Bolton Rising Part 12 - Alayne & Sandor

 Sandor: slams the door to his bedchambers after carrying you off, tossing you roughly to his bed and looming over you with a predatory look in his dark angered eyes I'm going to have you, girl and nothing is going to stop me growls
Alayne: lies on her back, chest heaving, staring up at you, cheeks flushed, with fear, desire in her eyes We shouldn't... but by the Gods, I need you so badly... I've waited for this for so long... 
Sandor: rips off his Vale cloak and tosses it to the floor with a growl, before climbing onto the bed, trapping you beneath him You think I wouldn't make you suffer for this... grabs you by the chin, staring into your pretty eyes with a dangerous sneer upon his horribly scarred face Every time you give yourself to him, I will take my own pleasures from you as well. You belong to me... crushes his lips against yours with a forceful kiss, thrusting his tongue past your lips 
 Alayne: tears still rolling down her cheeks, she kisses you deeply, hungry for you, moaning against your lips, whispering as you pull back for a moment I want this... I deserve everything, any punishment you have to give... I'm so sorry... holds onto your arms, digging in her fingers as if you might leave her, afraid to let you go love you... You must know that I have, all along... The night you left me... I loved you...

 Sandor: I won't ever give you up girl... grinds himself between your thighs, letting you feel his hard arousal while kissing and biting his way down your neck, yanking at your bodice to expose a breast, the Hound assaulting you with his hungry mouth, suckling on your pink nipple with a fierce suction as hands continue to tear at your clothing 
Alayne: Nor will I ever give you up... I can't... wraps her legs around you, moaning again, this time at the feel of your hard cock rubbing against her heat, its been so long that she's dreamed of this moment I can't ever let you go... you have my heart... twits her fists in the fabric of your tunic as your mouth assaults her sensitive nipple, whimpering with need for you 
Sandor: growls with a deep groan, licking his way down your body and shoving your thighs wide open as his face disappears down below, tasting your heat over your wet small clothes, breathing in your excited scent. the Hound bites onto the fabric and ripping it off, staring at your wet pink folds for a moment before raping you with his mouth 
 Alayne: Oh gods...yes... letting go of your shirt as you pull away to move lower, reaching down to stoke your tangled hair, her mind so full of thoughts of love and pain and need for you. the feel of your mouth on her thru her small clothes is almost too much to bear. your hot breath on her, the touch of your lips, your tongue on her makes her scream. she covers her mouth with one hand to keep from alerting a passing servant, her hips thrusting up off the bed as she writhes under you 
Sandor: digs his fingers hard into your smooth creamy thighs, holding you down as you squirm, stabbing his tongue deep into your wet cunt, drinking you in bathing his lips in your nectar and growling with desire. the Hound's dark eyes peering up at you, before rising up on his knees and yanking the laces on his breeches free, a hard thickened cock springing forth. Come here girl... hauls you up by the arm, shaking you from your daze I'm sure you've already been taught what to do with this. snaps his teeth at you with renewed fury 
Alayne: blinks, trying to clear her head, understanding your demand she reaches out her small hand, wrapping her fingers around your thick shaft, feeling you rock hard and pulsing against her fingers Yes... she whispers leaning in and licking the precum from your slit, running her tongue over and around the head of your cock, sliding her lips over your head and sucking, nursing on you, kissing and swirling her tongue with tenderness, tears falling again, relief at having you in her mouth flooding thru her, she slides her lips down your shaft, feeling you hit the back of her throat, sucking, sliding up and down your length 
 Sandor: thrusts his scarred burnt hand into your soft brown hair, fist tightening in your pretty locks and pulls your head closer, sliding his pulsating member deeper down your mouth and throat tThat's it girl... Only you make me like this. Like an animal... groans with a rumble from his bare chest, pulling your mouth off him and guiding you lower to give his aching balls some badly needed attention 
 Alayne: resists the urge to gag as you push so deeply into her throat, feels the loss of you as you pull out, trailing a thick strand of drool from the head of your cock, dips her head to take one of your balls into her mouth, sucking hungrily. cradling your other in her hand, massaging you, sliding her arm around you and cupping your ass, needing you closer. she hears you groaning as she feels a surge of her sweet nectar begin to drip onto the bed beneath her... releasing you from her mouth she looks up at you, wanting to see your face, her heart surging with love for you 
Sandor: peers down at you, his heart beating along with the throbbing in his cock, feeling himself surging thicker with more blood from the desire he sees in your eyes turn around little bird... the Hound growls, his hands shaking as he latches onto your hips, squeezing you as he moves and pulls you into position, the head of his cock smearing up and down your opening, teasing and pushing in slightly, testing your readiness before he thrusts forward, sinking into your hot wet cunt Fuck... he groans fuck...
Alayne: turns for you, anticipating what you will do and feeling her heart beat even faster, desperately needing you to take her fully, to become yours Please... she whsipers shakily on her hands and knees, squirming a little as you rub the head of your cock up and down over her opening. sliding her knees even further apart, she urges you to take her as your own Ohhhh... she cries out as you push into her tight sheath, instinctively pushing back at you as you push forward, whimpering softly as you exclaim out loud Sandor... please... I need you... clenching around you, begging you to help her find her release 
Sandor: holds you with bruising force, yanking you back harder to take him deeper, groaning out as his thick cock is enveloped by the wet heat of your body Yes... tell me girl... growls, reaching w his scarred hand to pull your head back by the hair, arching your body and leaning over it to whisper in your ear I will fuck your soul... and you will never be able to get me out of your body or your mind again.. the Hound's hot breath lingers over the skin of your nape before he bites down on you, groaning as you clench in reaction, ramming into you like a dog in heat 
 Alayne: sobs at your words, at your closeness, the feeling of you so deep inside of her, crying for the joy and the pain of this moment and every other we've shared I... love...you... she whispers as you pound into her, her body responding, clenching, holding you. pleasure of an intensity she's rarely known is boiling deep within her womb My soul belongs to you... I've wanted this... wanted you... for so long... gasping as she feels her climax building, her tears falling onto your bed as you thrust into her again and again 
Sandor: It will never been enough! roars as he cums, shoving your face to the bed and holding you down, pounding his last firm hard thrusts into your raised backside. the Hound's pelvis brutal as he slams against you, his embedded cock jerking and flooding you with a hot load of seed, before he collapses on to top of you, breathing raggedly against your quivering body 
 Alayne: lies beneath you, shuddering with sobs and the aftershocks of a climax, so intense that for a moment all she can see is white, as though she were lost in a blizzard, yet she sweats and the heat of your body burns against her back. under her cheek, the bed is cool and damp from her tears and she closes her eyes as she tries to catch her breath, the weight of you on her back is too much and yet wonderful, she can't get enough of your skin against hers I know my love...it will never be enough... and I can never tell you how sorry I am... how my heart breaks every time I see you... how I want this, I want you, for every moment of my life... and I know you will never truly believe me... 
 Sandor: You need to come away with me this time, girl... We can escape this place... slips from your wet embrace and turns you around, cupping your flushed cheek with his scarred hand, caressing your perfect soft skin w his thumb Don't you know I will protect you? Care for you... Little Bird... 
 Alayne: Of course I know you will care for me... and your protection, I would never, ever doubt... she looks into your dark eyes and sees something... hope, perhaps, and her heart shatters all over again, she kisses your lips softly. she gently caresses your scarred cheek with the tips of her fingers and feels your cheek is wet, presumably from her own tears, surely you couldn't... I love you, more than my own life... more than my own happiness... this is why we cannot leave here... her tears flow freely again, the pain in her heart is so great 
 Sandor: You just want me as your dog... always by your side but never anything more. growls with a fury, storming from the bed and reaching for the decanter of wine, taking several deep swigs before moving to stand by the window, peering out into the emptiness of open space that defines the Eyrie 
Alayne: NO! climbs from the bed and crosses the little room, coming to stand behind you, resting her hand on your muscled back, unable to miss the beauty of your huge form silouetted against the moonlight I want you in every way... I am yours in all but name, you must know this! slips between you and the window, sliding her arms around your waist, pressing her tear stained cheek against your chest You... possess my very soul... leans back to look up at you If we leave here they will hunt us down and they will kill you... and I cannot live without you... 
Sandor: peers down at you with a sneer, his ruined lips seeking more wine first before giving you a reply Then let them come... I would welcome the challenge and death, if that is what awaits me in this life. smashes the glass bottle into the fireplace, growling as the flames surge to life and lick up the fuel. the Hound grabbing you and hauling you back to the bed, tossing u down on your back and sliding between your thighs, silencing your next words with a thrust, his renewed erection pierce your sheath like a sharp sword 
 Alayne: Ohh! the breath leaves her lungs as she hits the bed hard and she gasps as you thrust into her suddenly, yet she recovers quickly, wrapping her legs around you and grabbing your face between her two hands Then they must kill me too, as I will not live without you.... sliding her hand behind your head she pulls at you with all her strength, bringing your lips to meet hers, kissing you, sucking on your bottom lip, tightening her legs around you 
 Sandor: slides his hands under you, lifting your firm ass higher and off the bed, pounding into your sweet wet cunt, taking his frustrations out on you with his cock. the Hound's tongue battling with yours, biting at your lips, chin and neck, covering your skin with his teeth marks before seeking your jutting tits. Your pink hard nipples take another round of his torturous demands 
 Alayne: groaning at the force with which you're ramming into her, she can feel herself stretching to accomodate your girth, your cock penetrating her so deeply that she feels you deep inside her womb. your kisses burn her already hot skin, your teeth sinking into her softness make her cry out in pain, yet the pleasure is overwhelming, your mouth on her nipples sending bolts of heat throughout her body. she is sore and aching, yet she cannot get enough of you 
 Sandor: slides a hand upwards to wrap around your neck, grasping you as he fucks you harder and harder with every thrust, wishing he could free you and end his own torment of you. Loving and hating you at the same time Little Bird... Look at me... the Hound peers down into your face, feeling the connection with you inside and out, his battered soul yearning for your comforting one 
 Alayne: looking up at you, staring deeply into your dark eyes, suddenly no longer hard, but velvet soft and deep with longing, she smiles thru her tears, her blue green eyes brighter then they've ever been. Alayne lifts a hand to cup your cheek once more, caressing your scarred skin, brushing your hair off of your forehead, feeling the connection between you growing ever stronger My love...  my soul is yours.
 Sandor: leans his scarred cheek into your hand like an injured dog, groaning as he comes again, thrusting to the hilt, wedged deep inside you. the Hound pumps his hips to and fro, till your body milks every drop from him sating his desire
Alayne: moans long and soft as she cums and cums, holding you deep inside her, enveloping you in her depths as you fill her with you seed and she lies shaking under you. she gently strokes your cheek gazing up at you, unable to believe how happy she is in this moment, so in love with you...  She wakes, panting, heart pounding, as the aftershocks of her climax roll through her again and again. Alayne lies still on her back, turning her head to see Petyr laying asleep beside her. She places a hand over her heart and closes her eyes. The dream was so vivid, so real! She can still feel the tingling between her legs, feel the Hound moving inside her. Was it only a dream? It seemed more real than her everyday life. The smells of the castle. The feel of her heavy gown. The taste of wine on his lips. It had felt like a memory.  
Her mind moves to Sandor Clegane, the real Hound, who at this very moment is sleeping at the other end of the hall. She can feel her cheeks burning in the darkness. The way he'd touched her, his cock pounding into her so hard, again and again... She could feel his tongue probing between her thighs, his lips locked onto her nipple, his teeth, biting into her soft flesh... Alayne shakes her head... no, it was only a dream. He hadn't touched her. But she wanted him to...  Wracked with guilt, she opens her eyes and looks at Petyr. So handsome, sleeping on his stomach, one arm under his head, he looks so peaceful. Even thinking such a thing, made her stomach feel sick. What if he ever knew that she was laying beside him, dripping wet for the Hound. Tears sting her eyes and she squeezes them shut. Petyr is so sweet, so kind, and he loves her. More importantly, she loves him... so much. How could she be having these feelings for Sandor Clegane?     She clenched her fists as flashbacks of her dream danced before her eyes. He was angry with her. That was just as it is now. But why, she wondered, did she infuriate him so? He'd told her she belonged to him, referenced another man. Was it Petyr he'd referred to? She wasn't sure. All at once, Alayne felt her hands begin to shake and her stomach danced uncomfortably. His scars. In her dream, the left side of Sandor's face had been disfigured by scars. Tonight, in the kitchen, he'd asked her about his scars...  Or had her mind created this dream out of frustration? Had she taken his words and imagined something... a fairy tale?  Turning onto her side, she curled into a ball and wept silently. She never slept again that night, instead she lay awake, listening to Petyr's breathing, afraid that she would dream again...        


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