Bolton Rising - Part 10 - Petyr, Alayne & Sandor

 Petyr: Walks into your dressing room after your performance, dressed in a finely tailored suit, smooth and suave as always. He's flanked by his top body guard the Hound, who gives you a quick dark look then takes position by the door, standing watch. "Ah there you are my sweetling. Wonderful new song. You were breathtaking up there."

 Alayne: Smiles up at you in the mirror as she removes her earrings and unpins her auburn hair, letting it fall around her shoulders. She turns to face you, her eyes flicking to the hound, then back to yours.  "Did you like that, Petyr? I thought you might. You always like the love songs. Did you think it sounded alright?" 
 Petyr: Slides his hands over your bare shoulders and leans down to kiss the nape of your neck, whispering in your ear. "Beautiful, my Queen. I want a private encore later." Smiles as he moves to lean against your makeup table, watching you. But first, I've got business to attend to. Clegane will be taking you home." 
 Alayne: Tilts her head up toward you taking your tie in her hand, and pulling you in close for a kiss. "So much business. I think that the country would crumble without you, my love. Do you think that you'll be long? Should I wait up for you?" 
 Petyr: "If you wish my dear." He smirks against your lips. Or I could just wake you when I get home." He teases as he rises and fixes his tie back to perfection. "I'll see you later, sweet Alayne." Petyr heads out, stopping by the door to instruct his guard on your protection. "Get her home safely, Clegane." 
Sandor: Growls under his breath as Baelish leaves. "Like I don't know my fucking job." Turns his face to scowl at you. "Hurry up. I don't have all night to babysit you."
Alayne: "Do you have a pressing engagement, then?" She smiles sadly. "I need to change, I won't be long." She stands and crosses the small dressing room, stepping a behind a folding screen and then coming out again. "I need help... with my zipper... I'm sorry....can you?" 
Sandor: Gives you a dark look, suspicious, then walks forward "Turn around, then...  Never understand how women even get in and out of these things without a man around." 
 Alayne: "We don't." Alayne laughs. "And don't look so suspicious, I just want to get into something comfortable. "She stands still, back to you, waiting. Feeling you move close behind her, towering over her, your big hand fumbling with the tiny zipper. She smiles as you curse, then take hold of the fabric with your other hand, sliding your big fingers between the silk and her skin. She can't ignore the butterflies dancing in her stomach, as she holds very still, not breathing... 
Sandor: "I don't want to rip this damn thing." Gives the stuck zipper a small yank, finally dislodging it and opening the back of the dress up, his gaze running over your smooth, bare skin, feeling you shiver against his fingers, before pulling his hand away like he just touched fire. It's done girl." Sandor snaps with anger all of sudden and moves away from you, adverting his gaze. 
Alayne: Alayne lets her breath out slowly and silently, closes her eyes for a moment. "Alright...thank you..." She steps back behind the screen and lets the gown fall to the floor, pulling on panties, a pair of jeans, a bra and a soft blue t-shirt. She steps out and picks up her bag "I'm ready now..." She looks up at you, her blue eyes sad, looking soft and innocent, all the makeup washed away to reveal the girl underneath. "Are you ready to go?" 
Sandor: "What about shoes? Or are you expecting me to carry you around like a knight in shining armor?" He mocks, before he opens the door and scans the hallway, stepping out. 
 Alayne: She looks down at her feet, surprised, then slips into a pair of shoes near the door. "No, I don't expect that." Her eyes prickle and she blinks hard, wondering why your approval is so important to her to earn your approval. "Let's go, then." She follows you out into the hall and through the dark passageways to the rear exit where the car is waiting. 
 Sandor: Holds the door open for you to the black sedan, waiting till you're sitting in the back and belted in, before closing the door and taking the driver's seat himself. "Baelish said to take you straight home." Clegane turns on the car and pulls out, silent and staring back at you through the rear view mirror from time to time as he drives aggressively through traffic. 
Alayne: "That's alright, I won't ask you to stop anywhere." Alayne leans back in her seat, watching you drive, your big frame silhouetted against the streetlights as your drive through the night. The butterflies in her stomach turned into a persistent ache. She can see that you're angry, the stiffness with which you walked, the way you're driving. Always angry, even though she tries so hard to say the right things. She tires again. "Did you hear the new song I sang tonight? I...thought you might like it..." 
 Sandor: "I was in the club wasn't I?" He replies with a grunt, cutting off a slow car and giving the finger, before looking back at you again through the mirror. "I don't like the way men look at you when you're up on stage. Like a piece of fresh meat surrounded by hungry wolves." He turns the car into the private parking garage of the high rise building Baelish owns, passing through security checkpoints. He pulls into a parking spot right next to the private elevator that heads straight to the penthouse, turning off the ignition and checking his BlackBerry.
 Alayne: "But it's my job to sing. I can't help it if they look at me. I don't pay any attention to them..." She says as you open the car door, jumping as you slam it hard and come around to open her door, waiting for her to climb out. "Thank you..." She says, looking up at you again, the pain in her stomach worsening when you turn away from her. Taking her by the arm, hurrying her to the penthouse door and keying in the entry code, never looking at her as you begin to speak.
Sandor: "It isn't safe girl. You attract to much attention of the unsavory kind. If you didn't have me around, men like those in the club would hurt you. And enjoy it." Clegane snaps with fury as he shoves you inside and shuts the door with a bang, tossing the car keys on the counter before going to the bar and pouring himself a strong drink. He can't help wondering why he loses control around you so easily. 
Alayne: Stands in the middle of the room, stunned. "You worry so much, I... Never mind. I'm hungry. Come into the kitchen and I'll make you a sandwich." She turns and walks through the door and into the kitchen. "I'm sorry... it seems I  can do nothing but make you angry..."
 Sandor: Downs his shot of strong bourbon and follows you into the kitchen without another word, scowling as he sits at the counter. His dark eyes following your every move. "You never say a word about my scars, girl." 
Alayne: She opens the refrigerator, taking out leftover roast chicken and other sandwich fixings, closing the fridge with her foot and placing them on the counter, grabbing a loaf of fresh bread and a knife, then returning to look up at you in confusion. "Your scars?" begins cutting thick slices of bread. "Sandor... you don't have any scars... I've never seen..." She watches your face contort in anger, then a look of deep pain comes into your eyes. 
Sandor: "No... You wouldn't... Fuck..."He turns and storms from the kitchen, picking up the bourbon bottle as he passes the bar, then heads down the dark hall to his room. 
Alayne: She jumps as your door slams, shaking the penthouse walls. Alayne's eyes fill with tears as she replaces the sandwich fixings in the refrigerator. Her appetite is gone. Grabbing a bottle of Perrier, she turns off the lights and goes to the master bedroom. Tears flow freely now, as she sits on the edge of the bed and wishes she knew how to make you happy.


  1. Oh Sandor! This is so good and I really like your Alayne too. Nicely done!

    1. Thank you so much! Isn't my Sandor kind of incredible? *swoons*


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