Bolton Rising - Part 19 - Petyr & Alayne

Petyr: Now, now, it's a surprise my dear. he chuckles as you squirm in the backseat of the limo and complain about the blindfold as the car drives along We're almost there and you're going to love this. Petyr grins as the car comes to a stop and he helps you out, the warm summer breeze coming off the ocean, wafting the scent of sea salt in the air Now you can look Alayne. takes your blindfold off, revealing a brand new luxury yacht waiting off the dock. the sun is just beginning to set, bathing the beautiful boat in hues of orange, pinks and reds. The name "Little Bird" is elegantly scripted on the yacht's side
 Alayne: gasps, covering her mouth with both hands, then spinning around to face you PETYR! she cries as she throws her arms around your neck, kissing you again and again, then pulling back to look into your smiling grey-green eyes this is too much! you...oh! kisses you again, running her fingers through your hair Petyr: Mmm... save some of that for later my sweet. First let's christen the ship and set off. We have a lovely dinner awaiting us on aboard. grabbing the chilled champagne bottle from the back of the limo, he walks with you down the dock, smiling as he hands over the bottle Will you do the honors? Strike hard and swift. chuckles, while the Hound only raises a brow at you, then heads up to secure the premises 
Alayne: Me? Do you think I can? she looks to you and to the Hound for encouragement. seeing his dismissal, she frowns a little, then takes the bottle from you. swinging her arm back, she smashes the bottle into the prow of the ship. Alayne gasps when it shatters, jumping back a little Petyr! she smiles broadly and grasps your arm I did it! leaning into you as you slip your arm around her waist, she lets you guide her up the ramp. stepping lightly onto the boat, she looks around in awe 
Petyr: Tell the Captain to set off, Clegane and you can leaves us for the night. he shows you around, enjoying your pure excitement and guiding you up to the top deck where a candlelit dinner is already glowing, pulling out your chair just as the yacht begins to pull away from the dock So what do you think my love? Was it worth all that dreadful anticipation? teases as he leans down to kiss your bare shoulder By the way, I love this dress you choose Alayne... I can't wait to take it off you. whispers, before strolling around to take his own seat, grinning with amusement as his executive chef emerges, presenting an appetizer of fresh oysters with lemon 
 Alayne: she looks down at her strapless grecian style gown, gathered at the waist with a delicate silver braid and slit high up the side, showing off her shapely thigh Do you like it, love? It reminds me of bluebells, you know how I love bluebells...  she bites her lip and shivers as your lips touch her bare shoulder Petyr...this is so beautiful... I can't believe you did all of this for me... looks at you across the candlelit table and yet, I'm  a bit distracted by the thought of you undressing me... 
Petyr: You deserve all the pleasures of the world my sweetling for making me so happy. takes a drink of wine, his grey-green eyes roaming over your beautiful face, then trailing a heated look down to your breasts, so full and displayed perfectly in that sleek dress Undressing you has been on my mind since the moment I saw you. I do wonder if your'e wearing any panties under there... teases as he grabs an oyster and sucks it off the shell, enjoying the burst of flavor over his tongue
 Alayne: I think I'll let you wonder a little longer...just as you made me wait for your surprise... her eyes twinkle. she enjoys watching the way you look at her, loves the way you desire her so deeply. picking up an oyster, she squeezes a lemon wedge, then sucks the oyster delicately off the shell lemon...you know everything I love, Petyr...this couldn't be more perfect. Do you know, I sometimes think I'm the luckiest girl in the world.  I don't know how it's possible to be so happy, and yet, here I am.
Petyr: They say oysters are an aphrodisiac. I wonder how much I''ll be ravished by you tonight. chuckles softly, just as the chef comes back with the main course of grilled lobster on a bed of tossed fresh greens with melted garlic butter Smells delicious chef. Thank you. Petyr compliments kindly as the man bows and takes his leave As long as you feel that way my Little Bird, then I can't ask for more. 
Alayne: How I could possibly be more attracted to you, I can't imagine... But yes, you make me terribly happy... covers her mouth with her fingertips, smiling delighted as the chef presents the main course Oh, how did you know I loved grilled lobster? I mentioned that only in passing...that was ages ago! 
Petyr: It's my business to know, my lady, and my memory is very sharp. Knowledge is power. Those words have never lead me wrong. smiles softly, tasting a morsel of lobster on his fork, dipping it in the buttery sauce and then offering it to you first
  taking a morsel 
Alayne: Always a perfect gentleman as well... she leans forward to take the bite you offer her, exposing more of her cleavage as she does so It's so good! Petyr! I can't stop smiling! taking your hand, she lifts your fingers to her lips and kisses them one by one 
 Petyr: smiles and cups your cheek, caressing your lips with his thumb I want this pretty mouth all around me tonight my love. pulls his hand away, noting your breasts As much as I want to finish our dinner, I'm afraid at this rate I'll have you on the table for dessert. smirks, rising from his chair and walking over to you, holding his hand out Come... Alayne: taking your hand and rising, she moves with you, suddenly urgent I need you so badly, I can barely stand it! she laughs Is it the oysters, do you think? I think it might be you, my love, that's making me so wet and impatient.
Petyr: Oh... maybe both. he chuckles, pulling you close and sliding a hand up your leg, dipping between the slit of the dress to cup the heat of your body, feeling a pair of dampened silk panties Mmm... those will have to go very soon. kisses you as he fingers your clit over the sinful material, his tongue parting your mouth to dance with yours, walking you backwards till your ass hits the railing of the yacht 
 Alayne: she draws in her breath, breathing you in as you slide you hand between her thighs, gently rubbing her sensitive nub as you pull her into your arms Take them off of me... she whispers raggedly as she closes her eyes, opening her mouth to you, her tongue mating with yours. she slides her hands up your chest and over your shoulders, pushing your jacket off impatiently, pulling at your tie, needing to touch your skin 
Petyr: Patience little bird... I want to savor you. smirks against your soft skin, kissing his way down your neck and nipping at you You're my dessert remember? he turns you around to face the open sea as the stars and moon shine overhead, their light glittering over the gentle waves Hold on to the rail, Alayne... holds his fingers into your panties and pulls them down, kneeling behind you as he pushes your dress to the slide and spreads your legs wider, dipping his tongue against your wet pink lips with a groan of desire
Alayne: whimpers, patience being the last thing on her mind, she turns for you. leaning forward holding onto the rail, she can see the expanse of the sea before her and it looks infinite. as you part her legs further, she wonders what she could have done to deserve this perfect life with you. those thoughts disappear however, to be replaced with pure pleasure when your tongue touches her, her moans mingle with the sound of the wake water, and the ocean breeze 
 Petyr: delves his hungry tongue between your folds, soaking himself in your sweet nectar and drowning in your taste before getting back up You're dripping my love... whispers sinfully in your ear with a voice that makes your toes curl, his hands caressing that bare ass and hips, gliding over your pussy in a tease before unzipping his sleek slacks and penetrating you with his erection. The full tip nudges in softly, enveloped by your pink folds. then a firm thrust to gain entrance, his thick, hard length spearing into your heat
 Alayne: your silky voice causes her tummy to clench deliciously. the touch of your hand, feeling your cock pressing softly against her sex, she shivers all over Mmm.... petyr... her breath catches in her throat as you hesitate, then she dissolves into a moan at your entry, grasping tightly to the iron railing to keep from sinking to her knees I...ohhh....you feel so good... 
 Petyr: Alayne... groans at your exquiste tight heat, his cock throbbing inside those velvety walls, the clench driving him mad with passion as he fucks you with deep long strokes. One hand clamps down on your hip, while the other reaches around and yanks your dress top down, exposing your breasts to the cool evening wind, fingers capturing the hardening nipple and squeezing the precious nub 
Alayne: crying out loudly, rests her cheek on the cool railing as you thrust in and out of her. your cock fills her so fully, she feels her walls stretching around you, feels your flesh hitting against her bare ass. your fingers on her nipple send spears of intense pleasure throughout her entire body, as heat builds in her womb 
 Petyr: Petyr grabs you firmly by the hips, pulling you back as he surges forward harder, driving his embedded cock deeply to smack your cervix repeatedly, his balls aching for release Little Bird... you'll always be mine. wraps you up in his arms, holding you against him as he cums, his hot breath groaning on the nape of your neck 
Alayne: Oh, my Petyr... she breathes, clenching around you as you hit against the very core of her. slowly opening her eyes, she thinks she sees someone standing in the shadows of the yacht's cabin, a dark silent figure, watching.... just then, her climax overtakes her, rushing through her, and she melts into your embrace. Closing her eyes and whispering words of love to you, she forgets about the dark figure in the shadows


  1. OK I never ship Petyr/Sansa but damn! Maybe I do now???