Bolton Rising - Part 34 - Arya

Arya felt herself pulled from a deep sleep as Ramsay arose from the bed. She'd felt him caress her hair, felt his lips touch her shoulder. He'd whispered to her as she'd stirred, but she hadn't heard his words, as sleep had taken her again. Soothed by his touch, the sound of his voice, her Master, her love, she'd slept once more.

When she woke again, she felt chilled and moved to gather the covers around her. Ramsay's side of the bed was empty and she waited for him to return. There was an empty Scotch glass on the bedside table, but his phone was missing. After a moment, she slid across the bed and opened the drawer. Ramsay's knife was gone too, but his shoes still lay where he'd kicked them aside when he'd undressed for bed. Arya concluded that he must still be in the house somewhere. Perhaps he'd gone to the kitchen, or he could be working in his office. He'd been sweet to her tonight, she thought, smiling as she snuggled back under the covers to wait for him. Often he was rough or harsh with her, especially when she made mistakes and needed to be punished for them. Tonight, however, Ramsay had undressed her slowly, kissing her from head to toe. He had been playful, just lightly kissing her breasts all over, coming close to her nipples, but never touching them. Moving down her body, he teased her more, touching, caressing, his lips everywhere, but never quite brushing her sex, making her wriggle and plead, laughing as he tortured her. Torture it was, but the sweetest kind of torture imaginable. When he finally slipped his tongue between her silken folds, she'd come instantly, her pleasure so acute that she was sure her cries could be heard all throughout the compound. He'd fucked her then, long, deep and slow. He'd whispered to her that she was a good girl, that she belonged to him, and she came again, this time more deeply, staring fervently into his ice blue eyes as she whispered her undying love to him.

Now she wanted him back inside her, wanted to please him again, to worship him with her hands, her mouth, to drink his precious seed. Impatient, she ran her fingers lightly over her nipple, feeling it harden in response. Closing her eyes, she toyed with her nipples, running her palms over them, back and forth. A soft little sigh escaped her lips and she slid a hand down over her stomach, brushing gently over her freshly shaven pubic mound, and teased her already sensitive clit a little. She could feel how wet she was already becoming and she moaned. Pushing back the covers, she donned a silky pink robe. It was nearly sheer, but no one would be about at this hour, she thought. Arya padded barefoot from the bedroom and down the main staircase to the Ramsay's office. She didn't feel afraid as she wandered through the house, not bothering to turn on many lights as she did so, as the full moon shined brightly through the windows and there was enough security on the property to guard the Crown Jewels. 
Finding the office empty, she proceeded to the kitchen. Ramsay was nowhere to be found. Confused, she climbed the back stairs, thinking to return to the bedroom. The house was so massive, it was possible she'd missed her Master and he'd already headed back to bed. Reaching the top of the stairs and starting down the west hall, she heard muffled sounds. The west wing was where Ramsay's men, the Bastard Boys, kept their quarters, so she rarely visited this part of the house. Light poured from a door that stood slightly ajar and as Arya approached, the noises grew louder and more clear. The sounds were animal sounds, she thought at first, but as she grew closer she realized that the noises were human. Human, but animalistic. Grunting, moaning, growling, flesh slapping flesh... she knew instinctively that this was sex at it's roughest. Some of Ramsay's boys had a girl in there, and from the sound of it, she was afraid for the girl. Slowly, she moved closer, quietly, walking to the door, Arya peered inside, afraid of what she might find.

What she saw was worse than anything that she'd imagined. Her eyes filled with tears, her hand clamped over her mouth to keep from crying out, she had to place her hand on the door frame to keep from falling. She recognized the people in the room, sweaty flesh moving together in a hard, fast rhythm, as though some kind of grotesque, many limbed beast. Gregor Clegane and his pretty girl, Melly... she remembered how kind the girl had been to her... and Ramsay Bolton. Her own Master... her love... Arya's felt her heart break as she watched him move his hips, thrusting with ferocity, his face pressed into the girl's shoulder. How could he... after tonight... she was sure he was beginning to love her, but now, this... So many questions flooded through her, and at the same time, the longer she watched the more she found she could not pull her eyes away. Arya watched Melly as she moved between the two big men, her back arched, full breasts jutting forward, pretty pink nipples erect as Ramsay ran a hand over her chest, cupping a breast, squeezing her hard. Arya felt her tummy squirm and her hand moved to her own breast, as if of it's own accord. She had to bite her lip to keep from moaning as she pressed her fingers against her throbbing clit. Crying, touching herself, watching this... this was wrong, she knew... she had to leave here.

"Mmm... what a naughty girl you are." Damon whispered from behind, sliding an arm around Arya's slim waist while cupping her mouth with his other hand, muffling her cry of distress. He pulled her back roughly against his hard frame, grinding his trapped erection against Arya's backside, whispering in her ear as they both continued to watch the intense but erotic scene inside the bedroom. "You shouldn't be wandering around alone, spying on the Boss. He wouldn't like that one bit, pretty pet." The head of the Bastard Boys scolded softy as his hand slid between Arya's thighs, finding her sex bared and wet with arousal, soaking his fingers in thick honey. "Shall I get you off? You seem ready to explode." Damon teased, holding Arya's body tightly while caressing her swollen clit with one hand as the other slipped fingers into the girl's mouth, masking moans of pleasure.

Heart pounding in her chest, Arya wriggled in Damon's arms, trying to free herself from his grip, but it was no use. He was twice her size and she was weak with lust. As he stroked her gently, she could feel herself growing more helpless in his embrace. Instead of crying out for help, she began to move her hips in rhythm with him, as though she was powerless to stop herself. She tried to shake her head from side to side, as if to plead with him to stop, but he tightened his grip on her chin, preventing her protest. Her eyes began to close, Damon's big fingers felt so good, she needed this release so badly. Arya bit down onto his finger, gently, to prevent herself from moaning out loud. She couldn't let this happen... Ramsay would be so angry if he found her this way with Damon... She had been used by the Bastard Boy before, but only on Ramsay's orders. If he caught her now, he would be hurt to find that she'd betrayed him so easily. And yet, here she was, watching him fuck another girl without a second thought... Perhaps it was what he deserved, after all, he'd broken her heart so easily tonight... even after he'd made love to her so sweetly only hours before...

"That's it sexy little pet." Damon deep voice soothed as Arya relaxed and began to suck on his fingers, caressing her silky wet folds back and forth, but never penetrating into her needy heat. "I bet you wish that was you in there right now, getting fucked in your sweet cunt and up the ass." He commented as the group in the bedroom picked up the feverish pace, the two men pounding their raw lust into the captive girl. Melly's cries of delight echoed loudly over masculine grunts and growls of Gregor and Ramsay. "Shhh..." The Bastard Boy chuckled into Arya's ear as he pulled his hand away from her mouth, cupping and squeezing one of her large tits, twisting the hard nipple with a pinch.

She found her hand moving to cover Damon's as he pinched and pulled at her nipple. Instead of pushing him away, she pressed his hand to her chest, silently encouraging the big man. She rocked her hips harder, pushing her ass up against his hard cock, stimulating him with her movement. She wanted this, wanted to be fucked and caught and punished. She wanted Ramsay to know how he had hurt her. She suddenly wanted to hurt him too. "Yes..." she breathed, in barely a whisper. That was all she would say, she thought, and let Damon interpret her answer in any way he chose. The Bastard Boy had control now, she would take whatever he decided to give.

"You play a dangerous game girl." Damon breathed against Arya's neck, flicking his tongue out over her heated skin. "You think you know fear, but you've never seen the Boss truly angry like I have. That's a monster you don't want to meet." The Bastard Boy pulled away, turning Arya around to face him as he held an index finger up to his stern lips, signaling the girl to be quiet. Damon had seen The Mountain make his move against Ramsay and the Bastard Boy stepped passed Arya and into the bedroom.


"I always wondered if your thick skull could stop a bullet Clegane. I'm game to find out if you don't let the Boss go, right now." Damon spoke with an ice cool tone, pressing the barrel of his gun against the back of Gregor's head."

The Mountain roared with frustration and dropped Ramsay, who choked for a breath of air, those pale eyes glaring with promised retribution at his old friend.  "Yeah I know. This isn't fucking over for me either Bastard." Gregor acknowledged the hated look, before turning to scoop Melly off the bed and into his arms, shoving his way passed Damon. "Next time you point a gun at me asshole, pull the trigger. Because I don't need a weapon to crush your thick skull." Clegane warned, storming out and barely giving Arya a glance as he took Melly down the hall and slammed the front door, leaving it shattered and hanging off the hinges.

"Should I go after them and finish the job?" Damon asked as Ramsay took a seat, rubbing his sore neck. "No. I will deal with it later. This is personal." Bolton replied, before turning his pale blue eyes towards the open door, narrowing an angered gaze upon Arya who had lingered and come into his view.
Arya stood for a moment, hand covering her mouth, frozen like a rabbit held captive by the eyes of a predator. She saw Ramsay's pale blue eyes settle on her and she began to back away slowly. When her back hit the wall, she realized she had nowhere to go. Panicking, she turned and fled, running back to the bedroom and slamming the door. Looking around her, her heart pounded as she realized there was no escape. Darting across the room, Arya flew into the bathroom and locked the door. Shaking all over, she backed across the room. Tears poured down her cheeks and she let out a choked sob when she heard the bedroom door fly open, crashing against the wall. Something fell, or was thrown, and there was a shattering sound. She slid down the wall, crouching in the corner of the bathroom, waiting...


  1. I really love your website. You all should go into writing your own books because I would be your first customer.

  2. I really love your website. You all should go into writing your own books because I would be your first customer.

    1. Thank you, that's the nicest thing to say! I think that would be kind of more than I, personally, can imagine! We're so glad you like the site, though! Thank you so much! - mjs


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