Bolton Rising - Part 32 - Ramsay, Gregor, Melly

"Hello sweet little deer..." Ramsay smiled as he opened the front door and let his former pet step inside the compound once again. "I was about ready to send my Bastard Boys out to get you. But they're drunk and rowdy and you would look like such a tasty meal to them." He smiled like the devil incarnate, dressed all in black with tight leather pants, a casual but fitted shirt and expensive leather boots. Those pale eyes roamed over Melly's attire from head to toe, taking note of every detail and giving a nod of approval. "I'm pleased with this look, but we're not going out anywhere pretty pet. Did you think I was treating you to a dinner?" Ramsay laughed, leering at his pretty prey.

She stood before her former Master, shaking so hard she wondered if he could see... heart pounding so loudly that she wondered if he could hear... "No, I... Ramsay, what's wrong? Is Gregor alright? Are you?" She stepped in, but he gave her very little room to move and he was standing too close. She was overwhelmed by his presence and she felt the urge to run, but he was blocking the door. "Please tell me what's happening..." She looked up, met his cold, pale eyes. He was still so handsome, his mouth was curved into a smile, but she could see the danger there. His lips, so sensual, yet so cruel... she remembered the way his mouth felt on every inch of her skin, and every moment she'd spent with him came rushing back to her. "Please, Ma... Ramsay..."

"I will tell you nothing girl. From this moment on, you will listen and obey me." Ramsay stepped forward suddenly and pinned Melly against the wall, trapping her shivering form between his arms, leaning that handsome face close to hers, whispering with a deadly tone. "That's if you ever want to see your beloved Gregor again..." The Bastard of Bolton taunted with a hint of anger, feeling possessive all over again and hurt by the loss of his property. He had never been forced to give anything up the way he had lost Melly to Gregor. No one had ever dared to take anything from him.

Shrinking back against the wall, tears began to spill down her cheeks. Shaking her head slowly, she knew she was trapped and at the mercy of the one man in the world who wanted to see her hurt. "Oh.. Gods... no..." she breathed, turning her head to the side, trying to withdraw into her mind the way she had before. She knew what it was like to be afraid, and this was worse. She doubted that she would live to see the morning, and even death would be preferable to the torture Ramsay had the potential to subject her to. "I loved you... you know I did... but you hurt me... I couldn't stand the pain any longer... I'm so sorry..." The tears flowed, but she cried silently. He preferred it that way. Her only hope was to obey him to the letter... She had to please him tonight, if there was any chance of her survival, to see Gregor again.

"Don't speak to me of such things." Ramsay grabbed her hard by the chin and forced Melly to meet his cold accusing eyes. "And you dare come to me all dressed up like the precious doll I once had?" The Bastard started to yank at the lovely dress, ripping the bodice wide open and exposing her tits. "You're a whore." He seethed, before fisting a handful of hair and dragging his lost pet down the hallway towards the guest bedrooms.

"Nooo..." She cried out, trying to grab onto the doorknob, her fingers scraping at the floor as Ramsay dragged her down the hallway. Melly struggled in his grip, even knowing this would anger him and he would punish her for it. Her cries brought Damon and Skinner into the hallway and she saw surprise register on their faces when they recognized her. "Need any help Boss?" Damon asked, stepping forward, but Ramsay waved him off, saying he would call if he needed them. He held her with one hand as she fought him, opening the door and dragged her inside.

"What the fuck is the meaning of this?" Gregor's voice boomed as he stood up from his chair at Ramsay's sudden return,  holding Melly in a tight embrace from behind, the Bastard's hand wrapped around her neck, smirking with amusement in those pale eyes. The Mountain stood in stunned silence for a moment, his woman looking terrified and disheveled, Melly's gaze pleading at him for help. "You've gone too far this time fucking Bastard! Let her go!" Gregor charged towards the pair, ready to rip Ramsay's head off with his bare hands.

"Take another step forward Gregor and I'll snap this little deer's neck like a twig." Ramsay replied with pure coldness, unafraid and caressing the beating pulse in Melly's restrained neck with his fingertips. "Doesn't she look like a delicious treat? This is what you're craving right now my friend. Something sweet and fragile to ravish like a beast. I should know. I trained her myself for just that purpose." Bolton teased darkly, his free hand cupping the girl's exposed breast, toying with the tender nipple till it stiffened into a hard pink peak. Gregor's gaze narrowed as Melly gasped, squirming in Ramsay's hold and crying out when the Bastard's hand dipped down between her thighs, feeling his woman up. "This bitch is wet and you need to fuck her Gregor." Ramsay smirked as he slipped a finger inside Melly's hot cunt. "We both should... Because, tonight I mean to collect on the debt you owe me Mountain"

"Gregor..." Melly watched as her man stood less than ten feet from her as she struggled in Ramsay's grip. The Mountain loomed, muscles taut, coiled like a beast ready to take down it's prey, but at the sound of Ramsay's words he stopped, hie eyes darkened with fury. The feel of her former Master's strong, ruthless hand at her neck was familiar, yet strangely soothing. He could, as he'd said, kill her easily, and yet she stilled in his arms, submitting to him was so deeply ingrained in her soul, that although she still quivered in fear, she felt herself beginning to yield to him. His hands on her body, touching her so intimately should have disgusted her, but she grew wet as his fingers probed her sex. He had trained her, and she had learned well under his tutelage. She supposed she'd always known this day would come, that Ramsay would cash in on his promise and take what was owed to him. Melly guessed Gregor had known it too, though they'd never spoken of it.

Tonight, she could see hunger in Gregor's eyes. There was something different about her man, something dangerous. His arm was bandaged and his knuckles were split open. There were bruises on his face, his chest, she thought he must have been fighting. As Ramsay's hand moved between her legs, she felt her arousal growing and she sighed softly. 'Why fight?" she thought, 'I was made for this...' She only hoped the pain would not be too much to bear. It had been a long time since she'd endured real pain and of that, she was afraid.

"Do you need me, Gregor?" she asked, her voice shaking. "I can take whatever you need to give, my love... Let me do this for you..." She found when she tried to speak, that her voice was little more than a whisper. Gregor looked conflicted, shaking his head, but Ramsay chuckled and carried her to the bed, tossing her down roughly. She waited, ready to accept whatever was dealt to her, knowing that if there was pain, she would ultimately find pleasure, in her submission, a kind of peace.


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