Bolton Rising - Part 27 - Petyr

During the flight home on his private jet, Petyr's mind had drifted back to the mysterious property he just had inherited...Castle Harrenhal. Even the name sounded like something out of legend and the way the small town's people spoke of it's ghosts with fear in their eyes, gave the eerie place more credibility. He chuckled, sipping his bourbon on the rocks, remembering the old stories he heard as a child from his mother. Snarks and grumpkins no doubt still snatched bad little boys away into the dark crevices of Harrenhal's walls.

The property was immense, but the castle was nothing more then ruins now, a true money pit for anyone foolish enough to rebuild. Yet the land itself was ripe for a real estate boom with such gorgeous countryside, and he had been interested in expanding his business overseas more. So he smiled at the good fortune, planning a future trip to take Alayne with him. His Little Bird would love to see her fairy tale books come to life with such a magical setting. Perhaps, he would even hold a tournament in her honor and force the Hound to ride a horse in a jousting match. Now wouldn't that get Clegane scowling and threatening him with a beating.

When the plane landed, he found himself comforted by the sight of Alayne smiling and waiting to greet him, while the Dog only gave him a tight nod and lingered back, taking over the security detail. "Hello my sweetling. I've missed you dearly." Petyr took her into his arms and kissed those sweet lips, Alayne melting into his embrace and making his lonely heart beat with desire for her again. She was everything he ever wanted in a woman.  Beautiful, talented and with a mind eager to learn about the world. Yet, she remained as sweet and innocent as the girl he met, when she walked into his nightclub and auditioned for the job of lead singer.

Baelish would never forget that moment. The sound of her voice had entranced him and moved his guarded soul in a way he had never let another person do. Thus, he signed Alayne on the spot to an exclusive contract and began romantic, but calculated, plans on seducing her to be his. And when she finally yielded to his desires and he took her for the first time, a virgin no less, Petyr knew he would never give her up. Alayne Stone would always be his lady and he would do everything in his power to keep her safe from the dark stains of his world.

"Anything to report Clegane?" Baelish questioned as he sat in the back of the limo with Alayne as the Hound took the passenger seat and instructed the driver what safe route to take back home. "No. It's been fairly quiet at the club. The rest can wait till tomorrow." Sandor replied back with a gruff tone, saying nothing else during the rest of the drive, while Alayne fidgeted next to him with a nervous energy and avoided looking up front. His Little Bird was acting strangely and he found her somber mood perplexing, since Alayne would usually be asking him a million questions by now about his trip.

At the penthouse, she practically fled to the bedroom and Baelish wondered if he had upset her in some way. "Take the rest of the night off  Clegane. We won't be going out for dinner after all." Petyr left a stack of bills on the kitchen counter, paying the Dog for his service and accumulated overtime for watching over his precious Little Bird while he was away. The Mockingbird noted the Hound's dirty look, but avoided bringing up the issue at the moment and instead turned his back on Clegane and went after Alayne, waiting for the front door to slam closed before entering the bedroom.

Baelish found her in a sheer lace nightgown, standing by the bed nervously, waiting for him. "Alayne... What's going on?"  Petyr barely got the words out, before she was in his arms again, kissing him with a desperate, unbridled passion, yanking at his tie and shoving his suit jacket off his shoulders. "Sweetling... slow down." He chuckled softly against her lips, cupping Alayne's cheek and staring into her eyes, surprised to see tears welling up in her pretty gaze. "Petyr, please. I need you. Just..." She turned her face away, a tear rolling down her cheek. He wouldn't press her for answers now. But Baelish knew someone had hurt his Little Bird and he would make them pay for it.

Instead, he lifted her face back up by the chin and kissed her soft lips, parting them with his tongue and slipping inside. Petyr sucked down her sweet moan, feeling Alayne's sensual body press into his with desire as his hands roamed over it with ownership, sliding over her full hips and squeezing that firm backside. He took her to the bed and made love to her first, calming Alayne's trouble mind, then he fucked her. Deep and hard, making her scream his name and branding her naked body with his mouth, hands and cock. Afterwards, Petyr held her close, caressing his fingers through her hair as the Little Bird slept draped over his chest and his mind wander over possibilities, before his cell phone began to buzz on the nightstand.

He raised a brow in interest at the number on the display, before picking up. "Baelish here." He answered, equally surprised by the voice on the line. "What do you mean he's in the hospital?"

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