Bolton Rising - Part 26 - Sandor & Gregor

"Brother..." Sandor replied with a coldness in his voice and a killing look in his furious eyes. The gathered crowd parted and let the Hound through and into the fighting circle.  He yanked his shirt off, tossing it aside and moved forward, taking up the challenge.

"It's been awhile... You never call. Never write." Gregor smiled a taunting smirk as he peers down at his scowling brother. "Never even visit me." The eldest of the Clegane brothers enjoyed how easily he revved up his sibling's anger. It made it so easy to predict his movements. If only his stupid brother would realize that by now.

"I have no need to make contact with you, asshole. Not since you went missing and came back as Ramsay's head bitch." Sandor growled back, watching Gregor's face darken at the insult. The tension in the room suddenly fired up another level and the crowd began to grow restless, eager for blood, pain and payment of flesh. There was chanting for the fight to begin, encouragements and vulgar insults hurled out.

"That's a nice new face you're sporting brother. Shame I'm going to have to pulverize all your doctor's pretty work." The Mountain replied, his jaw taut, as seething anger poured from him like an aura. "You know how easily my fists can crush bones and yet you still come seeking your doom."

"Are you going to fight me or keep babbling on like some woman?" The Hound barked back, before Gregor came charging at him like a raging bull, swinging out with a massive right hand that instantly connected with his jaw. Sandor staggered backwards, wiping the dripping blood from his chin and spitting out a tooth. "That's more like it... brother."

The Mountain narrowed his dark eyes, wondering what game his sibling was playing. 'He didn't even try to block me.' Gregor thought, grappling with the Hound as they came together again. Locked arm to arm, sneering at each other before Sandor shot his head upwards and slammed into his brother's chin, a brutal upwards head butt that jarred the Mountain's skull. His head reverberated with hard vibrations stunning the giant for a moment, giving the Hound his opportunity to side-swipe with his leg and send Gregor crashing to the hard concrete ground.

The roaring of the crowd became a faint echo to Sandor as he went after his Gregor on the floor, his vision a haze of red, as his only focus is to hurt and deal out punishment upon his brother. He punched away, his fists slamming into the Mountain's face, seeing Petyr's features overlapping on his brother's. The tunnel vision of his unchecked fury, allowed Gregor to finally counter with a forearm block, shoving Sandor off and grabbing the Hound around the neck in a choke-hold.

"Where are you baby brother? Are you fighting me or someone else?" Gregor asks against Sandor's ear as his sibling struggles to break free.  "Guarding that pretty Little Bird has made you a weak fool."

"Fuck you!" The Hound snarls, snapping his teeth and breaking out of the tight hold, turning on his older brother like a rabid dog. The Mountain rose from the floor as Sandor did the same. They locked eyes glaring at each other, the basement room fading away to be replaced by a large pool of blood soaking into dirt, a headless horse dead at their feet and a tournament crowd stunned to eerily silence.

"What the fuck?" Gregor looks down at the massive sword in his hand, cursing as a blinding flash of pain radiates out from his head, peering across at the odd medieval clothing his brother is wearing and the return of those horrible scars. "Your face..."

Sandor glared at his older sibling, wondering what the hell had Gregor so stunned and confused. "You enjoy bringing that up don't you? Like the fire wasn't enough to destroy me!" He launched forward, hurling a left fist at the Mountain, snapping Gregor out of his daze, but igniting an explosion of rage out of his brother like never before.

Gregor caught Sandor around the neck with one hand and slammed the Hound with a hard right, breaking the jaw, then another hard punch, whipping Sandor's head back like a test dummy, dealing out an instant concussion. The Mountain roared a deafening battle cry as he stomped around with Sandor raised up in the air, his body dangling lifeless, quieting the crowd's fevered jubilation as they witnessed the transformation of a man into a vicious monster. Several men headed for the stairs, running out of the bar as others tried to reason with the oldest Clegane to release his sibling.

"That's enough Gregor. Stop this madness." Bronn descended the stairs with a loaded gun, leveling it at the Mountain in warning. "I won't have the cops at my joint for murder. Drop him and get out." Gregor's scowl darkened, and he took a step forward in aggression, without a word in reply.  Stopping only when Bronn shot fired and the bullet hit him in the arm, the burning pain snapped Gregor out of his killing rage and caused him to release Sandor.

"What happened..." The Mountain asked, noticing Sandor's lifeless body at his feet. "Fuck!" Gregor picked up his younger brother, glaring Bronn's gaze followed him, keeping the gun trained on the huge man. "Move the fuck out of my way. I'm taking him to the hospital." Bronn stepped aside, lowering his weapon. "He might need a morgue after the number you just pulled on him."

People scattered out of the way as the Mountain rose up from the depths of the basement, stumbling over themselves, wary of crossing paths with the beast they just witness in the fighting pit. No one dared to question Gregor as he carried Sandor out to his truck and drove off, the Hound's fate in the hands of the man in he hated most in the world.


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