Bolton Rising - Ramsay and Jeyne Part 18 (AU RP 18+)

♦ This AU RP/FanFic may contain content that could be disturbing to some readers. Click here for more information. ♦

Ramsay: The limo drives through darkened neighborhoods toward a destination which he has not revealed to you. Ramsay sits next to you in the back seat, one hand around the back of your neck, holding you to him as he kisses you deeply, thrusting his tongue down your throat as his other hand slides up your thigh under your short dress and starts fingering your wet cunt... "Spread your legs wider, my pet." He whispers against your lips, trailing hot biting kisses down your neck and shoving the dress top down to expose your tits. Latching onto a hard nipple with mouth, he suckles on you fiercely as his fingers thrust themselves inside you.
Arya: Returning your kiss hungrily, she does as you ask, spreading her thighs wide for you. She can't control herself, her hips rock to meet your fingers. A moan escapes her lips and she shares her breath with you, twisting her fists in your lapels. The cool air teases her already hard nipples, stiffening them further, almost painfully. Every inch of her aches for your touch.
Ramsay: He bites on a tortured nipple, leaving his teeth marks imbedded deeply into your breast, before kneeling on the floor between your spread thighs and tossing your legs over his shoulders, bringing your hot pussy right to his lips feasting on you like a fine meal. A devilishly talented tongue strokes the soft pink folds and parts them wide. He soaks himself in your sweet nectar, teasing your opening with the tip of his tongue, before his cell phone starts to vibrate in his back pocket. He pulls away with a scowl, answering the call and flopping down in the seat across from you "What the fuck does he what? I'm busy right now." he speaks with an angered tone, wiping his mouth with the back of his free hand "Like hell I will! Tell the old man I got plans tonight." he disconnects the call, glaring at the phone for a moment before lowering the privacy screen to bark at the driver "Change of plans Luton. Take me to my Father's."
Arya: Lost in a world of pleasure, she leans back and concentrates on your tongue. She can feel it's softness as it glides over her throbbing clit, then it turns hard as it probes into her sex. one hand moves to her aching pink nipple, the other strokes your hair, Arya whimpers as you devour her. When the phone rings, she is startled, as if waking from a dream... She watches your expression cloud over, turning to a look of fury. Not daring to speak, she sits quietly, panting, waiting for you to speak first.  Ramsay: Stares at you with a coldness in his pale eyes as the car makes a u-turn and heads off in a new direction "Come here and suck me off girl. I can't exactly go have tea and lovely chat with my Father with a dick hard as as a rock." He tosses the phone aside, unzipping his dark tailored slacks and holding a full erection in his hand, the tip glistening with pre-cum "I know you're craving this." 
Arya: Nods and slides off the seat, biting her lip to keep from moaning with frustration. she kneels before you "I always crave you, all ways..." She whispers, knowing the truth of her words, then lowers her head to slide her lips around you. She knows this isn't the time to be slow and loving. She takes you in as deep as she can, the girth of you stretching her lips, drawing on you, sucking, she moves her head up and down. Feeling your hand on the back of her head, your fingers twisting tightly into her hair, she lets you guide her rhythm. The taste of you makes her moan around you, she knows all that she wants or needs in the world is you.  Ramsay: "That's a good pet..." Groans softly, relaxing back and grasping your hair tighter, shoving your face down till your nose is touching the base of his cock, feeling your gag reflex around his embedded member and smiling as your saliva drips over his balls, before letting you back up. "Want some more Arya?" He teases darkly, staring into your teary eyes before pushing your mouth back onto his hard dick, choking you again and again, enjoying your gasping breathes and the way your tits jut out from your chest, nipples hard pink pebbles.
Arya: Gasping for breath, she nods and manages to whisper a hoarse "Yes..." before you push her head down again firmly. This time she's ready to take you and she controls her gag as you release her gently, then hold her head in place again and again. Her saliva leaking around the base of your shaft, she loves your scent and she loves the noises of pleasure you make. Every little grunt or groan urges her on, her desire to please you is so strong. 
 Ramsay: "Mmm... fuck. That's so good." He pins you all the way down, throbbing against your tongue and squirting his hot load to the back of your throat while groaning out his release. "Swallow like a good girl now... and lick me clean." He orders as the car comes to slow stop, fixing his shirt and hair, then watching you with a smirk across his lips.
 Arya: Swallowing every precious drop, she sucks until she is sure she's consumed all of your precious gift. Carefully, she licks you up and down, tonguing your scrotum and spending a moment longer than necessary running her tongue around your head. She is sorry to give you up to your father, she's come to want to be close to you always. Every moment away from you is a moment in which she feels incomplete. she is not whole without you to complete her. Pulling back, she smiles up at you, happy to have pleased you. 
 Ramsay: "Clean yourself up now pretty pet. You're coming with me." tucks his spent cock away and steps out of the car, talking to Luton, a member of his Bastard Boys for a few minutes, before suddenly lunging at the man with his blade drawn, holding the sharp edge to Luton's throat. "Don't fucking look at her unless I say so. Understand me?!" He yells with a dark violent fury, Luton holding his hands up in submission, with downcast eyes. "Yes Boss. Of course! I didn't mean anything by it. Fuck!"

 Arya: She hurries to ready herself, heart pounding. your father! She isn't prepared... She won't say a word, but what if he speaks to her? Hands shaking, she rearranges her dress, covering her breasts, her nipples still hard and so sensitive that the silky material feels like torture. She quickly fixes her hair and face in the mirror, jumping, startled as you reprimand the guard. She climbs carefully from the car, straightening her skirt. "I'm ready, Master." She whispers, eyes cast down, quivering with fear.

Ramsay: He shoves Luton against the car, glaring. "Take another peek again and I'll spoon out your fucking eyes." "Yes Boss. I swear I won't. Forgive me." Luton pleads, before getting the brush off from Ramsay and climbing back into the driver seat. Ramsay naps the switch blade and conceals the weapon, before his pale eyes give you a glance over. "You look good enough to fuck against the car Arya, alas Daddy is waiting inside." Ramsay smirks, yet an annoyance lingers in his gaze. Taking you by the elbow he walks with you up the steps, where a butler opens the front door to the estate and directs them to Mr. Bolton's office. "I know where the fuck it is. Don't act like I'm a stranger to my own home." He snaps at the servant, who wisely exists the hallway as quickly as possible.
 Arya: Hurrying along with you, she looks around her in awe. This place is even bigger than Ramsay's home and everything is shining and immaculate. Their heels click on the polished floor as they walk, the sound echoing through the seemingly empty house. She can feel the tension in your grip as you hold her arm tightly. Your father.... to think that someone like you could have ever been a child.... She marvels at the thought of you as a young boy. Somehow she knows you were never innocent. Arriving at a closed door, you stop and turn the handle, ushering her inside. Behind a desk is an immaculate man, as well groomed as his home and meeting his eyes, she sees they look just as empty.
    Ramsay: Roose Bolton steeples his fingers and gives you both a look over as cold as ice and sharp as steel. "I called you to come see me Ramsay. Not to bring me one of your playthings." He speaks in a low voice, barely an octave over a soft whisper, yet the tone is laced with scorn and dismissal... "Sit over there and not a word." Ramsay points you towards a sofa off to the side, before he goes to stand before his Father's desk, locking gazes with the stern older man. "Well you better get used to seeing my Arya, Father, I think I'll be keeping this pet for awhile. I'm enjoying her 'talents' very much." "Is that so?" Bolton raises a brow. "I'm glad to hear it, my son. One less name I need add to this report of missing girls I've been getting." Roose tosses a manilla folder on the desk top, spilling photos and paperwork all over. Ramsay's look turning even more sour and deadly... "You're fucking keeping tabs on me?!" 
Arya: Frightened, she hurries to the sofa and sits perched on the edge of the seat, afraid to move, afraid even to breathe. This man hates her on sight. A plaything. I'm not a plaything. I take care of my master, I make him happy, she thinks. Ramsay's father could never understand how important his son is to her...Without him, I'm nothing! Her eyes widen as he tosses the folder at his son, she watches a photo flutter to the floor. She can see that it's a human figure, but there's so much blood... she looks away. It's only accusations. It isn't true... she won't look. 
Ramsay: Roose Bolton only exhales a breath in reaction to his son's fury. "It's my business to keep an eye on you Ramsay. Everything you do affects the name of this family. That's why I gave you the Dreadfort. So you could keep your unsavory hobbies in private." Bolton takes the folder and gets up, tossing the entire thing into the lit fireplace, stoking the flames with the poker, before turning his pale eyes back onto his son. "I'm getting tired of cleaning up after your messes Ramsay." Ramsay shrugs his shoulders and smirks. "But you'll keep doing it, won't you Father? You wouldn't want your precious boy, your shameful secret getting out now would we? Those government buddies signing all those checks for you wouldn't like that one bit." He snaps his fingers at you. "Come along pet. It's time to go. My Father grows weary of our presence." "I'm serious boy. Do not ruin the family name." "Yeah yeah. I got it." Ramsay replies with an icy glare. 
Arya: Rises and moves quickly to your side, hurrying to keep up as you grab her arm and march her out the door, the return to the limo is silent, but she can feel your tension. As she climbs into the car, she wonders how you'll release your frustrations, never doubting that she will bear the brunt of your anger.


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