Bolton Rising - Part 11 - Petyr & Alayne

Petyr: arrives home at the penthouse after midnight, dismissing his guard the Hound and wandering into the Master bedroom, smiling softly as he sees you sleeping nestled in the sheets, side table light still on and a romance novel clutched in your hand Oh my little bird... he whispers, as he gently sits down on the bed beside you, stroking your soft cheek with his fingertips, leaning down to kiss your tempting lips 
Alayne: stirs, waking slowly, kissing you softly before her eyes are even fully open, she reaches up to stroke your hair, keeping you close as you pull away a little. meeting your grey green eyes, you can see her eyes are red and slightly puffy Petyr... she whispers as she gazes up at you, smiling sleepily You're home, I tried to wait up for you 
 Petyr: I can see that my dear. he chuckles, cupping your cheek and holding up your book with the other hand Is the villain ever the hero in these stories of yours? teases, raising his brow at the front cover with a tall dark handsome man ravishing a pretty young woman, before setting it down 
 Alayne: she considers for a moment Well, not exactly...but sometimes the hero appears to be the villain at first... she caresses your cheek gently, then smiles again But in the end, he turns out to be the prince in disguise. Why do you ask? You've been my prince all along, you know. 
Petyr: Have I my sweetling? grins, loosening his tie, then removing his cuff links before unbuttoning the tailored shirt, baring his chest with its faint scar-like birthmark running from sternum to pelvis The desires I have running through my mind right now would make me very un-prince-like I believe. 
 Alayne: Then we must be meant for each other, because this princess is having thoughts that are most un-lady-like. she sits up in bed and the sheets fall away. she wears a cream coloured negligee, sheer and lacy, which does nothing to conceal her curves Perhaps you ought to come to bed and show me what villains are like? 
 Petyr: lips curve slowly into a smirking grin Whatever my Queen commands, I shall obey. he slips out of his shoes and stands to remove his pants, clad only in his silk boxers before he moves to capture you in his arms, pulling you against a warm bare chest, taking your lips and kissing you deeply as he lays you down 
 Alayne: she settles back into the mass of pillows, feeling like she's falling into a cloud. her arms encircling your neck, she parts her lips, accepting your kiss and returning it. her tongue stroking yours, she runs her fingers through your hair, breathing you in. as your lips part briefly she whispers I was watching you tonight... you looked so handsome... she kisses you again, once, twice then continues I'm so proud of you... so proud to be yours, my Petyr... 
 Petyr: I could feel your beautiful eyes on me, my sweetling. trails hot little kisses down your graceful neck, across a collar bone as his hand lowers the strap of your negligee to bare a shoulder, his lips caressing your fair skin, before pulling the sheer lace lower to reveal a breast. His tongue circling around the pink nipple, catching the hard pebble between his lips, suckling as his other hand slips between your thighs. His fingers dancing up your inner thigh, cupping the heat of your body, feeling the wet desire dampening your silk panties 
Alayne: What were you thinking about when you were watching me sing tonight? she gasps, her head rolls back into the pillows as her hips lift slightly. pressing herself against your hand she lets her fingers trail down your back, skimming your skin with her fingernails. she slips a hand between and begins to massage your already hard cock through your boxers, enjoying the way you throb against her palm and your sharp intake of breath 
Petyr: I was thinking... groans softly as you touch him, swelling to fullness in your hand How much I wanted to taste you. Petyr slides down between your legs, peeling your wet panties off with a grin, hiking your negligee out of his way as his head dips down and starts to devour your  precious fruit, a ravenous mouth swallowing you whole, tongue thrusting into your sweet offering 
Alayne: Petyr.... she whimpers, pulling her legs up and resting her feet on your shoulders, curling her toes, her hands grabbing at the sheets Yes.... please.... she is open wide for you, offering you all that she has, she is yours for the taking 
Petyr: watches you with his grey-green eyes as he orally fucks you with deep stabs of his tongue, then sliding it up and over your engorged clit, flicking the tip over that small bundle of nerves like a snake, leaving you panting with need I will never get enough of that sweet honey my little bird. licks his lips clean, kneeling between your parted thighs as he hooks his fingers into his boxers and lowers them down over a straining thick erection, the head glistening with excitement Taste me too Alayne... 
 Alayne: Yes... I need you on my tongue.... lay down here my love... as you lay on your back, she scoots lower until she can capture the head of your cock between her lips, kneeling beside you she licks you up and down, dropping her head lower to lick your balls, sucking them into her mouth one at a time, then returning to your cock. moving to straddle your leg, she rests head on your pelvic bone, studying you, watching your cock respond to her touch as as wraps her fingers around your thickness and slides her hand up and down ever so slowly I love to watch you, love.... she whispers before moving her head closer still and beginning to suckle up and down the side of you 
 Petyr: groans with pleasure at your ministrations... throbbing in your hand, against your lips and tongue, his balls aching with the sweetest of pains Straddle me my Queen. Use me and let me gaze upon you. smiles as he runs his fingers over your arm, watching as you move over him, your negligee sliding off your chest to pool around your waist, full breasts bare and jutting forward to be cupped and squeezed 
Alayne: climbs onto you, straddling your hips. positioning your head at her entrance, lowering herself onto you, hovering a moment before sinking down slowly, engulfing you in her heat, a long moan escaping her lips as she stretches to allow you in I do love you... she breathes, smiling down at you, your grey green eyes clouded with desire, your face going slack as she takes you in as deep as you can go, she sees all of your masks fall away and you are only hers, only her Petyr 
 Petyr: relaxes under you, caressing his hands all over your naked body, strumming his fingers over those peaked nipples before caressing them down your sides to rest upon your moving hips. He guides you along, showing you the speed he wants tonight. Slow and languid, enjoying every sensation, savoring the feel of your tight velvety sheath around his manhood Sing for me... Alayne... 
Alayne: Ahhh... moaning she moves with you as you show her your pleasure, her hands caressing your chest, fingers trailing over your forearms, moving to cup her own breasts, thumbs teasing her nipples for you. your smile is everything, your eyes following your hands, her hands, she puts on a show just for you Petyr... she moans more loudly now, beginning to pant softly, then harder as she falls over the edge into ecstasy, her climax taking her. she feels herself contracting around you, urging you on as her head falls back and she cries out long and loudly for you 
 Petyr: My Queen... groans with satisfaction, arching his hips upwards and thrusting himself deeply to the hilt, catching you as you fall into his arms. Holding you close, protecting you against his heart Such a sweet girl... My girl... smiles, caressing your soft hair back off your face and taking your lips, kissing with tenderness as he rolls over, shielding you with his body from the world I always want this between us Alayne. This time. When we're alone and nothing else matters.  Alayne: lies under you, trying to catch her breath, her heart pounding in her chest, kissing you back slowly and sweetly Of course... yes, of course my sweetling.... We'll always have this, always. she brushes a stray curl from your forehead Petyr, what is it? is there something the matter? 
 Petyr: No. Nothing for you to be concerned with my love. I don't want the things I deal with in my world to ever touch you. You're too precious to me. smiles, kissing the tip of your nose before pulling away from the embrace of your body and laying down, curling his arm around you 
 me: furrows her brow Alright, my love. If you're sure. I hate to see you worry, though. curls up against your side, laying her head on your shoulder, resting a hand over your heart I love you... She whispers as she begins to drift into sleep. As she does she thinks of the Hound alone in his room and of Ramsay Bolton watching her in the club. snuggling closer still she closes her eyes tightly and falls into sleep

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