Bolton Rising - Part 38 - Gregor & Melly

Heavy metal music was blaring at the highest volume the sound system could go in the Mountain's professional gym room, while expensive soundproofing kept the ear pounding decibels from beating down the hallways throughout the rest of the estate. Instead the loud, vibrating, soul crushing sound poured over Gregor Clegane has he pumped large volume free weights, losing himself in the rhythm of flexing muscles, heavy sweat and numbing pain. For weeks now, it had been the same ritual every morning, trying to purge himself of sleepless nights, thoughts over his injured brother, Sandor, and broken friendship with his boss, Ramsay Bolton, and now a new strained intimacy with his beloved wife, Melly. Everything had changed for all of them, flipped upside down over the course of a single night and Gregor was angered and confused how to deal with his sense of loss on so many different levels.

He dropped the enormous curling weight and glared towards the entrance, waiting for that smug grinning Bastard to walk through the door with his confident swagger, obnoxious smoking and lewd talk. But, his boss had stayed away, never phoning or messaging, even Ramsay's gang of thugs, the Bastard Boys hadn't dropped by with word on job orders. Yet scheduled payment deposits continued to be made into his offshore bank account, so Gregor supposed he was still of use to his old friend. "That asshole..." The Mountain sighed and took a seat for a moment's rest, toweling his slicked, bare chest then popping a water bottle open, guzzling down the whole thing, before tossing into the trash bin. He hit the treadmill next, amping up the incline and running speed to the max, wanting to feel his legs burn like wildfire, pushing his body to the extreme.

Even this was nothing to the rigorous training and classified experimentation he had been subjected to under the orders of Roose Bolton. The Bastard's father was head of the most classified branch of the government's independent military contractors, the Flayed Men. The idea of stamping files 'Top Secret' was a cute childish joke to men like Bolton. True silence was payed for with blood and flesh, real methods that made you wish for death.  As long as top generals in the field like Tywin Lannister got what they payed for, no one dared questioned Bolton's methods. Gregor jumped off the treadmill, his heart pounding out of his chest, breathing deeply for breath as his vision grew hazy. He staggered and leaned against the treadmill, letting the wave of anxiety pass. "Fuck!" He groaned, slamming a fist into the wall, willing his heart rate to slow down before he passed out cold. Memories of his time as a lab rat always threw Clegane into an attack. The next step in the quest for the perfect human super solider had started with him, aka code name The Mountain... Gregor owed Ramsay a debt he could never repay for busting him out of that holding cell.

That little punk didn't even know what he was stealing when he set me free. Clegane chuckled softly at the memory of a teenage Ramsay, wandering around a restricted area with his father's access card. Calling that bastard wild and rebellious would have been a gross understatement. The boy was already a cold hearted killer, but clever and intelligent, with handsome looks to mask the monster hidden inside. Gregor could see it all in those pale eyes he shared in common with Roose, the only physical feature linking father and son. They had stared at each other through the prison bars, the Mountain already towering over Ramsay, assessing one another without words for a long moment. "If I let you go, will it piss off my father?" The Bastard had asked him, smirking with glee. Gregor stood, stunned by question, wondering if this was some new trick to test his loyalty, but he would always risk another round of torture for the possibility of being free of that hellhole. "Yes."

"Perfect! Then you're just what I was looking for." Ramsay laughed, opening the cell and removing Gregor's shackles, then holding out a hand. "I'm Ramsay Bolton, the bastard son no one cares to speak of." The Mountain returned the introduction with a shake. "Gregor Clegane... Genetic freak. Well boy, if we get out of this alive, I'm yours." Ramsay had scowled and cursed him out, but still had led him to freedom and a new life. The Bastard had set off to start his own underground empire and had taken Gregor along for the ride, not just as some hired thug, but as an equal partner. And in a strange twist of fate, Ramsay had also given him Melly.

'I need to set things right again.' Gregor thought as he headed off for a quick shower, then dressed in sweat pants and a white wife-beater shirt, walking barefoot toward the kitchen, where he could hear and smell breakfast cooking. Clegane lingered by the doorway, just watching his woman by the stove as she flipped pancakes in nothing but a pair of short shorts and a tank top, looking beautiful in the morning light that filtered in from the large windows. I'd be a fool to hold any anger or jealously against her, the Mountain scolded himself, before coming up behind Melly. He kissed her neck and wrapped his large arms around her, pulling her away from the stove as he shut off the burner. "I'm sorry... for everything Little Doe." Gregor whispered, turning Melly around to face him, cupping her soft cheek and kissing her sweet lips.

When Melly awoke, the room was dark and Gregor was already up and gone. She closed her eyes again, rolling over and curling up small, tucking her knees up to her tummy and squeezing her eyes shut tightly. She wasn't going to cry, not again. Ever since the night at Ramsay's compound, it seemed she was always on the verge of tears. Memories of that night, and of all the nights she'd belonged to Ramsay, welled up in her again and again. Every time Gregor looked at her, she could see the hurt in his face, hurt that she'd responded as she'd done to Ramsay and mistrust that perhaps she would do so again. Then there was his guilt. He'd used her in a way he'd never have allowed himself, had the circumstances been different. He'd sent her flying into the wall when she'd tried to intervene between Ramsay and himself. He'd hurt her, and she knew that he was tortured by that knowledge.

Strangely, Melly was at peace with the events of that evening. She understood what she was and she knew that in some way, she had given both men what they'd needed. Gregor had needed to release his inner beast, to unleash it's full fury. She had taken it all, both pain and pleasure, had taken it willingly, gladly. The Mountain was her Man and she loved him more than she loved her own life. She knew now, that if he needed her again in this way, she would give him the same, and without hesitation. She wished he could understand that this was what she wanted...what she needed to do for him. She still trusted him completely and her love for him was unconditional.

Her fears were great, however. She was afraid that Gregor would not be able to forget the way she had succumbed to Ramsay's will, that he would not be able to understand that this was something far beyond her control. Ramsay was her Master, body and soul she had belonged to him. She still loved him, in a way that she could not entirely smother. Deep within her, there would always be a part of her that loved The Bastard of Bolton. She feared that Gregor knew this now, and that the realization had cut him deeply. Melly wanted to reassure him, to try to explain, but whenever she began, he would turn away from her. She tried to push these thoughts away. She needed to get up and face him, face the day.

Stretching, getting out of bed she pulled up the duvet and opened the curtains. She saw two of the dogs running across the wide stretch of garden behind the house and she smiled. The sunlight warmed her skin, and she closed her eyes for a moment before padding, naked, into the adjoining bath. Turning on the shower, she stepped under the hot spray, feeling herself come slowly awake. After her shower, she partially dried her hair, leaving it loosely falling in waves over her shoulders and smelling of cocoa butter. Pulling on a pair of soft black shorts and a pink tank top, she made her way barefoot through the huge house and down to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

Gregor would be in the gym, she knew. That was where he spent most of his time lately, music blaring, working himself beyond his limits. Soundproofing made the rest of the house seem quiet, and she was glad of that. Melly preferred the quiet, especially in the mornings. Her large rustic kitchen was full of light and she felt peaceful there. Gregor would have taken care of the dogs, but not himself, she knew, so she set about looking after her husband. She mixed batter for whole grain pancakes and began to fry bacon, brewed coffee for him and made herself a pot of tea. Cracking open six eggs for Gregor, she removed the yolks and scrambled those for the dogs. The egg whites, she put aside to prepare for Gregor when she called him.

As she began to pour pancake batter onto the griddle, she thought of how perfect things had been... before. Her heart ached and once again she blinked back tears. She'd survived so much, but losing Gregor would be the end of her. Of this, she was certain. The sound of his voice behind her made her gasp, she had not been expecting him to come out without being called. His arms around her and his gentle touch caused Melly let out an almost inaudible moan. When he kissed her, she felt the dam finally break, tears silently spilled down her cheeks as she kissed him, wrapping her arms around his neck and stroking his close cropped hair. "Gregor..." she whispered against his lips, ''I'm sorry... if only you knew how much..." She felt his thumb softly wiping away her tears as he lifted her, enveloping her in his huge embrace and she kissed him all over his face, his eyes, his nose, wondering if it really would turn out alright for them, after all.

"I know already, girl." Gregor replied, setting his woman down on the kitchen's island counter and standing between her spread legs, gazing down into her eyes. "I've been angry for letting that Bastard make me see things I never wanted to acknowledge... But I needed to." His large hand stroked Melly's soft hair, letting the curls cascade through his thick fingers. "I'm not ashamed of what we did Little Doe. I love you and you have been mine since the moment I found you. Nothing is ever going to change that. Not even Ramsay's perverted sex fantasies." Clegane smiled softly, letting his touch travel down Melly's bare arm, then back up to pull a tank top strap aside, kissing the girl's exposed collarbone as his other hand caressed an inner thigh. Inching upwards as he felt his woman respond, his fingertips slipped under the shorts opening to find her bare sex.

''Oh gods, I love you..." she whispered, stroking his rough cheek, running her hand over his massive shoulders, caressing his muscled chest. She couldn't get enough of the feel of him under her hands, he was so real, so solid, he was her strength and her safety. The touch of his lips on her skin set her on fire. She was wet for him before his fingers had a chance to brush against her sex. "I don't ever want you to think that there could be anyone else for me... I belong to you, until the day that I die." Her voice was no more than a shaky whisper and she tilted her head to watch his lips trail over down her chest, kissing and sucking at her hardened nipples through the thin fabric of her shirt. Melly slid her legs further apart as her hand traveled to the waistband of Gregor's workout pants and pulled at the laces. She maneuvered the material until she could feel his already erect cock and she rubbed him up and down, eliciting a rumbling growl from deep within the Mountain's chest.

Gregor tore her clothes off with two quick hard yanks, pushing Melly back to lay on the counter top, knocking the flour container over and spilling the contents out. His large rough hands roamed over the girl's naked body with possessiveness, leaving white fingerprints all over her, marking his territory. "I got you right where I want you Little Doe." Clegane groaned, while pinning the girl's wrists together over her head with one hand, his mouth coming back down to capture Melly's lips. The Mountain's cock was thick and extended, a heavy rod pushing through Melly's soft pink folds as he fucked her deep and slow, every inch of his manhood reclaiming his rights to her.

Her moan at his entry was long and laced with pent up emotion. Melly lay on her back, the marble of the kitchen island was cold against her bare skin, but Gregor's massive frame radiated heat as he covered her, his kiss long and lingering. Her mouth opened under his and his tongue took charge of hers, causing her to sigh into his kiss. Every stroke of his huge cock thrusting into her sent pleasure coursing through her, starting between her thighs and spreading throughout her body. Her legs curled around his hips as he rocked his pelvis and his movement increased, gaining speed and building friction. Melly stared up at Gregor as he pulled back, looking down into her face. She could see his pleasure and also read his love for her in his dark eyes. His brow was furrowed and his face was as serious as she had ever seen it, yet she could tell that he was happy, that everything was going to be all right. "I always want to be here... please, my love, always..." she whispered.

Wrapping his arms around her, Gregor lifted Melly off the counter, sliding her wet cunt all the way down his engorged shaft as he latched onto one of her tits, sucking hard on the pert nipple. The Mountain rumbled with a deep groan as he came, pulsating inside his woman, letting his hot load bathe her womb as Melly shook in his embrace in return, following his lead and crying out as she came. "We got a life together Little Doe." Gregor spoke softly against the girl's temple, kissing her forehead then those sweet lips, before reluctantly slipping out of her warm grasp. "I won't fuck that up... Ever." The Mountain tossed Melly over his shoulder, smacking her bare ass and chuckling at the gasp of surprise.  His lust for Melly was only just starting, and began to rise again with every step towards the bedroom.


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