An Onion Tale - Featuring Ser Davos & Marya Seaworth

A "Bodice Ripper" Genre Fairy Tale, By MJS & PRB 

After a long voyage at sea, Ser Davos Seaworth returned home to Cape Wrath. He rode forth from the port towards his small modest home, eager to see his wife Marya, a young sass of a woman he had married before leaving. She had good hips and soft thighs made for cradling a man, while thoughts of her ample breasts had Ser Davos's fingers tightening around the reins, spurring on his horse faster. Trotting through his fields, Ser Davos was surprised and dismayed to see the onion harvest brown and dead, seeming to have had no care at all. "Marya!" He called while opening the front door, wondering where his woman was and why his crops were ruined for the season.

Marya heard the sound of a horse approaching down the long lane and ran to the window in surprise. Looking out, she was shocked to see her husband arriving home from his sea voyage. Her hand covered her mouth as she watched him turn his horse into their small yard. He was a fortnight sooner than expected in his return and she was not ready for him. The onion crop had gone wrong, dying out and she was not sure why. The season had been dry, but not so that she should have lost their entire harvest. What she could have done, to save it, she did not know, and she was at a loss as to how she would explain to Ser Davos.

"Do you not hear me woman? Marya!" Davos hollered again, dropping his bags by the entrance way and closing the door, before proceeding into the kitchen where he hoped at least a hot meal was waiting for him. "Why do you not answer me?" He raised a brow at his wife as she stood by the stove, a cute apron tied around her slender waist, emphasizing the curves to her hips. Her belly was still smooth, so he had not left her with child before his trip out to sea. "Dead crops and you still without child. I was expecting a different homecoming wife."

She looked at him, tears filling her eyes. She had been cutting up potatoes and carrots to add to a stew she'd begun to prepare for herself. Aurochs broth simmered in the pot, but there were no onions to add to the stew. "Davos..." she answered, placing her kitchen knife on the cutting block, "I wasn't expecting you home for another fortnight. How did you come to be home so soon? I'd have liked to have had your meal on the table for you..." She trailed off, trying not to cry. She was still young, a new wife, she wanted to do right by her husband, to make him proud. Disappointing him nearly broke her heart. "The onions... oh, husband... I'm so sorry..." Tears began to roll down her cheeks and she looked down at her feet.

Davos stepped forward and cupped his wife's cheek, lifting her teary gaze to meet his stern eyes. "Onions are so easy to grow wife. Did you even bother to water the seedlings?" He asked, while caressing a tear away with his thumb. "No matter. I brought more, so we shall try again... right?" Davos smiled tenderly, kissing his wife as he slid his hands down around her waist and behind, squeezing Marya's firm backside. "But you earned a spanking for letting them die."

"I'm sorry, my love, I did try... I truly will try harder next time, I promise." She melted in his arms, lips parting to allow his tongue to take possession of hers. Marya's arms slipped over his shoulders, fingers locking behind his neck. She kissed him eagerly now, a little purring sound forming in the back of her throat. She was so hungry for him, she wanted to feel her man between her thighs, wanted to give him that son that he had been hoping for. "Please..." she whispered into his kiss, "Don't punish me too severely, love..."

"But I must make sure my lesson sticks wife." Davos teased, pulling out a kitchen chair and taking a seat, before hauling his wife across his lap, tossing her dress skirts up and over to expose her sweet firm backside. "I travel far and wide beloved, but nowhere do I ever behold an ass more spankable then yours." The sea pirate chuckled, yanking Marya's small clothes down around her knees, caressing his hand back up her thigh and over her bared cheeks.

"Oooh Davos!" She cried out in surprise as she fell forward over his knees. Her long dark hair fell in curtains around her face and blocked her view of all but the floor under her. Cool air on her bared skin caused her to break out in goosebumps over her thighs and backside. Marya felt her husband's calloused palm running gently over her pretty rounded bottom and she shivered with mixed apprehension and excitement. "Please, husband..." she begged, but she wasn't sure if she begged for mercy or for him to deal out punishment.

Ser Davos raised his right hand up high and swiftly brought it back down, smacking his wife dead center across both cheeks. The sound echoing loudly in the quiet kitchen, letting the noise trail off before he massaged the heat into her supple flesh and smacked her again. The sea pirate painted his wife's creamy flesh in shades of red with his hand, letting one swat follow after another, growing bolder, harder. "Such a bad girl needs to be dealt with by Papa."

The first smack of his hand on her flesh made her cry out, the sting was sharp and her eyes prickled with tears again. "Oh please..." She moaned as he rubbed her so tenderly, the second slap making her jump. With every slap, the pain increased until suddenly she realized she was beginning to feel a different kind of heat. There was a growing tingling between her thighs and she could feel herself getting wet. Her cries turned to moans and she wanted more and more.
He cupped his wife's wet cunt and fingered the growing wetness, penetrating Marya in a teasing manner. A sensual thrusting that had her squirming upon his lap and rubbing into his trapped hardness. "Do you think of me when I'm away little wife?" Davos let the woman slide to the floor upon her knees, between his spread thighs, reaching out to grasp and pull at the string to her bodice. He smirked as he tugged, Marya's full breasts spilling out, nipples hard as pink mountain peaks. The sea pirate would suck them raw before the night was through.
Marya wriggled on her husband's lap, feeling his rock hard erection pressing into her as she moved against his hand. "Yes, I think of you, always... I've missed you so badly!" As she slipped off of his lap and onto her knees, she moaned to lose the touch of his hand. Kneeling before him, she looked up at him, the look of pleasure on his face as he took in her exposed breasts, she felt her heart swell with love for him. Reaching out, she pulled eagerly at the laces to his breeches. "Let me please you, love... I want to taste you..." She whimpered as his swollen manhood sprung free, licking her lips and wrapping her fingers around his thick shaft.
Davos groaned and eased back into the seat, spreading his legs further apart as his wife's lips touched his throbbing cock. "Yes... do it the way I taught you." He grabbed a fistful of Marya's long brown hair, letting the soft locks slip through his fingers like water, petting his wife as she stroked and sucked him off. Davos sighed with pleasure, the flared tip of his manhood weeping with pearly excitement upon Marya's lapping tongue.
She worked him eagerly, the taste of him on her tongue sharp and salty. 'He tastes of the sea.' She thought, swirling her tongue over and around the head of his cock, feeling him throb between her fingers as she massaged up and down his shaft. She couldn't get enough of the feel of his hand in her hair as she pushed deeper, not stopping until his blunt head bumped the back of her throat.
"Seven Hells woman... Davos groaned deeply, threatening to spill his seed if he let her continue. He pulled Marya up and yanked her over his thighs, making his wife straddle him and sink down over his slick shaft. The sea pirate buried his face in her large tits, nipping and sucking upon one then the other as his wife rode his cock. She eagerly bounced up and down, crying out as he slammed his pelvis upwards to meet her heated desire.

"Davos..." She moaned as she slid onto his thick cock, her sheath stretching around him. Her man was home and this is just where she needed him to be. Marya moved on him, bracing her hands on his broad shoulders, lowering herself further with each thrust, taking him deeper into her womb. Davos's mouth was on her, sucking, nipping at her, sending searing spears of pleasure straight to her throbbing clit as she rode him harder. A tingling heat begin to build within her and spread throughout her body. She clenched her muscles hard on him as she came, moaning, her head falling back as she lost control.

Davos wrapped his arms around Marya and pulled his wife to him, holding her as she climaxed. Her rippling pleasure surged over him, soaking his embedded cock and he sailed with her over the high waves. The sea pirate plunged his manhood deep like a spear into her pulsating womb, letting his hot seed pour out in long jets, praying to the gods, both old and new, to bless them with a child. "Marya..." Davos smiled, kissing his woman's lips.

She held onto him tightly, never wanting this moment to come to an end. Marya kissed him again and again as she sailed through the aftershocks of her climax. She felt him tighten his grip on her as he filled her with his seed. She stroked his short cropped hair and as he held her close, she whispered words of love into his ear until he gathered his wife up in his arms and carried her off to their marriage bed, where there was little sleep to be had that night. 

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