Bolton Rising - Part 31 - Melly

"Ramsay! Wait..." But he had already gone. Melly hung up the house phone, her hand shaking so badly that she had to try several times to replace the handset in the charger. Gregor's schedule was unpredictable, he was often out late on jobs for Ramsay, so she hadn't been overly concerned when he'd not come home that evening. Most nights he would call her, but now and then he was unable to check in, so after she'd had her dinner and seen to the dogs, she'd fallen asleep, reading in bed. The ringing phone had woken her and assuming it was Gregor, she'd answered without checking the caller ID. The sound of Ramsay's voice on the other end of the line had jerked her fully awake, setting her heart to pounding.

It had been two years since Gregor had taken her from Ramsay and still, every time she heard his voice, she felt sheer terror. Ramsay had owned her, used her... tortured her... her skin still bore many of the scars of his attentions. She had lost track of how long he'd kept her as his pet, but she could no longer remember her life before he'd taken her. She had learned to obey his every command, no matter how base or humiliating, no matter how painful. In the beginning she had been only afraid, but in time, he had made her love him... need him... When he was kind to her, it was so good, she was happy. He loved her too, as much as someone like Ramsay could love anyone other than himself. Leaving him was the most difficult thing she had ever done, not because of the danger to herself, but because she knew how it would hurt him. Strangely, she had never wanted to hurt him.

The terror she felt at the sound of his voice, however, was not her only fear tonight. Gregor was with Ramsay and he needed her. She knew it was useless to call Ramsay back and demand more information. She would only anger him. One did not question the Bastard of Bolton without facing dire consequences. Melly worried as she dressed, not wanting to obey her former Master, and yet understanding that he might take any tiny detail that displeased him as a slight and she, or Gregor, would pay.

Wanting to rush, instead she readied herself carefully. She slipped into a sheer, black g-string and matching babydoll, which sported a sheer bodice embroidered with deep red silk and a sheer black net skirt that slit up the side, barely covering her g-string. It tied under her full breasts with a red charmeuse sash, the whole ensemble leaving nothing to the imagination. She wanted to make sure to look perfect for Gregor when they finally made it home. Skipping nylons and garters to save a few moments, she slipped on a coordinating vintage 1950s black poplin halter dress, with a fitted bodice and full skirt. Red tulle lined the hem and little red bows at the connection of the halter strap to the the bodice. Buckling on a pair of 4 inch red leather peep-toe, ankle strap pumps with little red bows at the toes, running a brush through her chestnut waves, applying mascara and red lipstick, fishing in her vintage Chanel bag as she ran to the car, fumbling with the keys as she tried to find the button that would unlock the door... "Fuck!" She had to hurry, but she couldn't stop shaking.

When she finally got the doors unlocked and slipped into the car, she sat for a moment and tried to breathe deeply. I can't go back there... But what choice did she have? Gregor needed her. Gregor who had saved her, protected her. He loved her, even though he claimed he didn't know how to love anyone. The Mountain was rough, but he never hurt her on purpose. He often bought her gifts, took her shopping, stood waiting patiently while she tried on clothes or tested lipsticks, frightening all the shop girls with his massive presence. He always remembered the scent she wore and that she had a weakness for strawberries and old movies. Her monster of a man was more than she could have ever hoped for, to think he was hurt or in some kind of trouble caused her heart to ache and her stomach to twist in knots.

She drove unsurely through the dark night. Melly never went out alone, and certainly never after dark. She felt that she had found some of her courage in the past two years that she'd lived with Gregor, however she was still afraid to leave their home without Gregor by her side. When he was away from home she had the dogs and the security system to keep her safe, but she was still terrified to be out on her own. Gregor bought her a car of her own, a black Range Rover, but she rarely used it. It was appropriate for the rough country roads that surrounded them, but it was big and she was inexperienced. Driving now felt unfamiliar to her, and it took her full concentration to remember the way to Ramsay's gated compound.

Approaching the gates, she wished she'd thought to bring a sweater, she was shivering all over. But was it the cold, or her fear that caused her teeth to chatter? Every inch closer she came to Ramsay, the more terrified she became. She stopped the car and pressed the call button on the gate. What if he wouldn't let her go? What if Gregor wasn't here? What if this was some ploy of Ramsay's to get her back, to make her his slave once more? She blinked back tears as the gate buzzed and swung open. If Gregor was in there, he needed her, and that was more important than her fear, than even her life. Shifting the car back into drive, she drove through the gates, hearing them clang shut behind her as she continued down the long, dark drive.


  1. No no no it was a bad idea to go there...

    1. yeah, we agree! very bad, indeed! ;)


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