Bolton Rising - Part 25 - Ramsay & Arya/Jeyne

Ramsay: "Come along now pet." He smacks you on your bare ass and lets you walk in front of him, taking you straight into the master bedroom and shutting the door. "Take off everything you have on." He orders before disappearing into the walk-in closet, searching for a special ensemble he wants you to wear. The Bastard of Bolton returns with a full body black latex outfit, gimp mask and high pointed ballerina heels, tossing the outfit onto the bed. "You will wear this tonight my pet, to entertain my boys and I in the dungeon."

Arya: "Oh..." she answers, not knowing what else to say... Usually she is barely covered, so this is quite different. "Yes, of course...Master." She begins to undress as you watch, her mind racing ahead to the dungeon. She can't help but anticipate what will be done to her there. You and your boys, you'd said... More of them she wonders? Or the same three who've visited her tonight...or all of them together? Her hands shake as she draws up the zippers, the latex clinging to her curves tightly. Somehow she feels more naked than before.

Ramsay: Picks up the gimp mask, smirking as he walks over to you and helps to fasten it over your head, blinding your eyes, then strapping an O-ring into your mouth. He enjoys the sight of you already so helpless, your body teetering on the ballerina pointed tips of your heels. "Mmm... That body is going to get fucked good and hard tonight." He whispers close to your ear, the sound muffled through the latex before he picks you up and tosses you over his shoulder. I wouldn't want you breaking your neck down the stairs in those shoes my pet. Ramsay laughs with amusement, carting you off like a prized meal.

Arya: She can't answer you, so she remains quiet, gag in her mouth, hung over your shoulder, helpless, all her senses are dulled. She is shaking harder now, from head to toe, and she wonders if you can feel it as you carry her down to the main floor of the house, then down the dark dungeon stairs. She can hear muffled men's voices in the room, so she knows you aren't alone. As you set her down, she feels your eyes wander over her, taking her in, owning her. She knows they are all looking at her. The butterflies begin to flutter in her stomach and she prays that you will be satisfied with her tonight.

Ramsay: "Shit Boss are you spoiling us tonight?" Damon's familiar voice speaks first. "I'm glad I got back just in time for this." He chuckles, his deep tone resonating loudly off the dungeon walls. "Like you ever miss a chance for premium class pussy." Ben Bones, keeper of the hounds chimes in, perched up on a crate, smoking with Dick who laughs at the comment. While Grunt only grins, having no tongue with which to speak. "She's something special alright. Perhaps the showpiece I've always wanted." Ramsay replies, his voice trailing off as he wanders away from you, the rattling of chains on a pulley system being lowered filling the void.

Arya: Arya feels her eyes fill with tears, there are so many of them and she is afraid. She wishes she could see them. Equally frightening to her is the fact that she knows she's excited, despite her fear. She can feel her pussy tingling, feels herself getting wet, and she knows how wrong it is to be aroused by something like this. She wants to be used, wants to be filled in every way by these men. She knows it will make you happy, and that is all that matters to her. Your happiness is hers.

Ramsay: Ramsay returns, sliding his hands possessively over your body, enjoying the feel of the skin tight latex and the definition of your curves in it. Taking your wrists and binding them together, then looping the chain onto a hook as Damon hits the wall switch, he raises your arms up over your head while Ben spreads your feet apart with a leg spreader bar. The Bastard Boy taking a moment to run his tongue over your ballerina spike heels, his foot fetish already aroused.

Arya: Arya shivers as hands touch her. She can discern your touch and this, she loves. She wants to rub against you, wants you to take her here and now as the others watch and know she belongs to you. But she can feel herself manipulated by other hands and there is nothing she can do to stop them. Hanging now, her legs spread wide she can feel herself grow even wetter as she contemplates her vulnerable state.

Ramsay: Damon moves in position behind you, shoving your upper body forward as your arms remain suspended overhead, his large hands grabbing you hard by the hips and yanking your pelvis back and up. The Bastard Boy opening the slit to expose your wet cunt and ramming two thick fingers inside you without warning, as Ben Bones fists a handful of your hair, angling your open mouth to take his thick fat cock. "Fuck she's already hot and wet." Damon reports to Ramsay, thrusting his fingers deeper as you squirm in your bonds.

Arya: Unable to cry out, she moans in the back of her throat when Ben yanks hard on her hair just as Damon's fingers plunge into her so suddenly, opening her. Hearing the sound of a zipper, it's only a moment before she feels a thick, hard cock sliding into her mouth, held open wide by the o-ring. Ben plunges his cock deep in fast and she gags as he holds her head hard and pushes deep into her throat.

Ramsay: "Give her a good fucking Damon."  Ramsay orders, leaning back against the far wall to observe the show, smoking casually as his men get ready to pleasure themselves with every hole in your body. Damon nods, unzipping as he withdraws soaked fingers and replaces the vacancy in your eager cunt with his large cock, that throbbing shaft ramming into you as Ben pulls out and Dick steps in. The Bastard Boy shoves his own manhood into your drooling mouth, while a quiet Grunt kneels down to squeeze your tits hard through the latex outfit, catching your nipples between his fingers and pinching, tugging and twisting those hard nubs.

Arya: Damon's cock fills her hard and fast, stretching her tight sheath and stimulating her g-spot. She clenches tightly around him and she can hear him groan in response, his hips beginning to move, thrusting deep and hard. This is just what her body needs after the session she had with Alyn and Skinner. The thick cock that filled her mouth is withdrawn, replaced by another that she can tell is slightly less thick, but longer and just as eager. This one pumps in and out of her mouth faster and she whimpers between his thrusts. Surrounded by your Bastard boys, she can feel hands cupping and squeezing her full breasts. Her nipples are so sensitive, her pussy surges with heat and pleasure as thick fingers manipulate the sensitive buds.

Ramsay: The men take their time ramming into you, soaking their hard cocks well in your wet pussy and mouth, before they all pull away in unison and release you from the bound position, tossing the leg bar aside. "Ready for more, little pet?" Damon taunts, carrying you over to a raised padded platform where Ben waits on his back, erection in hand as your lowered onto it, your cunt sheathing him in that wet tight heat. "Fetch me that lube Grunt." Damon growls with desire as he spreads your ass cheeks apart and gazes at your sweet rose bud, smearing the gel over the head of his cock, before he start nudging in. Meanwhile, Dick moves to stand on the platform, resuming his oral assault on your mouth, hands holding your head on both sides, deep throating you while Grunt waits his turn. The silent man just watches and strokes his cock, grunting as Dick makes you gag on him, drool dripping off your chin.

Arya: She falls into Damon's arms as her bonds are released, legs unable to hold her. She knows she's being carried and manipulated, but only when she feels Ben's thick cock slide into her wet heat, does she begin to understand. Damon eases himself between her ass cheeks, opening her, pushing in slowly and seating himself deep within her. She can feel Ben thrusting under her, feel the blunt head of his cock bumping against Damon's cock so deep inside her. Dick pushes into the o-ring, his cock striking the back of her throat again and again. She is nothing but a vessel for their pleasure. Once you told her that this was all she was, but she never truly knew the full meaning of your words until now. The Bastard Boys using her so thoroughly makes her realize that she has always been meant for this.

Ramsay: "Mmmm... Fucking hell." Dick groans in his release, slamming into your mouth and cumming down your throat. He steps back and finally lets Grunt have his turn, filling your mouth back up as you struggle to swallow and breathe. "You never last long." Damon laughs at his friend, hitting your ass hard with a stinging smack, working his cock all the way up your ass as Ben continues pumping his hips upwards, the Bastard Boy's mouth reaching up to bite and suck on one of your tits through the latex. Both men embedding themselves balls deep inside your body, while Dick hops off the platform. "Thanks Boss. She's a sweet dish." He comments with a wide grin, grabbing his clothes and leaving the dungeon as Ramsay waves goodbye with a smirk.

Arya: She gags and swallows, hot seed filling her mouth and throat. She needs time, but Grunt's cock replaces Dick's and he begins to move his hips quickly, eager to satisfy himself after his long wait. She moans softly around his cock as Ben's teeth sink into her nipple. Even through the latex covering her, the sensation is intense and she feels her pleasure mounting. She's never felt so full before, with every orifice being so thoroughly used at once. She feels dirty and elated all at the same time and her climax begins to build as she pictures you watching her.

Ramsay: "This hot tight cunt is murder on my cock..." Ben moans as he pumps you full of his cum, soaking your pussy. "You should try her ass next time." Damon grunts back, fingers bruising the flesh on your hips as he pulls you back to met each of his final brutal thrusts, a hot load of seed spilling deep in your ass. Both men pulling out and rolling you over onto your back as Grunt stands over you, jacking off to completion with rapid hand movements. The silent Bastard Boy's seed squirting out over your face, the milky white contrast dripping down the sides of the black latex mask.

Arya: Her orgasm sears through her as she feels herself filled with hot thick seed. Contractions wrack her body as first Ben and then Damon climax, grunts and groans echoing off the dungeon walls. Her body is still shuddering and quivering as they flip her over. Hot liquid splashes over her face as Grunt stands over her. She still does not truly know who is who, but she guesses by the sounds of their voices and lack of commentary that it's Grunt who is the last to finish. Panting, she lays still, content. She has no desire to escape, she knows this is where she should be. She waits, hoping that you will come to her now, desperately wanting your arms around her and praying you are not displeased with her behavior.

Ramsay: "Leave us. I want to be alone with my pet now." Ramsay orders, waiting till his men leave before approaching the platform, blade in hand, slashing away at the latex and yanking strips of it off, tossing them away to the floor in a pile. The Bastard of Bolton smiles with delight, the cold sharp metal sliding over the heat of your flushed skin, before he yanks the mask off and takes out the O-ring out of your mouth. "There's my good pet. My pretty girl." He smiles as your eyes blink into focus, his fingertips caressing your soft cheek like an owner caressing their cat.

Arya: At first, when she feels the cold steel against her skin, she is frightened. Quickly though, she realizes you only mean to cut away the latex and she sighs in relief. Flexing and rubbing her stiff, sore jaw, Arya looks at you above her and smiles. "Master..." she whispers, "Have I pleased you? I... thought of you while they were... I tried so hard to make you happy..."

Ramsay: "You did well Arya, but there's always room for improvement." You are a pet in training after all. He takes your hand and helps you to stand from the platform bed, leading you over to the showering area. There he collars you like a bitch and shackles you to the dungeon wall with a heavy chain, smiling as your body shivers in the cold air, your pink nipples pointing out like stiff peaks. "Your tits where the only thing that didn't get filthy from that exercise Arya..." Ramsay cups and molds a breast with his hand, spreading his fingers over the soft flesh and squeezing, feeling the weight of it, before he tortures your nipple with a sharp painful twist, making you cry out. "Down on your knees girl... now."


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