Bolton Rising - Part 23 - Ramsay & Arya/Jeyne

Ramsay: "How are you feeling my lovely pet?" Smirks as he stands before you, enjoying a glass of wine and a smoke. Your body spread open and tied to the antique plush sofa in the living room clan in a tight lace corset, black silk stockings with matching garter belts and a pair of deep red pumps, but no panties of any kind. The Bastard is enjoying the sight of your pink pussy on display as your legs are held wide open, ankles chained to the front posts of the sofa, while your arms are bound behind your back.
Arya: She looks up at you, eyes wide, not knowing what to expect, but just being in this position, open, helpless, your eyes on her, makes her pussy tingle. "I feel... I want you, Master... I like it when you look at me...." She feels her nipples, already hard little nubs, begging for your attention, the air on her exposed cunt is cool, and she can tell she is already wet for you. "I want you... so badly..." She says in barely more than a whisper. 
 Ramsay: "That's good my pretty girl." Ramsay smiles as he puffs out a plume of smoke, setting his glass of wine down and running his fingers tips up the inside of your inner thigh, avoiding your wet cunt and slowly pulling at the ties of your corset, letting your breasts spill out. "Do you want to know why my Bastard Boys are so loyal to me Arya? It's because I share my toys with them, like a close group of brothers would do. Remember our time with Damon in the stables?" The Bastard teases, circling your hard nipples, caressing the rosy pebbles. 
 Arya: Arya gasps as the cool air causes her nipples to harden even further, almost painfully. She tries to keep her face from falling at your words... Her mind screams "NO! I only want you!!" Yet she forces a shaky smile, answering instead, "I remember, Master... If you wish for Damon to join us, I... understand..." Proud of her self for controlling her tongue and not angering you. 
 Ramsay: " Damon is out on an assignment for me, so perhaps another time my pet. I'll let him know you were eager for him to join us. But lucky for you the rest of my boys are here tonight and ready to have a taste of you." he replies, cupping your cheek and forcing your surprised eyes to meet his stern, pale gaze. Don't disappoint me Arya or I will punish you severely... He smiles handsomely, before turning his face to the hallway and calling out, "Luton get your sorry ass in here!"
Arya: "The..rest of them?" She asks you, her voice quavering, feeling her whole body begin to quiver in fear. How could she possibly withstand them all? "Yes, I'll... I mean no...I won't disappoint you...I promise..." She stammers, remembering your previous punishments. If this was her task, her punishment would be terrible, indeed. 
Ramsay: "Yes Boss..." Luton wanders in, slightly nervous as always, and keeping his eyes turned away from you as Ramsay steps away and goes to the bar off in the corner... "Tell my pet what you enjoy most doing to a bitch." He orders, while refilling his glass from the wine decanter. "I... I like to lick them, Boss." Luton replies softly, while his Boss enjoys a sip of wine, a smirk forming across his devious lips. 
Arya: Her mouth falls slightly open and she hesitates, not quite sure how to proceed. She doesn't want to guess wrong, she wants desperately to do everything right for you. Taking a deep breath, she looks at your smile, then looks at Luton. "My Master wishes me to please you... y...you must..." She looks to you again before finishing... "you must do as you like to me?" Then she holds her breath and waits... 
 Ramsay: "Go on Luton. Shove your tongue deep inside that pussy." He chuckles softly as Luton wanders over between your spread legs and kneels down on the floor, keeping his hands off you till he's told otherwise by the Boss. He remembers the time he almost lost a hand that way, Ramsay's fury giving Luton his nervous ticks since then. "She smells nice Boss... and her cunt is already so wet." Luton moves his face closer, nuzzling his mouth against your pink lips and darting his tongue out to give you a tentative lick, letting that sweet dripping honey explode over his taste buds. 
 Arya: By this time she is almost dripping, anticipation and fear heightening her arousal. She looks down at Luton as he kneels before her, then turns her face to you as his lips touch her wet heat. She gasps out loudly, watching your lips curl. She licks her own lips as you lean back, taking her in with your pale eyes. As Luton runs his tongue over her sex she cries out sofly, surprised, even as she expects the contact, she is so engrossed by your reaction. 
 Ramsay: Ramsay strolls around to stand behind the sofa, cupping your chin and tilting your head back to stare up at him. "Eyes on me pet..." he grins, sliding his thumb between your lips for you to suckle on as Luton's tongue teases the hood of your clit, pushing against it and exposing your sensitive nub. His mouth sucks on your soft folds one at a time, the nervous Bastard Boy growing more confident, bolder, as he drinks more of your nectar. Groaning as he wedges his face right into your hot cunt, thrusting his tongue into your quivering hole, spearing hard into you 
 Arya: "Mmmm....Yes, Master..." she moans, her words muffled by your thumb as she nurses on you. Luton's tongue driving into her causes her to suck on you harder, she finds her mouth and tongue moving with his, matching the rhythm of his licking and sucking. Her eyes half close as she writhes in her bonds, but she never breaks her eye contact with you, ever. 
 Ramsay: "You like this more then you realize Arya." Ramsay grins down at you, pulling his hand away and leaning down to kiss you with wine flavored lips. The Bastard's tongue slipping inside like a serpent's and gliding over yours, twirling around as Luton's own moves inside the heat of your body, devouring the taste of your cunt with an obsessive fever 
 Arya: She wants to answer you, but her words are lost in your kiss. She wants to tell you that she can learn to love anything that you desire her to. She kisses you back with a fierce hunger, sucking on your lips and your tongue, biting your lip as the pleasure in her cunt builds and builds, exploding with a surge of wetness into Luton's mouth, her hips rocking, pressing her clit against your man's tongue as her eyes close and she thinks only of you.

 Ramsay: Pulls away from your tempting lips, enjoying the sound of your orgasm as you cry out and shudder in release, Luton licking away at you as he collects your offering. The Bastard Boy finally leans back on his heels, wiping a soaked mouth and chin with the back of his hand, a satisfied smile upon his face... "You can leave us now. Send in Alyn and Skinner." Ramsay orders, running his fingers through your hair as Luton leaves and the next two of his men enter the room.

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