The Road Home - Ned/Cat Fanfiction by Guest Author April Storm

She saw him from a distance. At first, the reminder of him frightened her. It couldn't be him, she thought. He's dead. This is only someone that looks like him and my mind in mourning.
As they drew closer, there was no mistaking it. It was Ned. He had lost weight and looked so very tired, to be sure, but it was him.
Once she realized it, she no longer thought. She only raced to him. She had longed for home, Winterfell and it's familiar comfort. She never expected to find her heart's home as well.
Without words, they collided into one anothers arms, squeezing so hard as to never let go again. She pulled her face back to look him in the eyes. No words would come from her lips. He pressed his against them before she could even think of anything to say.
Cat parted her lips to allow his tongue into her eager mouth. It had been so long since she felt him kiss her like that. She thought it would never happen again.
Leaving the rest of the world in the buzzing background, Ned lifted Cat from the ground without disturbing their kisses. 
Before she knew it, they were in the bedchambers frantically pulling each others clothes off. She could barely contain her wanting. She had never felt so lustful and wanted to feel him, all of him, in and on her.
As she leaned back on the bed, she closed her eyes in ecstacy as she waited to feel his body on top of hers. She instead felt the warmth of his tongue and lips on her inner thighs. Ned's hands grasped her hips on either side and pulled her womanhood towards his waiting mouth.
Cat gasped as she felt his tongue drag from the inside of her thigh to her swollen clit. He flicked his tongue gently against it at first then plunged it as far inside her wetness as he could. She moaned his name softly and wrapped her fingers in his hair. 
As he swirled his tongue around, he moved his hands to underneath Cat's bottom and squeezed. This made her grind into his eager mouth. His tongue working her clit, lapping up her wetness, his facial hair soaking with it.
Just as she thought she was about to climax, Ned let go of her rear and pulled his face away. She looked at him, taking in the lust in his face, as he slid a finger inside her wet heat. He used his finger to slide in and out of her for a moment, making her breathing uneven, then he brought his tongue back to her erect clit. He continued to lick and suck at her clit while using his finger to explore her swollen cunt. Ned could scarcely remember the last time they made love like two horny teens but all he wanted in the world at this moment was to taste her release. She still smelled and tasted as sweet as she did those many years ago. 
Cat rocked her hips with the rhythm of his fingers thrusts as he continued to tease her clit. Finally she couldn't contain it any longer and her release was hard and breathtaking. He sucked and lapped at her womanhood until she started shaking uncontrollably. Then he suddenly was inside her, rock hard and swollen stiff. He filled her up as much as he could, so much it was almost painful. His thrusts were hard and deep, making her cry out his name. Her fingers dug into his flesh on his back as he plunged into her as far as he was able. She then felt the throbbing of his release inside her and it was if they both were the only two people in the world. All she could hear was their soft panting, moans and hearts beating together.


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