Bolton Rising - Part 24 - Ramsay & Arya/Jeyne

Arya: Panting, Arya looks up as the two men enter the room. Both are big and fit, one larger than the other. Her whole body quivers with the aftershocks of her orgasm, she can feel she's still wet as your guards come to stand before her. She knows her cheeks must be flushed red and her bare pussy lips must be pink and puffy. As she watches them take in her bound form, she can feel you standing behind her, your hand resting possessively on her shoulder. She is afraid, but somehow excited, waiting to see what you will order them to do to her. 
 Ramsay: "Boys, it's time you met my pet Arya more intimately." As he speaks, he pulls his switch blade out and slices the ropes binding your hands behind your back, freeing you from the tight restraints as Alyn and Skinner smirk almost in unison. "Is she a good cock sucker?" Skinner questions, grabbing at his crotch, already thick with arousal from the sight of your naked body, those full tits exposed, cunt glistening with wetness... "Yes she is. Her sweet mouth loves to suck on dick. Don't you pet?" Ramsay grins walking away again and leaving you in the hands of his men. "Enjoy her talents and use her well." 
 Arya: "Master!" She cries, terror sweeping over her. You can't want to leave her with these two men... She instinctively slides to the corner of the couch, closing her legs and drawing her knees up to her chest. The big men loom over her, smiling darkly. Her mind races, she knows she must not disappoint you, but she is so afraid. Tears well up in her eyes and she knows she must be brave. Sliding off of the couch, she drops to her knees in front of Skinner. Hands at her sides, she looks up at him and licks her lips. 
 Ramsay: "She's mine first." Alyn, the silent one, suddenly reaches out and grabs you by the hair, yanking your face towards him has his free hand unzips and frees a harden cock, wasting no time in sliding that thick shaft passed your open lips. "Fucker, you're going to blow your wad before we even get started." Skinner growls, dropping his jeans and exposing himself, too. His own cock wider and with a curved shaft, jutting out from between toned thighs, waiting for your hot little mouth.

 Arya: Arya cries out as Alyn grabs her hair and roughly drags her closer. She grabs his leg to keep from tipping as the head of his cock pushes between her soft lips. She opens wide and doesn't resist as he thrusts in to the back of her throat. Tightening her lips around his thickness, she begins to suckle as he holds steady. She uses her tongue, beginning to work at the underside of his shaft. She can feel Skinner behind her, moving around slowly, taking in the picture of her on her knees, her head pulled back by the hair, full tits jutting forward and Alyn's cock deep in her throat. 
Ramsay: Ramsay smirks from the bar, watching your performance and keeping an eye on his men while talking on his cell casually doing business as your offered up and made to please the pair of Bastard Boys. "Fuck she's sucking on me so good..." Alyn groans, reluctantly pulling you off, smearing that wet tip across your puffy lips before handing you off to Skinner. "Come here, pretty girl." The more patient of the two cupping your cheek and pulling your mouth down wide open with his thumb, before shoving his dick in roughly, thrusting hard and soaking himself in your saliva. 
 Arya: This time she is ready, this man is bigger, yet more gentle with her. As he opens her mouth, she relaxes her throat and lets this one slide in even deeper. He slides a big hand behind her head and strokes her hair, giving her leave to move her head at will. She is less frightened and rewards him by sliding her lips slowly back along his shaft and suckling on the head of his cock, running her tongue round and round, before taking him in deep again, swallowing as she does so, letting him into her throat. She looks up at his face. He is better looking than Alyn and when he looks down at her, he smiles. Suddenly he groans and buries his hand in her hair, holding her, then pulling her back until only trailing strands of saliva connect his cock to her lips. 
 Ramsay: Alyn grows jealous at your attentions on his friend and moves in closer, shoving his cock back in your face. "Use your hand on me and suck harder bitch, before I smack you around." Skinner's hold in your hair stays, tightening his fist and moving your mouth back onto Alyn's straining manhood. "Always the romantic, Alyn." Skinner laughs. "Don't forget to tell her to suck on your balls too or I'm going to enjoy that pleasure all by myself."

 Arya: Arya wonders what you would do if your man really did hit her, and a tiny part of her hopes that he will so she can find out. She doesn't like this one, he's mean and has a weaselly look about him. She wraps her mouth around the head of his cock and her hand around his shaft. Feeling drawn to Skinner, as he seems safer, she keeps her connection to him and lifts her hand to cup his balls, weighing them in her hand, holding them one by one, moving the skin over them, pleased to hear the guard's deep grunt of pleasure. She continues to work her mouth on Alyn, using her fingers to slide up and down his length. 
 Ramsay: Alyn groans loudly, throbbing inside the wet heat of your mouth while enjoying the feel of your fingers on his shaft. "Fuck you Skinner. She's only being sweet to you because the dumb bitch is falling for your kind bullshit act. Why don't you tell her the reason behind your nickname huh?" Alyn growls out, before moaning in release, his seed pumping out across your lips and tongue, then shoving you off him with a glare. 
Arya: Swallowing and licking Alyn's cum from her lips, she looks up at Skinner, then dips her head and begins to bathe his balls with her tongue. As she does so, she moves her hand to wrap her fingers around his shaft, massaging the thin line of skin at the base of his cock head with her thumb. Then she begins to work her way up the base of his shaft, licking, her hand falling away as her mouth covers his cock, taking him in and sucking as she pushes forward. 
 Ramsay: "You just got sucked off and you're still sour as ever Alyn. Get then fuck out of here and let me enjoy my nut before I flay your annoying tongue." Skinner replies, pushing your head down all the way to deep-throat his swollen cock, hand holding you pinned in place as he shoots his friend a dark look... "Enough Alyn." Ramsay finally speaks up, ending his call and turning his pale eyes onto the argument. "Later, then." Alyn mutters and heads out, while Skinner pulls you back by the hair, letting the tip of his cock rest upon your chin, watching you panting for breath 
Arya: She takes the moment to breathe freely, then opens he mouth again for Skinner to push back inside. She wraps her lips tightly around his girth and closes her eyes, trying to imagine he is you. He moves his hips, thrusting in and out, plunging deep into her throat, harder and faster. As he moves she thinks only of you, knowing you're watching, wondering of you're pleased with her. 
 Ramsay: Skinner places both hands on the sides of your head, spreading his stance and thrusting all the way to the hilt with each stroke, groaning in pleasure as he cums. His hot seed hits the back of your throat in several squirts, before he finally pulls away from you. A satisfied grin gracing his lips, trailing his fingers across your soft cheek. "She's a fine pet you have, Boss. Thanks." Skinner yanks his jeans back up, taking an offered cigarette from the Bastard of Bolton then departing. 
 Arya: Swallowing yet again, she tries to catch her breath, smiling shyly at Skinner before he turns from her and goes. She continues to kneel, hoping she's pleased you, yet terrified that there is something she's done wrong. She begins to shake as you take your time approaching her. She wonders if you will punish her, and how you'll do it. Fighting back tears, she turns her head to meet your ice blue stare. 
 Ramsay: Drink this pet. Ramsay hands you his glass of strong bourbon, letting that stern pale gaze linger over your nakedness. The rest of your evening will conclude in the bedroom. I need to get you prepared first before the last of my Bastard Boys arrive to have their turns.
 Arya: "Yes, Master..." she takes the glass from you and takes a sip, coughs a little, then takes another. She rises to her feet shakily, placing the empty glass on the end table. Your manner is serious, almost businesslike and her fear begins to build. You must not be pleased with her, she thinks. She must do everything right, she is so afraid to anger you further.

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