Bolton Rising Part 33 - Ramsay, Gregor, Melly

The Mountain stomped forward and shoved Ramsay aside roughly as he leered so openly at Melly on the bed, his beloved woman tossed down like a piece of succulent meat to be feasted upon. "If we're doing this now, then I'm the one calling the shots here Bastard!" Gregor rumbled with pent up fury, yanking at the button to his jeans, sending the piece of metal flying and rolling across the floor. "She's your bitch. The one you stole from me. I wouldn't expect otherwise." Ramsay replied with a cool casualness, tamping down his own heated irritation at being manhandled by his close friend. He always let Clegane get away with too much and the lack of respect would one day fester into something dangerous.

Melly raised herself slightly, observing the interaction between Gregor and Ramsay. Her mind was strangely clear. She was completely focused on what she knew was her duty, to please her Man, and her Master. She remembered something that Ramsay had told her, that she was meant to be a vessel for the pleasure of men, and she must surrender to this. At first she had fought it, but in time, she'd learned it to be true. She was ready now, as Gregor towered over her and she could see the need in his eyes. There was something in him that had changed, as though there was a beast within, that he was struggling to contain. She was afraid, but ready to take the full fury of that beast. Gregor needed to allow it to surface tonight. And Ramsay... his beast ran free, Ramsay made no effort to contain the monster that resided within him.

The Bastard of Bolton removed his shirt, tossing it aside, watching as Gregor yanked Melly closer to the edge of the bed by her slender ankles, those large hands roaming up her parted legs, pushing her ruined dress skirt up and ripping the black g-string off. The Mountain scowled at how wet his woman was from Ramsay's seemingly unwelcome ministrations, those dark eyes stared intently at the glistening cunt he found. "He always bragged how his rough treatment got you off girl, but I never wanted to believe it." Gregor spoke as he knelt down on the floor and slid his rough palms under Melly's ass, lifting her hips up and bringing that drooling honey to his parched mouth. The Mountain groaned deeply, inhaling her attractive scent and savoring the taste of his frightened doe, letting that dark need caged inside him rise back to the surface. This other side wanted to dominate, control and posses this fragile creature like never before, just as the Bastard had said... and Clegane couldn't stop himself from growing hard at the thought.

Her body went limp as Gregor dragged her close, his to manipulate as he pleased. "I'm yours... please, my love..." she whispered as he inspected her, rolling her hips off of the bed, feeling desire surge through her as he lowered his mouth to her sex. She moaned out loud as he covered her with his mouth and sucked at her juices as though he was dying of thirst. Melly heard him groan at the sound of her cry and he plunged his tongue deep into her heat. Her head rolled back, eyes half open, drunk with pleasure, she suddenly caught sight of Ramsay watching. She gazed up at him as he watched the Mountain and she could see the anger in his eyes. Fear washed over her and he smiled. He could smell her fear, mixed with her arousal and she how knew that intoxicated him. Melly knew that, if not for Gregor's presence, she would not live to see the morning.

Rid of his boots and pants, Ramsay climbed onto the bed, kneeling by Melly's head as she moaned loudly. He felt no shame at all at being naked and fully erect in front of his long time friend, Gregor. The Bastard enjoyed showing off his toned physique and though he preferred females, the pleasure of a man's company was never taboo either. Locking eyes with the Mountain as he grabbed Melly by the hair, Ramsay cocked her head back, sliding that engorged manhood between the girl's parted lips. "Suck me." Ramsay commanded firmly, watching as the former pet's lips encased the swollen head of his dick, licking at the precum pearling the slit just the way he enjoyed. Melly's sweet wet mouth glided down smoothly over the throbbing shaft, making him groan with pleasure, pale eyes noting the way the girl's throat undulated as he was deeply sucked on.

Her mouth opened wide to accept Ramsay's throbbing cock, taking him in readily, understanding her Master's intent, remembering just the way he liked to be licked and handled. The feel of his hands in her hair were familiar, the taste of him even more so as her tongue swirled over and around his bulbous head. Melly was close to her climax, but no one had told her it was alright to cum. She couldn't ask for instructions, as Ramsay pushed deeper into her mouth. She relaxed her muscles and swallowed as he thrust his cock deeper, proud of herself for not gagging as she felt him entering her throat. Concentrating hard, Melly tried not to cum, but it was no use. As the Bastard fucked her throat, his hands moved to her chest, twisting and pulling at her nipples, sending painful surges of heat to her loins. Gregor's mouth continued to work, his tongue moving in and out of her, sweeping up over her swollen clit, suckling hard. Her orgasm flowed through her as she writhed and bucked, her muffled cries vibrating around Ramsay's cock, her sweet nectar washing over Gregor's tongue as he drank her in deeply. Melly's eyes closed... she was lost in the waves of intense pleasure, barely hearing the exchange between the two men above her.

"I'm not fucking you too, if that what you're thinking bastard." Gregor warned as he felt that pale heated gaze sweep over his bared chest. Glaring as Ramsay's reply was only a smirk and hard thrust down Melly's throat, making his woman choke and gasp for breath. "Scared you would enjoy it?" Bolton taunted as he repeated the move again, the girl's large tits jutting up into the air, nipples hard as pink pebbles, which the Bastard enjoyed torturing. His sharp pinches and painful twists had Melly's naked body wriggling around, her muffled cries only luring out the Mountain's dark need even more. "You should be scared of a broken neck after we're done here!" Gregor growled, lowering his dark jeans to take hold of a sizable cock, smearing the wide head against Melly's soaked folds, before running the tip up and down against the sensitive clit. "Eyes on me Little Doe..."  A rumble of pure masculinity  vibrated from Clegane's chest as he fed that hungry cunt the girth of his length.

Melly's eyes opened wide, staring intently up at her Man as he entered her. Pain again, always pain at first with Gregor, his size was almost too much for her as he pushed into her slowly, but steadily. She could feel the resistance as her tight sheath stretched to accommodate the huge man's girth, her body opening to him as he molded her to fit him so perfectly. His face was dark, feral, and she could feel the vibrations of his growl resonate through her body. Ramsay twisted her nipples hard, causing more pain to shoot through her helpless form. He thrust hard into her mouth, causing her to choke on his cock as he held it deeply in her throat for a moment too long, making it difficult for her to breathe. The Bastard chuckled as he repeated the action, enjoying her distress. She kept her eyes on Gregor as his muscles rippling, hips moving, he began to thrust himself into her deeper, harder. The pain of it all was exquisite and she allowed herself to let go, to become consumed by it... her Man... her Master... and as the pain engulfed her the pleasure began to build again.

"Her sweet mouth won't be enough to satisfy me Clegane." Ramsay pulled his throbbing cock from that wet enclosure, giving himself a stroke and groaning softly. The Bastard watched with envy as the Mountain pounded away, fucking his former pet with a feral aggression, muscles rippling in those huge arms and thighs, deep grunts accentuating each thrust. "You're pushing it Bastard." Gregor rumbled, before pulling Melly's limp body into his arms, cradling the girl close against his wide chest as he rolled them over, feeling that tight sheath slide down over him fully as he impaled Melly upon his engorged member to the hilt.

Panting as she allowed her sore jaw muscles to relax, she reached up, caressing Gregor's arms, stroking his chest, feeling his huge muscles bulge and ripple under her fingertips, soothing the beast within her Mountain. He was so immense, looming over her, pounding into her deeply, and with a fury he'd never yet released on her. It was too much, and it was wonderful. She ached with pleasure, the intensity beginning to grow once more as his engorged cock continued to stretch her, pounding into her again and again. He gathered her close and Melly clung to her Man, letting him turn her, finding herself above him, straddling his hips as he pulled her down hard onto his huge erection. She cried out once more, sliding her hands along his biceps, feeling his strength, holding on tightly to his forearms as he gripped her hips hard enough to bruise. Gregor moved her up and down on his thickened manhood, hips rising hard to meet her each time he pulled her back down. His full length was too much for her to take, but he forced her down harder, without mercy, battering her cervix, forcing her to take more of him than ever before.

"I always live dangerously. You should know that by now Gregor." Bolton laughed, moving in from behind and using Melly's own slick honey to coat his entry into her tight ass. "It's been a long time since you've been stuffed so good, little pet." Ramsay groaned against the girl's ear as she whimpered at the initial penetration, quivering between them. The Bastard fisted a handful of soft hair and pulled Melly's head back, arching her sinful body into a submissive pose and thrusting against her firm ass, gaining entry.  The two men, each powerful and menacing in their own ways, started up into a precise rhythm, beneficial for all, moving in and out of Melly's trapped body.

Melly was not surprised at Ramsay's entry, she knew full well how he'd loved to take her this way. Even so, his penetration made her whimper. Green eyes filling with tears, she felt his cock pushing into her urgently and the sharp pain consumed her. His fist wrapped in her chestnut waves, she submitted to him, relaxing in his hold. He throbbed within her, hips beginning to pump hard, and she breathed deeply, giving herself up to her men fully as they pistoned in and out of her. She had never felt so full before, the size of these two men was enough to overwhelm even the most seasoned pet, and yet she found as she surrendered to the abuse, she was once again approaching an intense climax. She stared into Gregor's eyes, felt Ramsay's teeth on her neck and she was panting, moaning, pleasure filling her until she felt her body dissolve into contractions of a ferocity that she had never yet experienced. She was made for this.

The room was an orchestra of sounds, pleasures of the flesh as the men groaned with their thrusting and the girl's cries accentuated the movement of their bodies pounding against each other. Gregor held Melly's gaze as he roared with his release, erupting like a volcano inside her pulsating embrace, while Ramsay bit down on the girl's nape, holding the pet pinned like a bitch in heat. The Bastard moaned as he shot another load deep inside her tight ass, only pulling out when every drop of seed was milked free. He gave the Mountain a look of smug satisfaction as Melly fell forward, draped over Gregor's bare chest, weak and exhausted, panting heavily for breath.
They pounded into her savagely, she could feel the heads of their cocks battering against each other deep within her. She was lost in her pleasure, the feel of them surrounding her, her devotion to her Master and her love for her Man growing with every thrust. As they filled her with their seed, she felt a calm wash over her... She had survived it, given them what they needed. She would give them more if they demanded it. She felt fully at peace with her duty. Melly let herself fall forward as Ramsay withdrew and released her. His seed trickled out of her, hot against her skin. Trying to catch her breath, she rested her head on the Mountain's chest. "Oh, my love..." She whispered almost inaudibly against Gregor's skin. She lay for a moment, listening to the pounding of his heart, so loud and hard that she felt the effect throughout her whole body, when suddenly he rolled her off of him and pushed her roughly aside.

Ramsay left the couple on the bed and walked to the bathroom, slipping into a dark robe, before lighting up a cigarette. Bolton had barely stepped back out, before he was suddenly grabbed around the throat and shoved up against the wall, Gregor's furious face seething. "I'm going to kill you now..."

"Gregor no!" she shouted, scrambling to her feet. He didn't seem to hear her and she pulled at his arm. Gregor swatted Melly away effortlessly, and she flew into the wall, twisting her wrist, sliding slowly to the floor. "Please, my love, don't... they'll kill you!" she sobbed, holding her injured wrist. Gregor never faltered, only tightened his hold on the Bastard's throat.


  1. This is sweet torture, I love every word every line.....MORE

    1. Thanks Nala! More is on the way! :D

  2. I hate you so much. I wanted part 20 e for so long and now that I finally read it I want the next chapter. I ought to file a lawsuit against you. PLEASE DONT MAKE THE WAIT SO LONG PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE

    1. Erm... sorry... and thank you? Please don't sue, we're working as hard & fast as we can! ;)


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