Bolton Rising - Part 39 - Petyr & Alayne

With the guard dog Sandor Clegane away seeking treatment for his post traumatic stress, Petyr decided to take Alayne off for a retreat as well. His beloved sweetling had been too melancholy as of late, hardly eating or sleeping, and refusing to go on stage to sing. It never sat well with Baelish to see the girl so troubled and sad. She should always be smiling and carefree. He thought, holding a sleeping Alayne in his arms as the limo drove them out of the city and into the countryside, towards the snow capped mountains.

A few hours North and they would be in a whole other world, a private log cabin home he had purchased and hoped to surprise her with during the holidays as a Christmas gift. But personal and business events around them had gone sour. The shit had literally hit the fan and the chaos left in its wake had kept Baelish more occupied with his work then ever. Interesting reports from his spy network brought in all kinds of news concerning Ramsay Bolton and his supposed split from his second in command Gregor Clegane. The Bastard himself had been heard little from or seen in public, but disturbing news continued to flow from the Dreadfort club. Hunting had increased upon those blood drenched grounds, a feeding frenzy one report documented, and for once, Baelish had been glad not to receive any photographic evidence.

'The Bastard is in a rage. Keep an eye over the whores or we shall lose all of our investments faster then a sinking ship.' Petyr texted a message with instructions to his crew of men running various brothels throughout the city, knowing the Bastard Boys would be out to harvest more girls for their boss while Littlefinger was away. He hit the send button just as Alayne was stirring awake, blue eyes opening slowly and gazing up at him with a dreamy expression, soft pink lips parted slightly. "Hello Little Bird." Petyr grinned, leaning down to kiss those tempting lips, then whispering against them. "We're almost there, my love... and the snow is just starting to fall."

It was early when they'd set out and Alayne curled up in Petyr's lap, content to nap away the journey. He would work all the way, she knew. iPhone in one hand, iPad at his side, MacBook Pro in a bag at his feet, he'd be busy for the entire trip. When she slept, she dreamed of Sandor Clegane. She dreamed of him so often now, that she found herself climbing into bed in the middle of the day, sleeping whenever she could find a spare moment. Petyr was worried about her, she knew. In fact, she was a little worried herself. It wasn't like her to sleep her life away, but whenever she was alone, she would find herself unable to keep from stealing every unoccupied moment to catnap, hoping to dream again.

Her dreams were vivid, they seemed as real as her waking hours, sometimes even more so. The dreams were at times the same, at others different, however he was always there. There were many times she dreamed of him, yet he didn't even speak, only watched her and scowled. Then there were the dreams when he touched her, when he loved her. Those were the dreams she was always chasing. When he'd been hurt, the frequency of the dreams had increased. Since he'd left her, she'd dreamed more vividly and often than ever before. Whenever she was awake, her head reeled, thoughts overwhelmed her. Her love for Petyr, never lessening, her love for Sandor, ever increasing, she felt like a prisoner of her own thoughts. She knew it wasn't possible to love them both so fiercely, so equally and yet so differently. But then somehow, she found herself unable to do anything but love them, both of them, with her entire heart and soul.

This time she'd dreamed that she was an onlooker at a tournament of some sort. Horses thundered over the hard packed dirt, heavily armoured men carrying huge lances rode atop their backs. The crack of the wooden lances, the clang of steel plate armour as they clashed was sharp in her ears. When Sandor rode, she found herself cheering for him, even though something told her that perhaps she shouldn't. Someone spoke to her and turning, she saw Petyr there beside her.

Startled, she opened her eyes to find she was lying in Petyr's arms. "Hello, Little Bird." He smiled, leaning down to kiss her lips. Alayne melted under his kiss, lips curling, unable to resist his smile. "Snow?" She asked, "Really?" His excitement was contagious and she pulled him closer, kissing him deeply, running her fingers through his hair. She felt him respond, his hands running over the curves of her body, his tongue delving more deeply into her mouth, mingling with hers. She pulled back and whispered, "I dreamed of you..." Staring up into his grey-green eyes, her heart swelled with love for him. "We were at a joust, watching. You spoke to me. You were so handsome... you are so handsome...." She trailed off as he caressed her cheek. "Silly girl." He smiled. "Was that all?" She nodded and sat up to look out the window. "Oh, Petyr! The mountains! How beautiful!" He pulled her close as they looked out over a sweeping vista of snow covered mountains. Relief flowed through her as she realized that they'd traveled Northwest, climbing into the Vale, rather than Northeast, in the direction of her home. "Where are we going, my love?" She asked, snuggling in closer as the memory of her dream faded away.

"You shall see in a moment, Little Bird." Petyr smiled as the car made a final turn up the long isolated road, heading past open gates and stopping in front of a rich spacious two story log cabin. Located near the cliffs, the vacation home had a spectacular view of the winter valley below and was surrounded by pristine untouched forests for several miles in all directions. Baelish had bought it all for her after having one look at the place, wanting to see Alayne playing and dancing in the falling snow. The fantasy of having his very own snow maiden, sweet, pure and innocent, aroused him deeply.

The heat of the erotic thought made Petyr grin even wider, opening the car door and holding his warm hand out like a gentleman. "Come sweetling. Time for you to finally unwrap your Christmas present." He teased with a devilish smirk, jingling a set of keys in front of Alayne as she laughed with shocked excitement, kissing him deeply and snatching the candy from his hand. Littlefinger stood back and watched his beloved race up the front steps, chuckling when she opened the door and cried out with pleasure at the beauty inside. He was never one to spare any expense when it came to spoiling her.

"Do you like it?" Petyr asked, coming up behind Alayne and wrapping his arms around her waist, holding her in a tight embrace. "I want this place to be yours my love. Our true home... Perhaps even raise a child." He whispered against the girl's ear, placing a tender kiss into her soft hair.

"A family... I would like that, very much, indeed..." Alayne's heart swelled at the thought. She'd never known that Petyr thought about having children someday. "Come..." she said, pulling away and taking his hand. "Show me the rest of it, darling, I want to see everything!" Chuckling, Petyr led her through the house, showing her the professional quality kitchen, outfitted with expensive German appliances, the high ceilinged living area, massive master suite, large stone fireplaces and luxurious baths. Everywhere she turned there were huge windows showcasing the snowy mountain-scape that surrounded them. It was so breathtakingly beautiful that she was almost speechless by the time they'd been over the whole house. "Oh Petyr, this is too much, it's too perfect! I could never have dreamed of anything so wonderful!" She exclaimed.

"Let's  look outdoors, my love, I've missed the snow." Hurrying him to the back door, the two looked out over a snow covered garden. The trees, benches and paths were coated with a sparkling coat of freshly fallen snow, as soft flakes continued to come down. To step into the untouched snow, she thought, would feel like trespassing into a magical world. "Oh Petyr..." she whispered.

"Stunning, I know." Baelish grinned at Alayne's heartwarming display of emotion, finding his own sense of happiness in seeing her smile. Few things brought Petyr such pleasure and he cherished every moment he had with his Little Bird. "Perhaps tomorrow we can take a hike around the woods. The snow should ease off by then." He pulled Alayne close, cupping her cold rosy cheek and taking a kiss from those soft lips. "But right now I want to warm you up in bed." Petyr smirked, leading her back inside, undressing Alayne as he went, leaving their clothing on the floor in a trail towards the master bedroom.

Littlefinger didn't stop till Alayne was naked before him, laying back against warm furs, gasping and panting from his attentions. He had saved his suit tie to cuff the girl by the wrists to the headboard, smiling against Alayne's skin as she quivered from his soft teasing kisses, finding her wet and responsive to his own pressing need. "How I love you..." Baelish  expressed, glazing down with his grey-green eyes, catching Alayne's eyes as he entered her with a slow sensual stretch.

His mouth on her skin, the soft caress of his fingers, drove her nearly mad with sweet ecstasy. Petyr was not a man to take his own pleasure first, he reveled in the feel of her skin, the taste of her lips, the texture of her hair between his fingers. Tonight was no different. He took his time, working her into a frenzy of desire, then sliding between her thighs, entering her slowly, her body accepting him, holding him in a tight embrace, her muscles clenching involuntarily around his thick erection. He dipped his head, taking a sensitive pink nipple between his lips and teasing with his tongue.

"Oh gods, I love you..." Alayne moaned, the pleasure intensifying as he began to move his hips, slowly, penetrating deep within her. Petyr's expression was serious as he gazed down at her, his face unsmiling, his grey-green eyes clouded with desire and something more. Alayne lay under him, wrists bound above her head, she wrapped her legs tightly around Petyr's hips, pulling him closer, deeper, wishing she could make this moment last forever. All of her senses were heightened, she could feel the soft silk of Petyr's tie around her wrists, his warm breath on her skin, the growing climax deep within her womb as her heart thudded in her chest. Her orgasm flowed through her intensely, radiating out from her core, her body shuddering with wave after wave of brilliant heat.

After he spent his seed, Petyr pulled at the tie around Alayne's bound wrists and pulled her into his arms. He kissed her softly, stroking a hand through the girl's messy hair and repeated his words of love, lips caressing against lips. "This is what I want Little Bird... You." Baelish smiled. "Always trusting me with your body and your heart." He laid down, letting Alayne mold herself against him, a hand splayed across her bare back possessively as the girl rested her head on his chest. Watching the snow still falling outside, it wasn't long before both had drifted off to sleep.


  1. Just when I was about to come to your house, put a gun to your head and force you to pick up a pencil and some paper and start writing you post this. Thankyou. Great chapter


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