Bolton Rising - Part 35 - Petyr and Theon

After departing from the hospital where Sandor Clegane laid in critical care, Petyr returned to his office at the nightclub and found an unexpected visitor. Someone he was loathe to deal with at the best of times. Now with his Dog out of the game and his Little Bird broken hearted, Baelish was in no mood for a charity case.

"How did you get in here? You stink worse then a sewer." Littlefinger questioned sternly as he removed his expensive suit coat and hung it up on the far side of the room, away from the lingering odor, before going to open a window. "Well? Speak up. I can't hear you mumbling over there for gods sakes." Petyr sighed and poured himself a strong drink, his grey-green eyes watching the shivering figure in the corner turn around and step forward into the light. Even after all this time, Baelish felt ill at the sight of Theon Greyjoy, a walking reminder and warning to those who would dare cross the Bastard of Bolton. Ramsay's dark rage had turned a charmed, boyish beauty into a freakish pet he still kept shackled in indenture servitude.

"I... need money. Please... "Theon spoke, his broken smile chattering as he huddled in on himself, daring a glance upwards at the Mockingbird, before casting his frightened gaze back down to the floor. "I can't return. Not to him. Not anymore. Help me to escape!" He pleaded with a deep sob, choking on a desperate cry that threatened to spill forth, as a door out in the hallway slammed closed with a loud bang.

Petyr swirled his bourbon glass and took a drink, hoping the pathetic creature didn't loose his bowels and ruin the carpet. "Theon..." He began to reply, but Greyjoy cried out then and covered his ears, blocking out Littlefinger's next words.

"Reek!" Greyjoy begged, repeating the mantra beaten into him by the Bastard himself. "Reek, Reek it rhymes with leek!"

Baelish sighed and started again. "Yes, alright, Reek." Petyr moved away from the cold draft of the window and took his seat, interlacing his fingers. "You know I can't help you. We made a deal when I promised to pay off all your gambling debts, and in exchange, you were supposed to get close to Ramsay and feed me information. Yet, you never brought me back anything I could use to get rid of that bastard for good. And worse yet, your incompetence has led Bolton to suspect me and turn those fucking pale eyes upon my woman." Littlefinger raised his voice as Reek quivered like a spanked child.

"I did... everything your whores taught me to do to please a man like him. But it was never enough. Ramsay always wanted more of me. He won't kill me and he won't let me go!" Theon fell to his knees, haunted eyes begging for any mercy. "Even now, his men are out hunting me. I can't run from the Bastard Boys forever... Oh Gods... Please Baelish."

"Then go back with them and find out who this new girl is that Ramsay is keeping as a pet. My spies tell me she's still alive which is quite unusual. The Bastard guards her closely and must think she's still my peace offering, Arya." Petyr spoke as he stood up and strolled around Theon, ignoring the man's renewed mumblings to open the office door, letting the loud club music filter in.

"He'll hurt me... I must be Reek. Always... Forever.... Never forget!" Greyjoy spoke more to himself, tormented by the sound of Ramsay's voice in his own head.

"If you manage to bring me the girl, Reek, I will help you to finally escape your old lover's leash." Baelish smirked, feeling pleased with his new plan, continuing to talk as Theon shuffled passed, still weeping softly. "Perhaps, I'll even ship you off to a deserted island, where you can be prince of your own kingdom."

Petyr chuckled softly as he shut the door and returned to his desk, hoping the stink of Reek wouldn't linger in the furniture.


  1. ForeverForel17 December, 2012

    OMG YES! REEK! Finally! I've been waiting and now I am SO EXCITED! You guys are the best fic writers out there, thank you so much for your stories, this is the most perfect blog! Hurry with the next part PLEASE! I'm dying!

    1. Oh thank you so much! You're lovely! Reek has arrived and he will be back! Keep watching!


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