Bolton Rising - Part 22 - Ramsay & Arya/Jeyne

Ramsay: He sits in the limo, scowling out the window and smoking a cigarette, glaring as the world goes by, his father always pisses him off and sours his mood. The Bastard of Bolton spares you a few glances here and there, his pale eyes roaming with a dark possessive aura, marking your exposed flesh. "What do you think of my father, Pet? See any resemblance between he and I?" He questions without even looking at you, staring at the whores on the street, showing off their wares, finding a redhead in the bunch to be the most disgusting sack of fuck holes. "Hmm... what I'd give to sink my blade into that one right now. A disfiguring would do wonders for her complexion."
 Arya: Stopped at a traffic light, Arya too, watches the prostitutes gathered on the sidewalks. She isn't sure which woman you are referring to, although the redheaded one looks far more used than the others. She nods, answering softly, "I do see a resemblance between you and your father, Master. Especially in your eyes." She smiles at you cautiously, continuing, "I think you're the more handsome, though." Taking a deep breath, she adds, "I think you are extremely handsome, you know..." She waits, hoping it was alright to tell you this now, fearful of your mood, as the visit to your father had made you so furious. 
 Ramsay: Turns his head to look at you, your words attracting his attention and stroking his ego. "Do you now my pet? smirks with a bemused look lighting up his eyes I wonder if you will feel the same after this..." the Bastard presses the screen shield's button, lowering the barrier between the driver and passenger sides. "Luton turn into the next alley and stop the car. I want to show my pet around the back alleys of downtown." "Yes boss. Right away." Luton answers quickly, soon pulling the car off the main street and heading deep into a darkened alleyway, the car's headlights spooking the homeless bums and making them scatter for safety like frighten vermin. 
 Arya: Her eyes widen as the headlights sweep the alley, a shiver runs down her spine as she sees the movement of the homeless people pushing deeper into the shadows. "I don't think anything could change the way I feel about that, Master..." She looks into your pale, cold eyes and gives you a shaky smile. "You'll always be handsome, no matter what happens... to me." She can feel her hands shaking as she slides across the seat and follows you, taking the hand you offer her as she steps from the limo. As she straightens, she hears a scurrying sound behind some nearby trash bins and tries hard not to think of what might be making that noise. Looking around her, the brick alley is dark and dirty. The only illumination coming from the car's headlights. Not even the dim flicker of a television shines from the windows above. "Where...are we...Master?" 
Ramsay: "They call this place Flea Bottom, my Pet," the Bastard answers, sliding his arm around your slender waist, hand over your firm ass and begins to walk you over to the wall "It's where the forgotten, the sick and vile make their home. Away from the 'decent' folks." he laughs with an air of delight, pinning you back against the hard brick surface and sliding his hand up your inner thigh, under your dress to finger your cunt, inspecting his property "Mmm... still wet I see. That's good. We can skip the beating and get straight to the fucking." Ramsay pulls his hand out, licking your honey off his finger, then turning to Luton who stood by the car. "Bring me my camera." "Yes Boss." His Bastard Boy disappears back into the limo for a moment and comes back with a camera/video cam, handing it over to his Boss, keeping all eye contact away from you as Ramsay fiddles with the camera's buttons. 
 Arya: She leans back against the wall, shuddering a little. The bricks feel damp and cold against her skin and she tries not to think of the filth that has accumulated here. She remains quiet while Luton approaches and then returns to stand by the car. She is still wet for you, and she knows how bad she must be, to want you so badly in this terrible place. Silent still, she wonders about the camera... will you make her pose for you after you've had her? She's not sure, but she longs for you to fill her, to ride her hard in this awful place. 
 Ramsay: "Ah... there it goes." Ramsay grins as the camera's shutter opens and the digital display casts a glowing light against his face, highlighting his pale eyes even more in the growing darkness. Even the Moon's dim light seems to fade from the horror of this place, trapped behind passing clouds. "Lower your dress Arya. I want to see your tits. Play with them for me."
 Arya: Slipping the thin straps of her dress down over her shoulders, she pulls the tight, black fabric of the dress down, letting her full breasts free. Her dark eyes on your pale ones, she runs her palms up and down over her already stiff nipples for a moment, then pinching the hardened buds between her fingers, twisting and pulling. She moans, soft and low, biting her lip and watching your lips curl into a smirk. Pushing the firm globes together, squeezing them for you, her cunt tingling, wetness trickling onto her thighs 
 Ramsay: "Luton get your ass back over here!" he yells, watching you with growing desire as his loyal Bastard Boy quickly drops his spent cigarette and runs back around the car, nervous as a chicken without its head. "Yes Boss?" Ramsay giving him a measured look, before handing the camera over "Film me as I fuck this bitch. And the footage better not be shaky or I will chop your damn hands off. Got it?" he growls, then comes walking towards you. Dark and menacing, stalking you with his desire. "Kneel pet and open your mouth..." Ramsay orders while unzipping his dark slacks and freeing his hard wet tipped erection.
Arya: Dropping quickly to her knees, the rough pavement feels gritty and greasy under her knees. She licks her lips and opens her mouth as you step in, leaning forward a little and kissing the head of your cock as it bumps against her lips. Opening wide as you feed your length between her lips, she licks at you with her tongue and closes her lips around your thickness. Sucking steadily, she moves her head forward and then back, working your length, deeper and deeper with every thrust. 
 Ramsay: He grasps your hair with a groan, pulling your mouth off suddenly and slaps you hard across the face, glaring down into your startled eyes with anger. Don't fucking suck me off like you looking to make a quick $20! You want me to treat you like a cheap whore?" He yanks you to your feet and slams you back against the wall, flipping his switch blade out from his coat pocket "Want me cut that whorish tongue out, Pet?!"
 Arya: "N..no...please... Master... I was... hungry for you..." Shaking hard, bare tits pressed against the slimy wall, she pleads with you. "I'm sorry, I went too fast... I was too eager..." Arya feels the tears welling up in her eyes, feels them begin to spill down her cheeks, you were already so angry. Now she's made it worse, and only thorough her selfish desire to drink you in. She feels the cold steel blade against her cheek and tries very hard to be still. 
 Ramsay: "I could hurt you in so many way with this simple blade." He whispers with a cold murderous tone, caressing your soft cheek with the razor edge of the knife as he lingers against the skin of your nape, smelling your perfume, desire and fear mixing with each other. "Savor every cry, scream and plea from you if I really wanted to. You know this don't you, my Pet? So why are you making me so angry..." The Bastard growls, shoving the hemline of your dress up over the rise of your ass, exposing you completely to Luton and the camera. "I think you want to be punished. Badly." He yanks his belt off and snaps the leather strap, warming it up just for you 
 Arya: Sobbing now, she can't control her shaking, the blade is so cold against her warm skin. "I... only... I didn't... I'm sorry...." Not knowing what to do, how to make you understand that she'd only wanted more of you. She quieted, holding her tongue. There would be no reasoning with you, she knew. She squeezes her eyes shut, awaiting her punishment. 
 Ramsay: Swings his arm back and lands a punishing blow across both your ass cheeks, leaving a hot red welt seared into your creamy flesh, the contact of leather against skin echoing loudly in the empty alley way "You think you can treat me like some John for money? You're more than that to me girl!"" the Bastard's tone sends chills down Luton's spine, but he wisely keeps his mouth shut and continues filming your torment as his Boss lands lash after lash over your naked body. Bright red strap marks covering your entire backside and thighs.
 Arya: Bracing herself against the wall to hold herself upright under the force of your blows, she tries hard not to scream. "But... I love you!" She moans, as welts begin to form on her soft skin. She knows that you'll draw blood soon. The pain is intense, but worse is the pain she feels when she hears you speak those words to her. You think she doesn't care...you think she doesn't love you.... "Master... Ramsay!" she pants, "I love you more than my own life... please understand me..." 
 Ramsay: "Silence! Your words irritate me!" He growls, taking the belt and looping it around your neck, tying it tightly enough to make it hard for you to breathe, then wrapping the remaining length around his hand like a leash. "It's all just words... meaningless and filled with lies!" Ramsay snaps back, his boot kicking your legs out wide before his cock spears into your tight cunt, merciless and with a ravishing wrath. His hard thick length rams into you hard and fast, while the Bastard pulls back on your choker, suffocating you, enjoying the fearful clenching your body produces in reaction to so much stimulation.
 Arya: She is choking, barely able to get a breath, choking on her sobs, desperate for you to believe her. Her love for you, even as you hurt her this way, is all consuming. Your merciless thrusts into her, painful at first, then the pleasure becomes extreme. She pants and gasps, struggling for breath. Ready to die at your hands, only if you can understand her feelings for you, her Master. "My.... love...." she breathes. 
 Ramsay: Ramsay groans at your words, shoving his throbbing cock to the hilt inside you and spilling his seed. "My Pet..." the Bastard pants, letting his raging anger slip away, finally relaxing his grasp on the leash and letting the stale stank air of the alleyway rush back into your lungs. He pulls out, yanking the camera out of Luton's quivering hands and records his seed dripping from your abused folds. He is pleased by the sight of you punished and helpless against the wall, crying and gasping for air in the aftermath of his savagery. "That choker stays on until we return home. And don't bothered getting dressed, I want the rest of my Boys to see how badly you behaved tonight. Let's go." He shuts the camera off and takes you hard by the elbow, walking you back to the car and tossing you into the backseat.
 Arya: Gulping down huge lungfuls of air, she breathes in the rancid air of the alleyway, cumming as the air enters her lungs. She sags against the wall, shaking with sobs, while you take the camera and move in close. She would never dare to dress or remove the choker from her neck. She may have survived your anger for now, but she dares not stir the beast within you again. Sprawling across the seat of the car, she pulls herself up beside you, keeping her head down, tears falling onto the seat, leaving dark splotches on the soft leather. 
 Ramsay: He quietly strokes your hair the entire ride back home, never saying a word to you or Luton, just enjoying his smoke. Then he marches you back up the front steps of the compound and through the main hallways, interrupting the Bastard Boy's poker game as they all stop to stare at your state of distress. Damon licking his lips at you and smiling smugly. "Damn Boss did you beat her half to death or what?" His comment sending the rest of the table into a laugh. Skinner, Grunt, Ben, Alyn and Dick all letting their hungry eyes covet your body. 
 Arya: Your hand stroking her hair is the sweetest thing she's ever felt. Her tears flow non-stop, but quietly now. The ride home seems endless and although she's in pain, she only can think of how she'd displeased you. Walking through the house, her head down, she can hear your boys jeering and she bites her lip to hold back another sob. She wants to keep walking, to hide in the bedchamber and never come out, but she stands with you, enduring the stares and laughter, feeling so vulnerable with her heaving breasts and soft bare pussy exposed, her ass covered with welts from your belt. 
Ramsay: "Deal me in boys. I'll be right back after I put my naughty pet in her room for the night." He strolls passed Luton as he stays behind, already getting milked for info from the other boys on what went down. The Bastard takes you straight to his room and into the bathroom, where he starts the tub's water running and pours bath lotions in, then strips your ruined dress from you and tosses it into the trash. "Bathe and remove every trace of filth from your body. Then go lay down naked on the bed and I will smooth some healing slave over your wounds." He starts to remove his own clothes, turning on a hot shower for himself. 
Arya: Arya does as you ask, bathing carefully, scrubbing away the dirt and grime of the alleyway. She scrubs hard, as if by washing thoroughly she can remove the memories along with the dirt. She shampoos her hair and watches your perfectly sculpted form as you remove your clothes and step into the shower. It's impossible for her not to admire you, her love for you so strong now, combined with the way you look sends butterflies fluttering through her tummy. 
 Ramsay: "Are you done, my Pet?" he asks, while stepping out, his toned body glistening with the hot steam, defining the outlines of his perfect musculature. The stern and deadly Master, stands before you with a half hard cock, before hiding that treasure behind a towel and wandering off into the bedroom. "Arya, Pet..." he calls, when you still linger in the tub, lost in a daze of your own thoughts 
 Arya: Snapping out of her haze, she climbs from the tub, suddenly feeling the pain of her beating. "I'm coming now, Master..." she calls to you, hurrying to wring the water from her hair and gingerly pat her skin dry with one of the white fluffy towels. As the soft towels felt like sandpaper on her broken skin, she leaves them behind and enters the bedroom naked. "I'm here, Master." She says quietly, climbing onto the bed, face down. She can't imagine the silky comforter touching her aching back, buttocks and legs. She is covered with hard, angry welts that burn like fire.
 Ramsay: Ramsay dips his fingers into the small jar of cooling slave and begins to smear the thick cream over your lash marks with gentle care, never rubbing into the wounds. "You won't be able to sit or sleep comfortably for a few days my pet, but the pain will be a reminder not to test me." He speaks softly, his voice like honey and silk, lulling you into a feeling of safety and protection.
 Arya: "Thank you...for helping me..." she whispers into the pillows, her eyes closing. The events of the night have exhausted her more than she knew. Your fingers are so gentle, your touch so loving. The pain lessens as much from your soft words as from the ointment you're applying. Her neck and throat are sore, but she doesn't mind. She must remember. It won't do to make more mistakes. She deserved her punishment and she's grateful for it now. Grateful for you. As her mind quiets, she drifts into sleep. Just as she is slipping from consciousness, she murmurs. "I love you..." very, very softly... 
 Ramsay: "It's not enough... my Arya. I want more." He whispers as you're sleeping, before fetching some clean clothes, dressing and heading out the door.

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