Bolton Rising - Flashback Part 4 - Melly & Gregor

"It's kind of big, but..." Gregor stopped his words as he entered the bathroom again, holding on to one of his massive sized muscle shirts and found Melly asleep in the tub. "You can't sleep in there, girl." He sighed, tossing the shirt over one broad shoulder and scooped her out of the water. The Mountain ran his dark gaze over her naked form, dripping wet, her nipples hard pink peaks his mouth suddenly watered to taste. "Fucking hell," Gregor grumbled, as he yanked a towel off the nearby rack and wrapped her up before the growing erection in his pants demanded more than a casual thought. He carried her off and up the stairs to the second floor, finding the guestroom nearest to his own master suite and laid her down gently in the soft bed.

"Was I sleeping?" Melly yawned. Sighing against his chest, she wrapped her arms around his neck as he carried her. She realized she'd never felt so safe in her life and wondered if it was right for her to feel this way. As he laid her down, she released her hold on him reluctantly. Her instinct was to hold on to him tightly, to pull him down so that his huge frame covered hers, to wrap her legs around him... Instead she opened her eyes and sat up carefully, taking the shirt that he handed to her. Everything hurt and she winced as she slipped the soft cotton slowly over her head. She looked down and laughed. "I don't suppose you have a smaller size..." Smiling, she smoothed the shirt over her stomach and hips. If she was standing, it would have hung past her knees. "I like the colors though. I'm fond of this shade of yellow."

"There's nothing small about me, girl. It's the reason I'm called The Mountain." He rose back up to his full height, towering over her with a soft smirk upon his hard edged lips. "Most people don't like that color, but it suits me just fine." Gregor walked to the closet and fetched a comforter off of the top shelf, shaking it open with a hard snap, before draping it over the bed, and her. "You should get some rest now, Melly. I'll just be next door if you need anything. Don't wander around and try to leave out a window or a door. Everything is secured and on lockdown at this time of night. You'll just set off a really annoying alarm and piss off my dogs." 
"You're leaving?" She stiffened, becoming suddenly afraid. "But..." Melly's eyes filled with tears and she blinked several times, trying to hold them back. "Alright... thank you..." She bit her lip and lay back, watching him as he hesitated by the door. As his eyes met hers, she felt that spark of recognition once again. She almost thought he felt it too, as there was something in his eyes just before he backed out of the room and closed the door. If only she could remember... but once again, the fragment of memory slipped away. She lay in the dark, wide awake now, trying to decide whether or not she should follow him.

The click of the door as he closed it on her behind him made his chest ache enough that he rubbed at the pain with his large hand, wondering why leaving her presence was so difficult. "Enough... this is stupid!" Gregor growled under his breath, glaring and stomping into his own bedroom, and slammed the door with enough force to rattle the heavy piece of oak off its hinges. He paced back and forth like a caged animal, feeling a growing restlessness in his mind and a heavy erection between his legs, aching for release.

Lying in the big bed, she heard his door slam and jumped. A tear escaped the corner of her eye, rolling over her temple and disappeared into her still damp hair. Another tear followed, then another. Melly sat up in the bed and dabbed at her eyes with the corner of the comforter; the loss of him was too much to bear. "No, this is crazy..." she whispered into the darkness... "He's next door, there is no loss..." Hesitating only a moment longer, she climbed from the bed, landing on her good foot. Steadying herself, she moved painfully to the door, supporting herself on the furniture as she passed. Taking a deep breath, she turned the handle of the door, half expecting to be locked in. The knob turned easily in her hand, though. The door swung in toward her and she hobbled into the hall and went quietly to his door. She knocked softly. "Gregor... please?"

His door yanked open and the Mountain stared down at her, like a predator locking onto his prey. "You should be sleeping, girl," Gregor growled, his voice deep and throaty, sinfully masculine and laced with hunger. "You tempt me too much, Melly, and coming to me is meeting your own doom." He grabbed her, hoisting her off of her feet and into his arms, kissing her hard, forcing his tongue between her lips when she opened her mouth to cry out. The Mountain took his captured deer down to his own huge bed, a massive palm sliding up under the shirt she’s wearing and molded a full breast in his hand, squeezing the breast and nipple into submission.

She teetered in front of his open door and stared up at him. Her eyes were red from crying and her ankle throbbed with pain. As he lifted her into his arms, she raised her arms and wrapped them around his neck. She let out a cry of pain and desire as he crushed her to him. Moaning into his kiss, she opened herself to him, returning his kiss with a hunger that she didn't know she owned. "Gregor..." Melly breathed. It was like coming home. His hand on her skin felt so perfectly right as she ran her hands over his bare back. She felt his muscles coiled under his skin and her fingers found his scars as though she had already known where they were. "You mustn't hold back... I need you..."

"I couldn't hold back now even if I wanted..." Gregor rumbled with a groan, grinding his trapped cock against her bare wet heat as he slipped between her thighs, yanking the oversized shirt straight off of her and took her tit into his mouth, sucking on her pert nub with a ravenous unexplained desire. His large hands wandered over her naked form, tracing her hourglass shape and grasped her around her full hips and under her ass, his touch possessive and dominant.

"Yes... oh god..." she moaned and pressed her sex against him, feeling his huge erection pressing into her, and hooked her legs around his waist. She thrust her chest toward him, her mouth falling open, eyes rolling back and she ran her hands up and down his arms, then moved them lower, scraping her nails down his back. "How… is this... possible?" she gasped, not truly knowing what she was asking him.

"The fuck if I know, but I need my cock buried in you right now, girl," Gregor replied, popping the button on his pants open, revealing a dark trail of hair leading the eye straight down to his groin. The Mountain's engorged manhood sprung free, a thick hard column weeping at the slit with clear drops of excitement. He spread her thighs even wider, grasping her around her dainty ankles and pushed her legs back to her chest, trapping her jutting tits in between as his bulbous head penetrated into her pink folds.

She whimpered at his words, watching him rear up over her. She watched his body move so lithely, his huge cock stabbing toward her, hard and ready. You are perfection. "Take me hard... I want... need... all of you..." Melly moaned, feeling her wet heat exposed to him, the head of his massive erection pushing into her; she was helpless beneath him. "Make me yours..." she whispered.

"You were mine the moment I found you, Little Doe." He smirked, thrusting into her and pierced her with his cock. Gregor's manhood was like a steel sword slammed down into its sheath, perfectly fitted and snugged in tightly. "Melly..." A long pleasure filled groan rumbled from his chest, his dark eyes clouded over with lust and he stared into her helpless gaze, working his strong pelvic muscles between her thighs, his firm ass pumping like a piston to fuck her tight wet cunt deeply.

"Ohhh..." she cried out loudly. Pain seared through her as he drove into her so deeply, but the pain turned to pleasure as he began to move inside of her. The way he looked at her sent a chill down her spine and she stared up at him as he began to move faster. She called out his name and clenched around him as he rammed into her over and over again. His size and strength were overwhelming and yet he fit her perfectly.

 The Mountain moved over and through her, his huge presence dwarfing hers, pinning her down like a deer captured in a trap, ready to be eaten alive by a hungry beast. Her sweet cries only fueled his dark need, making him thrust and grunt harder, deeper and faster, working up a sweat over his bare chest. Gregor rammed his cock all the way to the hilt and back out, again and again, till his entire length was soaked with her glistening honey. 

Melly gasped under him, pinned, her eyes half closed, biting her lip. "Mmm... don't stop..." She watched him, his body moving, face contorted in pleasure, and suddenly she knew she loved him. As this understanding dawned on her, her climax ripped through her, intense, almost painfully good. She screamed, her head thrown back, and rode the waves of heat searing through her body. "Ahhh... I do belong to you... always... Gregor... "

He spilled his hot seed inside her with one final brutal slam, roaring out a groan of pleasure, yet still wanting to fuck her mercilessly all over again. His cock was wedged deep inside her, throbbing with heat, aching for more of her sweet cunt. "You're never leaving my side. Ever," he rasped, glaring down at her, before crushing his mouth against hers, sealing his words with a kiss and staking his claim on her several more times throughout the night.

She couldn’t stop shaking as he held her; she had never been so happy in her whole life. With her arms wrapped around him, she whispered her love, her lips pressed against his. Each time he took her that night, she reveled in the pleasure of his body, the safety of his arms. She waited for him to hurt her, however he never did. Not in any way that she didn’t want. He was somehow everything she wanted, and everything she never knew she wanted. She'd been waiting for him for so long. As she finally drifted off, her head on his chest, his heartbeat lulling her to sleep, things became clear to her. She was always meant to be his. The road to him was a difficult one, and she survived it. She lived long enough for him to find her, to save her. Now she will never leave his side.


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