Bolton Rising - Part 40 - Ramsay & Arya/Jeyne

Ramsay had returned to the compound after midnight from one of his business meetings, pouring himself a shot of strong whiskey before venturing into the master bedroom. He found his pretty pet Arya asleep in bed, topless with a skimpy black g-string below and matching lace stockings on her creamy legs, trailing his pale eyes up her thighs. The Bastard smirked softly, nursing his drink as he came to the foot of the bed, pleased to find her ready to satisfy his appetites.

Bolton set the glass down and removed his coat, tossing it quietly over a side chair, before grasping Arya around her slender ankles and parting her legs open gently, wanting to prolong the girl's dreaming. He pulled out his blade and slid the cool metal up the pet's inner thigh, gliding the sharp edge up underneath the string to her panties, cutting it away. A smiled curled his lips as the fabric fell open and revealed Arya's glistening pink folds, ad he wondered what his pet was fantasizing about, to have her so aroused. He teased her with his index finger, stroking into her honey and rubbing the engorged clit, hearing a soft needy moan escape her.

"My good girl..." Ramsay whispered against her spread cunt as he held the petals open, dipping his tongue in to taste, licking a long swipe and letting Arya's flavor explode over his taste buds. A predatory growl answered her heat, the Bastard's hands pinning her thighs back firmly spread as Arya awoke suddenly, startling in his grasp. "Master...?" She cried out, frightened at first in the dark, but then settling down as he continued to pleasure her. Bolton craved this power over such a fragile creature, jabbing his tongue deeper, thrusting in repeatedly as his cock ached to do.

When Arya came and soaked his tongue, he pulled away leaving her panting on the bed, legs spread, weeping with excitement. Bolton got to his feet and grabbed his drink, going to the intercom and calling for Damon. It wasn't long before the Bastard Boy arrived, shedding his clothes and yanking Arya to the edge of the mattress, his thick cock thrusting into the girl as she cried out for her Master. Ramsay ignored his pet and lit a cigarette, taking a seat to watch the two fucking, smiling when Damon peeled a black stocking off and gagged his pet.

The dark Bastard enjoyed the sight of his property being ravished by another under his command. Of course, the sexual act was stimulating in itself, but it was more than that to Ramsay. He was fascinated by the structures of anatomy, the way the human body moved, flesh against flesh and over bone, the flow of blood in the veins and arteries, the rhythmic breathing of lungs, the fluids produced through a coupling. Voyeurism was a primal need to Bolton, he craved it constantly and he expected Arya to submit to these wants, anytime he demanded and with whomever he choose. She was here, still alive, only to please him.

"Another position." Ramsay ordered, sucking a long drag off of his smoke and blowing it out slowly as the gag was removed. Observing how Damon's big hands, grabbed Arya around the waist and pulled her up on her knees with him, impaling the girl down on that hard girth, silencing her cry with a crushing kiss. Arya held onto the Bastard Boy's wide shoulders, moving as he wanted, feminine body undulating over the shaft embedded in her, full tits bouncing with the hard movements. Damon groaned and pistoned his swollen cock, driving into the warm wet offering, before yanking her off and tossing Arya face down into the pillows. He was back inside her, before the girl could even take a breath. Arya clutched at the bedcovers and cried out, taking the severe pounding as Damon held her head down, rough fingers tangled up in her hair. The pet's eyes watered with a few tears, but she never stopped looking at her Master, submitting for him not the man inside her now.

"Where should I cum?" Damon groaned, breathing deeply as he yanked on Arya's hair, forcing the pet to arch her back and take the cock to the hilt. Locked together, her ass spooned into his pelvis, the Bastard Boy grounded against that slick pussy, letting Arya wet his aching balls as Ramsay finished his drink. "Make her drink." Bolton replied, watching Damon withdraw his throbbing cock and pull Arya's mouth to the flared head, stroking himself to completion. The hot semen squirted out against her open lips, dripping down the pet's chin and onto her heaving breasts. Arya lapped at the offering, letting Damon's white seed go down her throat without resistance, before she was finally released from his dominating grasp. "Thank you brother. Leave us now." Ramsay spoke softly, his pale eyes on Arya as Damon nodded and yanked his jeans back on, walking out shirtless and barefoot, leaving his Boss and pet alone.

Damon's arrival brought her to her senses. Suddenly he was on her, in her and she cried out for Ramsay in surprise. Frightened, Arya knew better than to protest, however, she did not want this. Her love for Ramsay was too strong for her to desire anyone else. She understood that her Master wanted it though, demanded it. He loved to watch her taken this way, to see her helpless, used. Damon seemed to be a favorite of her Master; of the Bastard Boys, perhaps he was the closest Ramsay had to a friend. He was handsome, she knew. Any girl would be lucky to have his attentions, she thought, yet he was not her Master.

The Bastard Boy slid one of her thigh high stockings down her leg and Arya forced herself not to resist him as he slipped it between her lips, gagging her. Rearing over her, Damon worked his hips, his thick cock moving in and out of her slick entrance, palming one of her breasts in his large hand, rubbing over her nipple with a rough thumb. She felt her body begin to respond, although she kept her head turned from Damon, her eyes were locked with those of her Master. Damon lifted her then, she felt his hands at her waist and she cried out as he plunged into her once more. She could not see, but that only intensified her other senses. His mouth covered hers and she kissed him back deeply, her fingers digging into the flesh of his shoulders. He was big, and terribly strong, his fingers bruised her waist and she felt very small as he manhandled her. Her sex was stretched to the limit by the Bastard Boy's girth and the friction caused by his powerful thrusts was beginning to stoke the fire within her once more.

Roughly he pulled her off of him and she found herself flipped, pinned face down, moaning under the assault of the henchman's fierce pounding. She remembered the night when Damon caught her in the hallway, watching Ramsay and Gregor as they used Melly. He had held her against him, slid his fingers over her aching clit and she'd been so hurt by Ramsay, she'd wanted Damon, had been willing for him then. Arya wondered if he was thinking of that now as he rammed into her so mercilessly. He yanked her back by the hair hard and she came, eyes wide open, bucking under Damon. He grunted, withdrawing and shoved the blunt head of his cock against her lips. Arya took in all she could, pleasing Damon, but eyes locked on Ramsay's once again, her Master's approval evident on his beautiful face.

"You know what I want now... Come to me, pet." Ramsay smirked as Arya nodded, looking ready to cry that she was being allowed to serve him. The pet slid down from the bed and onto the floor, crawling on hands and knees to her Master, kneeling between the Bastard's spread boots. Her shaking fingers reached for the zipper and pulled it down gently, gasping at the sight of Ramsay so engorged, his length springing out and weeping at the slit. "Take your time, my pretty girl." Bolton whispered, reaching out to caress  her cheek. "Make me feel alive."

Crawling to him, her heart so full of love for him that tears began to escape her wide brown eyes, she freed his visibly throbbing manhood and gazed reverently up at Ramsay. "Thank you, Master...." she whispered, bowing her head and breathing in his scent. She grasped his shaft in her small hand, feeling the pulse of life flowing through him and shivered a little. Arya extended the tip of her tongue and licked the weeping slit, moaning at the exquisite taste of him. Ramsay sighed, his hand cupped the back of her head, stroking her hair, and she felt perfectly at peace within the moment. Tilting her head to the side, she pressed her lips to the the underside of his cock, kissing and sucking her way up the shaft, working her tongue under the ridge, then covering his head with her lips, kissing, tonguing and sucking gently.

As she knelt there, she could feel her own juices dripping down her thighs, her arousal was once again heightened, clit throbbing, pussy aching with need. Only her Master could have such an effect on her. She groaned, wiggling her hips, arching her back so that her hardened nipples rubbed against Ramsay's legs. Lowering her head, she licked and sucked her way down again, taking his testicles into her mouth, one at a time, sucking, massaging, whimpering at his musky scent. Arya knew better than to let her fingers stray between her thighs, but her hips rocked involuntarily as she moved her mouth, her arousal was so great. She wanted him in her, in any way she could have him, so she wrapped her lips around his girth and slid her lips down his shaft, pushing herself as far as she could go. He grunted and she pushed herself further still, then pulled back slowly, sucking, massaging with her tongue as she did so. Ramsay's hand fisted in her hair, tightening as she repeated this action and she could feel his cock pulsing against her tongue.

"You've become such a greedy little slut Arya." Bolton groaned deeply with pleasure, holding the pet's head firmly and letting her deep throat his aching cock. He yanked her up and watched with satisfaction as she gasped for breath, before shoving Arya back down roughly, repeating the action several times, finally spilling a hot load of seed into her mouth. Ramsay sighed, leaning back, lighting another smoke and enjoying the relaxed bliss of his orgasm while Arya licked him clean, nuzzling her face against his thigh as she tucked her Master away and zipped his pants closed.

When someone knocked on the bedroom door, Ramsay ordered her to answer it, not concerned his pet was still unclothed, enjoying Arya's blush as Skinner walked in and gave her an appreciative smirk. "Sorry to interrupt, Boss, but we got a visitor. He just showed up at the front door and begged to see you. I don't know what to make of it. The Boys and I always bring him in ourselves." Ramsay raised a brow, his curiosity piqued as well, before snuffing out his cigarette. "I'll be there in a minute. Have him stripped and searched. I don't like surprises."

"Sure thing, Boss." Skinner replied, then headed back out as Ramsay rose from the chair, slipping into his coat again. "Arya... Get cleaned up and then come find me. I want you to meet someone." The Bastard of Bolton pinched his pet by the chin and tilted her pretty face up, gifting Arya with a tender kiss. "Don't be long." Ramsay warned, before going to greet the unexpected visitor.

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