing you up roughly and yanking your soaked panties down to your knees, smacking your bare ass with a hard stinging slap. "That's more like it, my pet. I like to hear your dirty secret desires." He unzips his pants, fisting and pumping his hard cock before grabbing you around the hips and sitting you back down over his thick erection. He thrusts deep, penetrating your wet pussy just as the girl up on stage is moved onto her hands and knees, getting fucked from behind, her face looking right at yours.
Arya: She cries out at the moment of penetration,  "Yes... please... oh gods, I need you so badly..." Reaching down, she holds your wrists as you dig your fingers into her hips, bruising her, lifting her up and down, sliding your thick shaft in and out of her tight heat. She can feel the suction as you lift her, as though her cunt tries to hold onto you of it's own accord, she moans as she rises, wanting you embedded deep inside of her, never wanting to let you go.
Ramsay: "My horny little pet. Look at you now. Your cunt is sucking on my cock so tightly... You fit me like a glove..." Ramsay groans as he shoves you down hard, while thrusting his hips upwards, that thick rod of engorged flesh spearing into your womb over and over. Suddenly, he slides his arms under and picks up your legs, sliding you off his slick cock and nudging that wide head into your rose bud, easing you slowly, impaling you by the ass.

 Arya: She clenches her teeth as her eyes fill with tears, but to her surprise, the pain isn't as intense as it had been in the car. "Ramsay..." She whispers, letting her breath out slowly as you work into her almost gently. "I want this... for you..." She gasps as you begin to move in, stretched around you so tightly, quivering from head to toe.  Ramsay: "Stroke your wet cunt pet..." Ramsay groans deeply as he takes you to the hilt, lifting you up and down, making you ride his engorged cock with your sweet firm ass. His embedded shaft throbs with heat inside you, pumping you full of seed as he cums hard. 
Arya: Her hand moves quickly to her throbbing clit, rubbing, circling, sliding her fingers into her opening, then back over her tiny pink pearl. Feeling you explode so deep inside her, she loses herself in her own climax, riding wave after wave of intense pleasure "Mas...ter.... mmm..." Her orgasm is so deep, so intense, that her vision blurs and she collapses into your arms. She feels so safe as you gather her in your arms, the release of belonging to you, of fully submitting to your will, is as great as the release of her climax. She has crossed a bridge from which there is no return, no escape... and yet she desires none. She wants only to be yours.

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