Featured Artist - J.E. Fullerton/Other-In-Law

For several years, J.E. Fullerton has been a favorite artist of ours. His gorgeous maps are, in our opinion, the best maps of Westeros available, leaving the "official" versions in the dust. In  fact, The Mountain, our ever controversial fan fic, is entirely built around his concept of Harrenhal's layout. It has long been a wish of ours to see his works complied into some kind of coffee table book, calendar or similar. Sad to say, this seems unlikely, however, do be aware of his incredible talent, don't buy bootleg copies of his work, and check out more of his art here and here. Googling J.E. Fullerton or Other-In-Law will unearth several more links. Spend some time looking at them carefully, they are a feast for the eyes, the detail is absolutely incredible.

You can read a bit about Other-In-Law's fan art experience here on Is Winter Coming. We're truly sorry to read that his journey in the world of ASOIAF fan art has not been as reinforcing as one might imagine. Some of you may remember that folks on the Is Winter Coming forum were very kind to me when I was harassed by someone from w.org about The Mountain fan fic. It's a truly excellent online forum, where I'm a frequent lurker.   - m.j.s.
If you follow this blog, you'll already know that this is our favorite J.E.Fullerton map!

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